Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Inquisition Wars have been fought...

What a tourney!

We had everything you'd want in a tournament- nice looking armies, some good table/terrain variety, and hair raising scenarios that had everyone running for cover and killing each other in equal measure.

There was also a "team" aspect to this tournament, the "Red Team" and the "Black Team" representing armies that were manipulated into fighting for two rival Inquisitors. Black players were only seeded against Red players, and vice versa. It made for some fun/different matchups, and "Red Team" gets bragging rights as the highest overall score holders. In the results below, the color of the player represents which team they were on.

It was also great to see a good sized contingent from Singapore turn out for the fun, and they ended up running off with two of the three trophies of the day. Here's the winners:

Tournament Champion: Lim Soo Jin
Best Sportsman: Ang Hongxi
Best Appearance: Quek Tsui Chiang

Congratulations to all the participants, particularly the guys that were in their first tournament! Also, a very special thanks to the guys that helped make this tournament possible with their assistance:

Saleh, the best Tourney Grot I've had yet!

Ivan and Iqbal- budding Tech Priests that helped with the creation of the cityfight table and the cool purple "Mars" table and assisted with the scatter terrain

Azlan, Alvin, Khairul, and Faizal for helping assemble and paint scatter terrain

Seriously guys, MANY thanks for your volunteerism. This tournament would not have been as cool as it was without your help.

Complete results below, and pics pending...

Edit: Azlan has posted a ton of pics on his blog- check them all out HERE

Wong40K has also posted some nice pics. Check them out here.


  1. It was truly an awesome time indeed! Worth all the effort put into it!

  2. it was a blast indeed, and time for Manticore to retire!! lol

    kudos to jeff, azlan and all the participants that made this tourney such a great event. Ave legio!!

  3. @Azlan: just found from Jeff that you made a big sacrifice by not playing..I know just how much effort that you've put into your army & the terrains..wish I could be more like you & be less selfish, salute bro!

    @Faizal: return of the Slaanesh army?

  4. It was superb.. just love the crowd.

  5. I'm sorry I came late and had to leave early. I nearly forgot about my friends wedding dinner till he texed me an hour before the wedding asking me where the hell I was. hahahah.
    That goes to show where what my priorities are :p

    But kudos to everyone for a job well done. Let's get that last table done and keep roling dice.
    Here's to Warmaster Jeff and Azlan for a great tournament. I didn't play and I still had fun.

  6. It was fun playing that's for sure, and the "team" concept really helped us play people who we normally don't. The measuring tool was a nice surprise gift too, didn't see that coming at all :D

    I'm personally surprised I got above average points for my appearance score. It's good motivation to pick up my painting brush again :D

  7. I had so much fun till I slept for 13 hours! Mainly because I was too tired from making the objectives the night before (gotta make a pretty looking one).

    Thanks Jeff for the amazing event. I hope that next time players like us would arrange the event instead, so you, Azlan and Salleh can play this time...

  8. Good point.. I wonder it is possible for us to actually borrow Jeff Legio Malaysia facitity to do our own tourneys..

  9. Hahahaha! Appearance score "1"...I knew it was That's the problem of having your whole Army repainted. 10pm the night before the tourney, none of my army list save the Land Raider was actually painted. 10 straight hours later and I managed to get 6 Termies, One Captain on Bike, 3 Scout Bikes and 18 Space Marine Bikes painted to be at least tounament legal.

    Was a great experience in my first tourney! Thks guys for organising it....though I must admit that after sending Faizal home, I was so dead tired that I couldn't drive straight nor open my eyes....I actually headed to Klang instead of Damansara on the way back!

  10. Wtf... that really bad.. to get lost to that level..

    What time did you sleep before going for the tourney..

  11. wow im surprised i actually got a 3 for apperance i thought i would of got a 1 or 2, i think maybe its time for my army to be repainted to a nicer standered

  12. i'm glad you guys enjoyed it - I did! man, that was a real cool tourney, even if i say so myself :)

  13. lol REdeye...I didn't sleep before the tourney!

  14. nice one everyone! i'm glad for the games i played. thanks and well done to jeff, azlan and all who sacrificed to making this event a success. Ave Legio!

  15. Great thanks to Warmaster Jeff, Lan and those that made the event possible.
    Sorry that I couldn't contribute as I was frantically finishing my forge world Khorne DP the day before the event.
    Though he always get shot and die horribly, I'm glad I completed it on time for the event as it definitely drew lots of other players' attention.

    Looking at result, was quite surprised to score 8 for army appearance. Must be the bases again. lolz.
    Scored average for sportsmanship but can still be improved. I guess the only thing I need to really work on is my tactical gaming. hehe :D

  16. I really wanted to come... But alas... Life...

    Looks so awesome... Wanted to badly to be a part of it...

    I'll return soon!

  17. Thanks to all Legio members, to Jeff and Azlan. It was really fun playing in my 1st tourney :)

    I must say that i nearly fell off my chair when they announced my name. For those of you who know me and knows my track record... well my losses in 40k speaks for itself. Was really lucky in all my games.

    My apologies to my opponents for my poor sportmanship in the game. I will try n improve my sportmanship.

    I volunteer to play a part in organizing the next tourney.

  18. @Jinn- I wouldn't worry too much about your Sports score- it's dead average. We have a Legio regular that has repeated with a '3' who could stand to improve his score lol...

    Congrats on your mighty victory.

  19. I totally enjoyed myself!!! Kudos to Jeff and Azlan for organising such awesome tourney. Nice t-shirt and an even nicer TAC ruler, how cool is that!! A shout-out also to Salleh, the tourney grot for his efforts.

    Am humbled by my appearance score but really need to work on sportsmanship lol.

    @former 5th company captain - told you not to repaint so close to the tourney kan....hehehehe

    I got to play the tourney champ and best sportsman so that was a reward in itself.

    Congratulations everyone and thank you all.

    reminder to self : next time wear a very comfortable pair of shoes. Feet were aching from all the

  20. So...when is the next tourney? (grin)
    I wished that I could have been there...I got to find that bread for my family first.

    Anyway, I am sure Jeff and Azlan would have done a wonderful job and those pics on Azlan's blog speak for themselves. And guys(Azlan & Jeff)don't worry, the next tourney you guys can can count on me to handle the tourney.
    I should be back in mid Jan...if thins go well here. The I hope there is going to be a Fantasy war.

  21. Dark Templar: Thanks for the ride bro home, saje nak naik BMW lol..must be really2 tired to the extent of driving to klang instead of damansara!!

    Iqbal: Perhaps the return of the Slaanesh warhost, or maybe something else..tungguuu..

  22. peter and kadir really needs to work on their sportmanship laaa. hehe...

    not sure is it the way they play or the list they are playing too overwhelming powerful dy that ppl hate playing againt? :P

  23. Takde la..i think its becuz they r tough to beat. People normally give low marks to those that they can't beat ezily..or lose very badly..or in exceptional cases, the ones that they really don't like.

    Kadir's WE list mana ada OP..itu biasa saja bah hahaha!

  24. Kadir's list beat Iz's mighty Ork list la! :)

  25. Just a reminder...please update the league ranking.

  26. @Doc- Yeah, I'm doing that tonight. Was too beat over the weekend to open up the games and start typing... :)

  27. @joe.. i play a fluffy list lah. Never thought it could go that far. You try play my list and see for yourself lah how OP it is hahaha..

    SP 3.. hmm.. I dont believe i am that bad, but I actually saw that coming after every win :)

  28. congrats on a successful tourney!

  29. Hey keh win, where were your Tau?


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