Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hobby Night 30th November RSVP

We're open as usual tomorrow night guys. Am sure 40K will be hot on the menus again; 1000, 1500 and 1750 encounters.

Do us the courtesy of posting your RSVP here please. If you can email, am sure you can post on the Comments below :)

See you tomorrow. The Angels are itching for a fight! Who's up?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hobby Night 22 Dec Recap

Last Friday night was a 40K affair in full blast. Probably with Chosen coming up, guys wanted to get their listed trialed and tested.
Won't bore you with details but these were the outcome.

1. Shukur's Hive Fleet Seeiryu vs Khairul's Angels Sanguine (1000 pts). Angels victory : 3-1
     - this was Shukur's first ever 40K game. Welcome to the grim dark bro :). Hope you enjoyed your first  
       experience at this exciting game. Am sure you will never forget Arzmi's and Subhan's winning strategies.

2. Alvin's Blood Angels vs Iqbal's Raven Guard (1750). Angels victory : ....not sure points but Alvin wrote [Crushing Victory]. Alvin, please write the victory points scored next time ok ;)

3. Paxter's Kabal of the Red Scar vs Arzmi's Grey Knights (1500). DE victory : 3-2

4. Subhan's Necrons vs Nahri's....err...grey Blood Angels...or is it Grey Angels (1750). Victory to the Necs 7-4.

5. Paxter's KotRS vs Azim's Blood Angels (1500). Victory to the DE again : 5-1

6. Faizal's Space Wolves vs Iqbal's Raven Guard (1750). Wolves victory : again no points were recorded but Faizal wrote TA turn 5 by Long Fang Barrage. 1st warning bro. Next time tulis score.
The sacred parchment to prove Alvin & Faizal actually wrote those comments.

So here's how the night ended.
DE : 2-0
BA : 2-1
SW : 1-0
Nids : 0-1
GK : 0-1
RG : 0-2
Congrats to the Dark Eldar for capturing all those slaves especially of the grey knights genes.

1000, 1500 or's all fun :). Next week the Angels will be out in full force!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RSVP TIme! Three Weeks Until "Chosen"!!

The Warmachine/Hordes tournament this past Saturday went off splendidly- well done Warmachine folks! The tables and forces looked great, and they did a fantastic job with their trophies, giveaways, and other gribbly bits. A good time was had by all indeed...

So, RSVP here for this Friday's fiesta of gaming goodness. Get some practice games in, get some last minute painting done, or just relax and catch up with wargaming friends. It's all happening this Friday at Legio, so don'e miss it!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

RSVP 16th November

40K is back on the menu at Legio. Mighty battle of 1750 and 2K were fought last week and looks to continue this week. Though we will be closing the tables at 10pm to allow prep work for this Saturday's Warmachine event. So come early ;)

RSVP if you're dying to rolls some dices. The Angels challenges the Kelabu Knights to a 2K encounter!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

RSVP 9th November & The Chosen reminder

Yes, Hobby Night is on again this week!!

A force of the Emperor's Astartes Angels Sanguine of 1750 strong has been dispatched to the Glenmarie sector to investigate a possible incursion by the Eldar of the Iyanden Craftworld, also of similar force. 
All available Imperial forces within reach of the region are expected to deploy their forces and make necessary preparations. War is imminent!!

On another note, a friendly reminder that registration for The Chosen is still open. As stated in the rulespack, if you register by 16th November you will get a Chosen t-shirt only available for this event. To register you'll need to provide us with the following;

  1. Your full name
  2. A clear copy of your army list that shows your selections broken down by HQ, Elites, Troops, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support. Point values must be shown for all selections and wargear taken. The army list must not exceed 1500 points, but may be lower if you wish.
  3. A valid email address we can contact you at.
  4. RM 30 Tournament Fee
  5. Your standard t-shirt size (S, M, L, etc.). You will be given a t-shirt on the day of the tournament IF you register prior to November 16th. This shirt is exclusively for tournament competitors.

See you guys tomorrow night and have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Iron Painter 2012, Concluded

November 3rd, 2012 at 10.30 am marked the start of Iron Painter 2012. Eight courageous hobbyists took part in this 24-hour challenge, but only seven prevailed by November 4th, 2012 at 10.30 am.
Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the magnificent seven Iron Painters of 2012.
2012 Iron Painters (L to R) : Shukur, Janice, Alvin, Khairul, Jeff, Joshua, Iqbal
A huge congratulations to Khairul who emerged as the overall Iron Painter Champion, and also earning his first ever Purity Seal. Meanwhile, Iqbal deserved an honourable mention as he was the only one who managed to achieve the Iron Halo award for painting 50 models. Special kudos to Janice for being the first female in Malaysia to participate and complete the Iron Painter challenge. And last but not least, to Jamie, who pulled out from the challenge at 4 am due to extreme fatigue. We truly appreciate your passion for the hobby and for taking part in this event.
Here are the seven beautiful armies painted in only 24 hours during this event. Keep in mind, absolutely nothing seen here was painted before the event itself, and that includes the display boards.
Khairul's Blackhorse Calvary Mechanised Company
Iqbal's Nurgle Force
Shukur's Soviet Tankovy Batalon
Jeff's British Welsh Guard
Alvin's Iron Warriors
Janice's Ork Hunting Party
Joshua's Khornate CSM

Some of the Iron Painters have posted their personal experience taking part in the event, so do checkout their blog links on the sidebar to our left. Again, congratulations to all Iron Painters.

Ave Legio!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

No Hobby Night this week

There will be no Hobby Night this week. This is because we will be running the 24 hours Legio Iron Painter event at Magacon 2012. We'll be using the time to make preparations.

For those who are interested to join, do click on the banner above for more information. I just heard through the ultra secret hard to find webways that there might be some really cool give-outs for the event; the Iron Painter event to be precise. Not sure about the other Magacon activities.

Arrggggg its the INQUISITION!!!! I didn't say anything!!! I swear on someone's pet's grave........

Be merry everyone and do have a good weekend.