Thursday, February 26, 2009

Legio Malaysia Meeting Postponed

Guys, due to unforseen circumstances (which is ironic, considering I have a bunch of farseers and Tzeentch psykers in the house), the meeting will be postponed to next Friday, 6th March at 9pm.

Legio will be open as per normal, with the usual furious gaming and hobbying action in abundance.

Ave ...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Legio Malaysia Members Meeting

Amidst the heat of battle, the clatter of dice and the ogling of cool minis, it is easy to forget that we haven't had a members meeting in a long time. So, this Friday, we're going to have one!

Friday, Feb 27th, 9pm @ the Legio. Be there. For we will be talking about what the Legio can do to move the hobby forward in this part of the galaxy. Legio members' sincere input greatly appreciated. Jeff and I will be doing up the agenda to make sure that we keep the meeting brief and productive.

See you Friday.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The League Marches On...

Hobby Night was quite cool last week, with a great turnout and lots of 40K action. We also got a visit from Alvin K., an avid hobbyist and enthusiastic member of the Malaysian hobby community. We're glad he could pop by and see what we do to support the Malaysian wargaming community, and have a great time! Alvin keeps a hobby blog, Glued My Fingers, in which he keeps folks updated on his latest hobby exploits and upcoming intro events. We have a link to it on the right, so be sure to check it out.

The stats have been updated with the latest results, though we are still waiting for a couple. Check your email and see if one of our tech priests has sent you a message to turn results in! ;)

Before we wrap this post up we have a notification for all league members. This is the final week we are accepting new players in Season 2 of the 40K league. After this Friday, February 27th at midnight, we will no longer sign anyone else up for the current league. So, if you've been staying on the sidelines, and are thinking of getting into the action, now is the time to act! Be sure to download a blank results form and a complete set of rules from the "Legio Downloads" section on the right. Just pop by a Hobby Night or email us for more information on how to get registered.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Legio Dice Have Arrived

The latest batch, in all its 2009 glory!

So, if you've recently joined as a Supporting Member (Level 2), and haven't received your set of Legio dice yet, be sure to come to Hobby Night this evening and grab your set.

We have the 2009 tshirts almost finished, and we expect those to be done by early next month. Stay tuned for details...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FoW League Championships Rescheduled

Yes indeed, we have moved the date for the final showdown! We have confirmed with all players that Saturday, February 28th at 11 AM is the date we'll fight it out and determine who the League Champion will be.

As I mentioned before, if you were a member of the Flames of War League, or are an active Legio Malaysia member, you are invited to attend the Championships at Battlefront Miniatures. Come cheer them all on as they fight for glory, and the chance to be immortalized in the "Hall of Legends"!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

40K League in Full Swing

With Week 1 in the books, we're easily on pace to exceed last season's total of both players and games played. If the recruitment and games continue at the rate we're at, this should be a mighty season indeed for Warhammer 40,000.

I thought I'd take a quick moment to explain how the posted league stats work, particularly how players are ranked, and what the colors all mean. If you've never seen our format before, I can see how it might be a bit confusing...

All players in Legio Malaysia leagues are ranked by their League Point Average, or LPA. This score is derived from the final game results after applying bonus and penalty points to both players. We take the total amount of League Points earned, and divide it by the number of games played. This yields the LPA, and it is this score that is used to rank you up against the other members of the league. Sportsmanship and Appearance scores have no bearing on this whatsoever- league ranking is based solely on your army's combat performance. We then sort these scores to determine the current rankings.

However, before we post these rankings, we also have something we check these scores against. To be ranked, players must be current in their "Games Played". All Legio Malaysia leagues operate on a one game per week minimum basis. So, for the current six week 40K league, each player needs to have played a minimum of 6 games to qualify for the League Championships. While these games can be played any time, we do track the stats based on the pace of one per week.

So, to determine what the minimum games are to be current, we simply take the current league week we're in (Week 2 as of this post), and subtract one from that number. This means, as of today, that each player in the league should have played at least one game. In Week 3 each played should have played 2, and so on. If any player has not played enough games to be "on pace", their LPA is NOT counted for league ranking. Their data line is highlighted in red, and a " - " appears in their ranking. As soon as the player in question gets up to the minimum games, we immediately update the sheet and rank that player.

So, with all that in mind, we rank and post the results. For reference, we also color code data lines based on a few conditions:

If a player's data line has white text, that player has played at least the minimum number of games needed to be current, and is ranked.

If a player's data line is red, that means the player has NOT played enough games to stay current, and is unranked.

If a player's data line is green, that means the player has played at least six games, and has a fully painted army. The player in question has met all requirements for potential participation in the Wild Card Tournament and/or the League Championships. That player does not need to play any more games if they do not wish.

If a player's data line is yellow, that means the player has played at least six games, but for some reason does not qualify for the finals. In virtually all cases, this means the player does not have a fully painted army. If the army does not get painted before the end of the regular season (midnight, March 20th in the current league), the player will not be eligible to participate in the Wild Card Tournament and/or the League Finals.

So folks, that's how we do it. If you have any questions or comments about this, feel free to post a reply. We'll get you sorted pronto.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Fow League complete

Howdy Folks!

Friday night we wrapped up our first ever Flames of War league, and I have the final results. Here are the top three players that automatically qualified for the finals:

1) Edwin W.
2) Jason S.
3) Nick C.

I'm pleased to announce that Shaun W. is the winner of our Wild Card spot in the League Championships. This will be held this Saturday, 11 AM sharp, at Battlefront Miniatures Malaysia. If you are not playing the Championships, but wish to come cheer the combatants on, Legio Malaysia and FoW League members are welcome to attend.

Once more to the finalists- congratulations!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Registration Open for Flames of War Tournament

Click on the banner above to get the full rules pack for this 1500 pt. Late War tournament. Also note that A) Space is limited, and B) Everyone who gets their paid registration confirmed before March 1st will receive a free, limited edition "Operation: Bagration" tournament tshirt on the day of the tournament. So, don't delay if you want to participate in this Eastern Front themed tournament. In addition, the tournament results will directly impact the campaign we're starting on March 20th. How cool is that?

If you have any questions, feel free to post a reply or email us.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Week 4 and Season 2 Just Around the Corner

Hola Legionnaires!

This Friday promises to be an exciting Hobby Night!

For the Flames of War league, Friday marks the beginning of the 4th and final week of the regular season. Thus far, Edwin has managed to stay on top, but who knows what will happen in the final week? Nick has not only finished his minimum games- he's also got a two game lead for the League Fanatic award. Sweet!

With the league starting to wind down, I thought I'd recap what Legio Malaysia's upcoming plans are for Flames of War fans. Next month we'll be launching the much-anticipated Firestorm: Bagration campaign. This will kick off on Friday, March 20th at Hobby Night. If you plan on participating, please make plans to attend Hobby Night that night. We'll be conducting a pre-campaign briefing, and we'll be electing the commanding generals for the German and Soviet armies. So, if you want a say, or even want to be one of the generals, you gotta show up! Remember, ANY late war army may be played for this campaign. It's not just for German and Soviet players!

The very next morning on Saturday, March 21st we'll be running our first Flames of War Legio Tournament. This will be a 3 round, 1500 pt. Late War tournament. The rules packet for this will be done by Hobby Night, and posted in the downloads section.

Now, on to the 40K madness!

Friday begins the second season of the Warhammer 40,000 league. We are now accepting registrations, so if you want to get into Friday action as quickly as possible, be sure to pre register. Remember, ForgeWorld and scratch built models MUST be approved before you play your first game, so get those submissions in if you plan to use them.

The first night of a league also calls for something else- awards! The Season One winners will receive their trophies and applause at 9:00 PM this Friday. We'll even have drinks and snacks to commemorate this special occasion, so be sure to make it if you can!

That's about it for the league news. The last thing I want to mention relates to club matters specifically. We are working out a good time to have a proper club meeting. Gaming and circumstances have prevented us from holding a proper meeting for a long time, and we're well past due to have a good round table discussion. There are a lot of things we'd like to bring up to the membership, and as we get closer to our Birthday Celebration in May we need to get some help and preparation lined up. So, keep your ears to the ground for a time/place announcement on the site.

Thanks a bunch, and see you Friday!