Thursday, May 31, 2012

Turn 3 RSVP Time!

After tomorrow night Bagration will already be halfway done! Be sure to post up here and let us know if you're coming- it's going to be a fun (and perhaps surreal) night...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hobby Night 25/05/12

History has been re-written. In a FOW-centric hobby night, the Soviets were eager to make up for the losses sustained in the previous turn. As a matter of fact, anything other than advancing into enemy territory was considered a loss. The map below was evidence of the Soviets' aggressiveness.
Bagration Turn 2
Digging up the old archives, these pictures were proof of history that took place in Turn 2. Desperation, bravado, heroism; everything was captured in surrealism. If you're interested to be part of our history, do join us in the next hobby night.

Advance! Advance!! Advance!!! Comrade Stalin is watching you!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

This post is specially dedicated to Dr. Selvam Subramaniam

A : France has fallen. Moscow will be ours by next week. We are victorious.
I : We must remain ever vigilant. Intelligence reports the arrival of a Punjabi regiment led by an upcoming Leftenan Tua Selvam. But this report was ...... maybe 4-5 years ago. There is still no sign of them. Union problems perhaps.
K : I do not fear this Selvam. I will crush him underneath my panther tracks!!

Good nite Doc :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

RSVP Time- Turn 2 Bagration Tonight!

Step right up and tell us if you're coming- it's going to be a mad Flames of War night once again, along with all the other hobby action we've been seeing the last few months. Who's coming???!!! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hobby Night 18/05/12

It's official, the Flames of War Firestorm: Bagration campaign has kicked off in full force!

The Bagration Campaign Map
As represented by the arrows above, five furious battles were fought. Exploding tanks, infantry massacre, cavalry stampede; almost all aspects of a war were present on the first turn itself. I won't reveal the details much, but all I can say is, one side has played their tactics well. Here are some pictures of what transpired on Turn 1.

Do drop by if you're interested to learn about the campaign mechanism and the game itself, just like Mark and Johan did in the last hobby night. Since Flames of War 3rd Edition was recently released, it'll be easier for you to learn the game. In my personal opinion, this is a game which your generalship and tactical prowess are tested to the max; odds and ratios are secondary.

The trend of good turnout to Hobby Night continued as there were 21 wargamers and hobbyists present. As usual, the WM/H players were around for some quick skirmish games.

Next week, Turn 2 is foreseen to be even more bloody as one side is determined to make up for the losses in Turn 1. Stay tune for the next edition of Hobby Night Recap, Ave Legio!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

RSVP Now- Bagration Begins!

The time has finally for Legio Malaysia's "Firestorm: Bagration" campaign to begin! Please note that for the next six weeks, we're going to have five of our tables set up for the campaign full time. This means table space for other games will be more limited than usual, and space might be tight for hobbying as well. We'll do our very best, but please keep this in mind when making your hobby plans for the evening.

So, who's coming tomorrow...?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hobby Night 11th May : A Picture tells a Thousand Words

28 was the count for this week's hobby night. A new record for this year!! The majority being the Warmachine guys who were having their final league games. Well done guys!! I hope everyone who took part in the event managed to get their hands on those cool achievement badges provided by your trusty Press Ganger :)

The atmosphere was ....... well you just had to be there ;)

Footnote : The club Remembrancer was called back by the high lords of terra for a medical examination.

Friday, May 11, 2012

RSVP Time- Who Wants to Learn Warmachine?

That's right, tonight Warmachine demos will be run for anyone interested in learning how to play this venerable wargame. All models are provided, so be sure to pop by and give it go!

In addition, tonight's the last Hobby Night before we start our much anticipating Firestorm: Bagration Flames of War campaign. If you have a painted, late war German or Soviet army, be sure to pop by and ask us about joining!

Who's coming tonight? It's been gangbusters at Hobby Night lately, and tonight promises to be no different...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hobby Night 04/05/12

T'was another great Legio Hobby Night with 24 wargamers in attendance. Yes, you read that right; twenty four. Kicking off the session was the First Legio Malaysia General Meeting in 2012. Unlike previously, this meeting was opened to all past and present members of Legio Malaysia, as well as to those who were interested to know more about the club. Forgemaster Jeff briefed everyone on this year's planned activities. Membership was also opened to all attendees. All that need to be done was to sign up on the new members sheet.
General Meeting in progress.
After the meeting , it was back to wargaming. Following the trend of late, there were five different game systems played that night; 40K, WM/H, BFG, FOW, and DUST:Warfare. Talk about variety. DUST:Warfare was also played for the first time since Jeff received his rulebook earlier in the day.
Obviously, there were some rule confusions which is the norm for every new game. Suffice to say, that there will be another game of DUST:Warfare next Hobby Night. Feel free to drop by if you want to learn more about this game but don't forget to RSVP yourself okay. Speaking of learning new games, the WM/H gang has also volunteered themselves for a demo night on the next Hobby Night. So if you want to know more about WM/H, come and join us on May 11th.
The Galactic Table made it's regular weekly appearance, and this time it was a full blown engagament between the Imperial fleet (Azlan) and the Space Wolves (Syamael). Watching painted figures being played on a very nicely painted table was really inspiring and satisfying, even to those not playing the game. This, was one of the reasons. Check out the beautiful space table.
40K made its return to Hobby Night with Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Tyranids and Grey Knights. Four wargamers with four different armies, now that's what you call variety.
To sum things up, this was how the Hobby Night looked like as a whole. A full house, and a whole lot of juicy hobby goodness. But, what was Alvin doing with a green cloth back there. Was he screening for something?
There were no FOW games played that night. However, the FOW crew were busy taking pictures and setting up terrains. Hmm...what were these guys up to? For that, stay tuned.
FOW also dominated the Hobby Table, where you could see a lot horses and soldiers parading on the tables. If you look at the picture above, there were a lot of tanks too. This upcoming Firestorm: Bagration campaign will not be another typical campaign, as it has the properties of developing into a campaign of epic proportions.

In short, it was a super crazy fun night to be at. Definitely a place you want to be with after spending five days working for your hard-earned salary. Stay tuned for next week's edition of Hobby Night recap, or better yet, join us in person. You need not necessarily game or hobby during Hobby Nights, just hanging out with good friends talking hobby stuff is fun enough.

Speaking of which, the War Without End campaign has also kicked off on May 4th. For more information about this intense extended 40K campaign, please contact Alvin or you can just download rules pack.

Ave Legio!

P/S: Credits to Shukur for the awesome pictures.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Legio Malaysia Club Secretary

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Iqbal has been appointed to be the first ever Club Secretary. With the current renaissance of Legio activities and an ever increasing number of weekly attendance, we felt it necessary to have someone chronicle our glorious journey.

As a past Best Librarian award winner for K1, Iqbal is a perfect candidate for this lofty post. As the Remembrancer, he will be responsible for putting deeds to paper of all future club activities. Already he is doing an excellent job recapping hobby night fun.

So raise your glasses high and let's honor him in the traditional Legio way.

Hail Iqbal the Remembrancer!!! Ave Legio!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hobby Time- RSVP Here!

Who's coming tomorrow night? Gaming action has been great the last few weeks, and we expect nothing less tomorrow. We've also got the big Legio Malaysia club meeting tomorrow night- if you're interested in getting more involved with Legio Malaysia, join in the fun and see what we're up to! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kindred 3 Registration

Just a heads up that the deadline for K3 registration before or on 30th April 2012 is up. These lucky kindreds will be getting their hands on a not so awesome K3 t-shirt each. The design has yet to be finalised but it could be the above boring pic...

The roll call (paid up registration) so far is :

1. Tan Keh Win (M) & Gareth Tan (XL)
2. Alvin (M) & Joe (M).....can still fit M maahhh
3. Hakim Green (L) & Goh aka Limp (M)
4. Carl (XXL) & Boon Kin (L)

So just four teams so far for K3.  We still have openings for 16 more teams but as specified in the K3 Rulespack posted way back on the 3rd of February, teams who register now will not be getting T-shirts.
This is due to the final deadline that we need to give final confirmation to the printers.
But worry not, the same Fun and Mayhem of Kindred events will still be had :)

So what are you waiting for? Register now!!

PS 1 : if you've made payment but i've forgotten to mention your name, please advise.
PS 2 : for a nominal fee, we can get personalised name and tags on the back of your t-shirts. Around RM5 each.