Thursday, May 23, 2013

No Hobby Night for Next Two Weeks

Just a quick heads up here folks- we will not be holding Hobby Night for the next two weeks. Tomorrow is Wesak Day, which is a public holiday, and the following week we'll be holding a private event. So, the next Hobby Night we'll be holding will take place on June 7th. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Legio's 5th Birthday Bash!!!

Wow, it has been 5 years! And this year we celebrated in style befitting such a momentous    event. I'll let the pictures tell the story of our birthday celebration held last Saturday. There were the 2 main events we ran.

Kindred 4

The fourth installment of Kindred started with every participants rolling for their Expandables trait except for Yip, who hensemly showed up with his WYSIWYG Chuck Norris figure. Of course we had to give him the Norris trait for being that cool. Then his partner in crime, Paxter, just to show everyone else how cool a kindred they were rolled 2 sixes to get the Norris trait without breaking a sweat. 2 Norrises in a team!! Ouch. Legendary indeed. 
We only had 6 kindreds this year but the support from the guys were phenomenal. These are the hensemest 12.
Johnny, Chris, Hassanal and B Lee doing the Macho Man
Iqbal(trying to look cool), Rizal(holding a dump), Syamael & Din
Synchronized Kindreds Alvin the one eyed bandit, Joe the Chosen One, Paxter & Yip doing the norris gorilla combat stance 
We're quite sure these 12 will not forget the K4 experience; cool music, Expandable traits, babes and El Presedente. Not forgetting the limited edition patch and cool personalised multi template :). 
In the end Alvin and Joe emerged the overall Kindred Champions. Congrats guys.
And befitting his status as The Chosen One, Joe also gave away 2 special The Chosen Awards.
Joe chose Paxter for giving him a 'special' massage;
And the other to Iqbal because Joe accidentally broke his eldar walker during the event.

I'd like to take this opportunity on behalf of my brother Arzmi and myself to thank everyone who took part in K4 and those who helped make it happen. It's been a blast! 

Golden Kris 5
This year's Golden Kris was extra special as we commissioned a statuette for the winners. The exquisite statuette was beautifully sculpted by Jarold Ng, who was also the honorary judge for the painting event.
Jarold the master sculpter and Legio officer Khairul
   For photos of all the entries for Golden Kris 5 please visit our FB page here
Together with Jeff Brooks and Carl Lum, the 3 of them painstakingly judged each of the beautiful entries.
Joasht proved himself to be a master painter by picking up top honors in the Single Model Unit and Large Model category. He was bagged the overall painting award earning him a Legio Purity Seal. And to top it of...was also voted People's Choice. Congrats man!
Iqbal made sure that Joasht didn't go home with all the gold by bagging the Deul category.

On behalf of all Legio members, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came and supported us. Let's do it again next year. 

Ave Legio!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

No Hobby Night Tomorrow- Birthday Bash is at Hand!

There will be no Hobby Night tomorrow as the officers of Legio Malaysia prepare for Saturday's 5th Annual Birthday Bash. Don't forget that Kindred IV and Golden Kris V are taking place- there's still time to get those models painted for Single Model, Large Model, Unit, and Duel, so make sure you get your arrive and enter your models before 2 PM! VIP guest Jarold Sng, sculptor of the Legio Daemon Statuette, will be on hand to pass out awards and possibly answer any questions you may have about sculpting. With all this and free drinks/snacks to boot, it's going to be a celebration to remember! See you Saturday!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Congrats to Iqbal, the Winner of our First Legio Army Throwdown!

We had our final showdown this past Hobby Night, and Iqbal emerged as the clear winner with a beautifully painted Eldar army. With this army he won a Purity Seal and much deserved kudos- well done dude! Here's the rest of the entries- at least as far as their creators were able to get them!

Dark Eldar by Lena Brooks

Sons of Horus Space Marines by Jeff Brooks

Imperial Fist Space Marines by Khairul Effendy

Black Templar Space Marines by Shukur

Catachan Imperial Guard by Azlan Ramli

Night Lords Chaos Space Marines by Goh

Thursday, May 9, 2013

RSVP Time! The Final Throwdown is at Hand!

Tomorrow night Legio Malaysia's first ever "Legio Army Throwdown" Army Painting Challenge will conclude with the final voting and the awarding of certificates and the Purity Seal for the overall winner. ALL participants are invited to display what they've accomplished, even if you did not finish your complete army. The whole point of this thing was progress- even a little is something to be happy about!

Our next Legio Army Throwdown will be for Warhammer, with painting beginning on October 8th and the first Throwdown taking place on Friday, November 8th (Core Unit). Registration will begin in September, so plan your army and prepare yourselves! We've learned a lot with this first "trial run", and we expect the next one to be even better.

So, post up here and let us know you're coming. Can't wait to see all those painted models! :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

RSVP In the Rain! Weeeee!!!

Contrary to any nefarious rumors you may have heard, we are indeed holding Hobby Night tonight! RSVP here or up on our Facebook page and get your hobby on!