Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Legio Malaysia!

Legio Malaysia's 2nd Birthday Bash turned out to be a most rewarding experience. Jeff and I are totally drained from it, but completely happy and satisfied! And I'm sure the exhaustion was shared across the board - the Singaporeans and JB people from their all-nite drive and sleeping in the car, the regular last-minute all-niter painters and of course the people who just had to watch that last World Cup match the night/early-morning before.

We throw this little birthday soiree every year to celebrate our beloved hobby, and especially to celebrate my favorite wargames club in the world. It's just great to see fellow wargamers totally immersed into every aspect of the hobby - the modeling, the painting, the bantering, the gaming, the strategizing, the dice-rolling (and dice-cursing) and the all-round having a great time with like-minded people thing.

This year, along with the traditional annual Golden Kris competition, we hosted the Tournament of Skulls, a standard Legio Malaysia 40k tournament - with a bloody twist in which players fight desperate battles to secure objectives, all the while knowing that great rewards await those who bring sackloads of skulls to the skull-throne. After 3 rounds of increasingly frenzied wargames action, the winners are:

Tournament Champion - Kenny T
Skull Champion of Khorne - Kenny T
Best Sportsmanship - Ritahuddin D
Best Appearance - Kadir D

The Golden Kris this year is just mind-blowing. To say that the standards have improved would be a gross understatement - they've gone right through the roof! I had the great honor of judging this year's contest - and it was a painful honor indeed. I believe judging this year's GK was one of the most difficult things I've done - the models and painting was simply amazing! Now I can't wait to see what the entries will be like next year.

In the end, Golden Kris honors, trophies and medals were awarded to:

Golden Kris 2010 Overall Winner - Oliver V
Golden Kris 2010 Player's Choice - Kadir D
Single Model Category:
Gold - Oliver V
Silver - Jeff B
Bronze - Carl L
Unit Category:
Gold - Carl L
Silver - Kadir D
Bronze - Reuben L
Large Model Category:
Gold - Oliver V
Silver - Kenny T
Bronze - Carl L
Special Category - BFG Capital Ship:
Gold - Jeff B
Silver - Khairul E
Bronze - Rizal A

My many thanks and appreciation to my fellow Legio founder Jeff, our hobby ambassador Khairul (who flew back from Bangkok just to help make this event successful) and everyone who participated and helped out.

Ave Legio!

Detailed result of the Tournament of Skulls (click to enlarge):


  1. Awesome writeup for a fantastic event. I'm sorry more Legionnaires couldn't make it- it was a bloody blast! :)

  2. It was a great event....fell unconcious the moment I got home because of fatigue. Next year birthday cake is on me. Subhan can make it!

  3. Happy 2nd Birthday Legio Malaysia! I'm sure the event was awesome. Ave Legio!!

  4. It was fun.. The best games I had in a tourney and the best rewards for all the efforts. This is a truly amazing event. One year to go. More than enough time to paint some more.

    To Lan and Jeff.. Thanks very much for the great event. Ave Legio!!

  5. hail the victorious! i had an awesome time! And this year's GK entries were truly amazing! More M'sians must take part in these events!

  6. Congratulations to all the truly deserving winners!! Kudos to the organisers extraordinaire!!
    Most sincere appreciation to all who took part in this our most special day!!


    ps- Din, awesome game man!!! Had loads of laughs. Apa la hero2 kita...tak boleh pakai langsung hahaha

  7. wow,,awesome event,,,kill,maim,burnnn...hehehe,,,ave legio,,



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