Thursday, June 27, 2013

RSVP 28th June Hobby Night : Kill Teams continued

In the grim darkness of the far future, an elite team of specialist will filtrate, infiltrate and de-filtrate the enemies of mankind to bring order in the universe.

Join our brave heroes as they undertake a far more dangerous mission this week. Will they prevail?

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kill Team Campaign: Week 3 Recap

What a night!! Friday must have been the best kill team game so far.

There was three simple objectives, number 1) kill or capture the second Witch 2) kill the Lurker in the Dark and 3) kill the opposing team leader. Simple right!

The players were Shukor with his Black Templars, Faizal with his Space Wolves, and Subhan playing the Witch and a character called Dr Luther.

Now before I proceed I should let you know that the second Witch turned out to be a Dreadnaught with the tortured soul of a Long Fang trapped inside, armed with two Hurricane bolters and because he was a Long Fang, the ability to Split Fire with those bolters…nasty. And Dr Darious Luther a bio chemist that has been working with Dr Hix on some crazy military experiments, and Dr Luther had already been experimenting on his own body (he could move 8 inches!!). All Subhan needed to do with Dr Luther was keep him out of trouble… basically run and hide – simply right? Shukor did have one extra mission, because he missed mission 3, so he could attempt to rescue the prisoner from game 3.

So, the Space Wolves went first, splitting into two teams with the bulk going for the Dreadnaught and Faizal Stormwolf and his buddy hunting down Dr Luther. Shukor went second and decided that it would be best to rescue his team mate first. The Space Wolves team confidently armed with their Dreadnaught killing equipment - a meltgun and power fist - tactically crept up on the Dreadnaught, at one point even using an injured Space Wolf with a head injury from the last game called Harkon as a human shield. The dreadnaught did a lot of shuffling around before unleashing a hail of fire, eventually cutting down the marine with the meltagun. One threat down. But the brave marines jumped into close combat with the Dreadnaught, only to have the marine with the powerfist stomped into the ground!!! Two threats down - Disaster!! All looked lost for the Space Wolves, leaving just Harkon the Human Shield and Frode to fight the Dreadnaught with Krak Grenades.

Meanwhile the Black Templars swiftly moved up to the jail and with no opposition released the prisoner. Then they started looking for some trouble! The Wolves were panicking over by the Dreadnaught, so the Templers decided to go and find Dr Luther. He can’t have gone far.

Dr Luther was doing what he was supposed to do, hiding. But he was also caught between the 2 man wolves pack and the large Templers squad. The Wolves tried to melta and their way through the walls to get to him (but missed!) then tried throwing grenades at Dr Luther…. (but missed again). What was happening to the wolves!!

Taking the opportunity to get away from the Wolves, Dr. Luther leapt at the nearest Black Templer skewering the marine before he even had that chance to react. Stormwolf and his buddy decided to stand back a bit and watch what happens next…. Only to have two Black Templars rush over looking for a fight. In the next couple of minutes his buddy was taken down and the Templar’s lost two men, one of them their leader. As for Dr Luther, there was a Black Templar with a heavy bolter standing right in his path, surely he would not survive this.  But he did and promptly jumped on the Templar and took him down….. What was going on, he was supposed to be hiding. Then found a third Templar whom he also took down. This guy is supposed to be hiding!

Meanwhile Harkon the human shield and his brother Frode were dancing around the Dreadnaught trying to take it down with Krak grenades and to everyone’s surprise they did. They look a little bored until they saw Dr Luther coming over to investigate what had happened to the Dreadnaught. He was promptly cut down by Harkon the human shield and Frode. Mission accomplished. The Head Injured, human shield was the Hero of the day!!

Back over the other side of the table, Faizal Stormwolf crept around the corner and saw a trail of dead Templars, slowly he crept past each one until he reached the corner and came face to face with the two remaining Templars. They must have thought that he was responsible and regardless of how he surged his shoulders and said “not me” they still beat him up.

It has to have been one of the best games in quite some time – so many double 1s were rolled it was ridiculous, and Faizal even rolled on the floor at one point. Shukor was of course his calm self and Subhan, clearly does not like the idea of hiding….. Great game guys and thanks.

By Mark Smith

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kill Team Recap: The First Witch and RSVP Thread

The 'Three Witches' Kill Teams campaign reached a fevered pitch last Friday as the teams attempted a daring prison break to free their comrades and put a stop to the heretic Tech-Priest's evil plans. There were two battle fields set up, a dark drainage terrain table and a forest table. And there were two objectives – rescue the prisoner and investigate the laboratory.

The first game was scrapped out in the drains as Azlan's band of cutthroat gangers led by 'Mad-Donna' herself, sneaked through the foul smelling sewers. But what started out as a sneak attack ended as a total bloodbath as her team clashed with the IG defenders. Although Ma-Donna did manage get her team mate out of the cage, they never made it out of the drains, running out of time. To make matters worse, the whole team got shot to bits…. Crushing…. but I heard that Mad-Donna had fun and looked good!

Next up was Jeff. After watching Azlan’s brave attempt, Jeff took a more strategic approach with the marines running through the tunnels in organised move and fire style tactics. In true tactical form the highly organised team swiftly reached the jail, released their prisoner and managed to make it to the extraction point. Success…in exceedingly well thought-out marine fashion.

Meanwhile back in the drains, Hassanal started his courageous attempt to break the prisoner out. And things looked like they were going well, with lots of tactical manoeuvres and confident in the safety of his power armour. In fact he was so confident he was tempted to peek into the base’s lab and discovered….. the First Witch!! It turns out that the first witch was in fact a mad crazed Dreadnaught!! Trying not to panic too much…. He run! Needless to say the Dreadnaught followed him cutting down Space Marines and IG Guards alike in a uncontrolled rampage. He did manage to get the prisoner out of the jail and the rest of the game turned into some crazed 80s tv show with him running and be pursued by the enraged Dreadnaught.

Faizal’s Space Wolf team turned up on at forest world base and immediately got stuck in to the IG guard defenders. It looked like their tactics were to just power their way through the IG guards, very space wolf style, and it looked like it was going to work. However like the game with Mad-Donna, slowly but surely the IG guards grinded the brave space wolves down. Then suddenly one of the brave wolves ripped a man size hole in the wall with his powerfist and reached the prison. Tearing the door off with its hinges he released his Fenris brother and they smashed their way out of there. The result…the same as poor Mad Donna, dead bodies left on the battle field and only two survivors.

And so on to the last game of the evening, Subhan’s intrepid assault by his demons. Initially it looked like he was going to abandon the imprisoned bloodletter and go straight for the Dreadnaught. However, suddenly he threw his curve ball and realizing that he couldn’t do anything against the Dreadnaught leapt heroically (or should that be demonically) to the rescue of his team mates. What followed was a game of cat and mouse (or Bloodletter and Dreadnaught?) as they chased each other around the drains, however in the end what remained of his team and prisoner escaped.

Scores so far

Shukor 10pts

Azlan 10pts

Jeff 15pts

Faizal 15pts

Nahri 20pts

Hass 40pts

Subhan 45pts

Mark Smith

That's it for the recap, folks! RSVP here and let us know if you're coming tomorrow. We'll have Kill Teams campaign action, as well as plenty of space for gaming and hobby. Let's do it!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hobby Night RSVP 14th June 2013

This week sees the continuation of Legio's Kill Team campaign. Our daring heroes must attempt a rescue mission of a captured team member. Will they succeed? Or will more be captured and end up on the experimentation tables....
Do drop in to join the fun.

Cheers all.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

We are GO for Hobby! RSVP Here

That's right kiddies, Legio Malaysia is open once again for tomorrow night's hobby bedlam. Mark Smith's 'Kill Team' campaign begins, and additional tables will be available for hobbying and playing other games.

Who's in? :)