Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012- What's Coming Up! RSVP Thread

Besides our normal RSVP thread, we thought we'd give you all the "down low" on our plans for 2012. Check them all out, and don't say we didn't give you advance notice folks! ;) From now until April we'll be working on a hobby project that we hope bears fruit later this year. We haven't nailed down everything yet, but as we get more confirmed we'll let you guys know.

 The first scheduled Legio event will be a Flames of War campaign- "Firestorm: Bagration". This will start May 11th and run six weeks, with the final campaign night being June 15th. All games must be played at Legio. The campaign is open to German and Soviet late war armies. If you'd like to sign up, shoot us an email and we'll get you on the appropriate roster. All armies must be 100% rep and painted. 1000 points minumum, but 1500 to 2000 points is preferred.

 Later that month will be the 4th Annual Legio Birthday Bash on Saturday, June 30th. In addition to the Golden Kris painting competition, the main event for the day will be Kindred III! More details will come from Khairul and Arzmi, but you can now start finding partners and getting your models painted for the competition...

 For the next couple of months we won't be running any major events with Ramadan and the associated holidays looming. This time can be used for modelling and painting forces for our upcoming "Great Crusade" 40K campaign starting on September 14th. This will be a veteran campaign set during the pre-heresy Great Crusade- so it might better be called a 30K campaign! Forces involved will be Crusade era Space Marines (grab that ForgeWorld goodness!), set against Orks, Eldar, and Dark Eldar. If you have another army you want to use please contact Jeff or Khairul for approval. Everything needs to be rep and fully painted, as we'll be taking loads of pics and video. You've got almost 8 months to prepare, so get crackin' on your armies if you want to play! The campaign will last for five weeks and finish with a massive Apoc game on Saturday, October 20th. Be there or be square, as they say...

 November has been earmarked by the organizers of MaGaCon II as the month the 2012 show will be run in. Provided we have the access and space given to us, Legio Malaysia will be running our second "Iron Painter" painting event. This time it will be a true 24 hour painting challenge, starting on noon Satuday and finishing noon Sunday. We'll have more details for you as things get firmed up!

 Finally, we'll finish the year with our annual 40K tournament on Saturday, December 15th. We have no details other than this firmed up, but if you're interested be sure to pencil in the date. So, as you can see we've got a lot planned for this year. Legio Malaysia's fourth year in action promises to be a fun one, and we hope you'll come along/chip in/have fun with us!

So, RSVP up here for this Friday folks! Tables will be open for all games now that the Market Campaign has ended in German victory, so come on down and get yer hobby on...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Market Garden Wraps Up Tomorrow Night!

I've had a blast playing my brand spankin' new American Armored Rifle Company, and I know the rest of the guys have had a great time as well. The campaign could go either way tomorrow, so everyone playing make sure you get there! FYI folks the next Flames of War campaign we've got planned is Firestorm: Bagration, with Turn 1 starting the hobby night of May 4th. Get those German and Soviet armies painted up! :)

RSVP right here folks. Who's coming? What are you bringing? Post up here and tell us all about it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roadtrip : Gameforge Penang 25-26 February 2012

I've only ever gone on a hobby road trip once in my life. And it was a total blast!! Good friends, great event, overall awesome experience. That was way back in 2010 and the event was organised by those hensem people at Gameforge Penang.
Check out my report on the trip here :)
Gameforge 40K combat patrol

So when i heard that those cool guys up north will be organizing another event this year, you can bet your retirement fund savings that i'll be going!! This time it'll be a 500 points Warhammer Fantasy border patrol.
Gameforge cool cats with hensem Legio hunks (taken during 40k combat patrol event ;)
I'm also roping in my partners in pillage from the last roadtrip, Jeff Deathkorps the merciless and Iqbal treeplanter the relentlessness to join in the fun again :)

We've managed to convince renegade inquisitor Kravin to lend us his brand new bloodraven(is this what those corky inquisitions call their version of the stormraven...) so this time we'll be traveling in style. He also allowed us use of his personal driver-bot so the journey should be fun.
Those cannibals and forest druids we saw during the last trip are so gonna be meltad and blown to bits if i see any of them again!!!

2012 will be a defining year for Legio Malaysia. We've planned some very interesting projects...and the approach and concept will be different from what we've done in previous years.

One of which is to attend regional (outside klang valley) hobby events which involves miniatures. Give us ample notification, promise us a good time, ensure enough painted craters are available (coz my opponents always gets 6s when rolling for my vehicle damage), the stars are aligned nicely (meaning it doesn't clash with our events) and you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll see us there!!!

So join in the fun if you can. Just shoot us an email. For those who need Royal Immigration/Home Mininster approval, certified documents can be given upon request ;)

Ave Legio!!!

For more info on the event, click on the link below.
Gameforge border patrol tournament

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A bridge too far

Legio's Flames of War, Operation Market Garden campaign will be continuing with its penultimate week this Friday.

The combatants who have bravely fought for the past 3 weeks include :  

1. Lieutenant General Jeff Deathkorp. Armored rifle company, 2nd Armored Division (Allied overall commander)
2. Capt Tan. 101st Airborne Division 501st PIR
3. Capt Khairul. 101st Airborne Division 506th PIR
4. Lt. Yip. 3rd Armored Division (cameo apperance hehe)  

1. Generalfeldmarschall Alvin Khaw. Schwere SS Panzerkompanie (Axis overall commander)
2. Hauptmann Pura. 6. Fallshirmjagerregiment
3. Hauptmann Shukor. 901 Panzergrenadierkompanie
4. Leutnant Iqbal. 130 Panzerregiment

After 3 weeks of hard fighting the Allies are slowly advancing northwards to capture the main objectives; Nijmegen and Arhnem bridges. These 2 bridges costs 50 and 60 points respectively and will ultimately decide who comes out victorious in this campaign.

The victory points tally so far stands at:
Allies : 64 VP
Axis : 262 VP

At this point, the bridges do look too far.... but the Allies still have 2 weeks to snatch a heroic victory from certain defeat. Bold and aggressive attacks must be made this week!! And you can bet the Axis will not make it easy for them to get to those 2 bridges. Expect to see a konistiger making an appearance soon!!

The fight continues this Friday Hobby Night!!!

RSVP if you dare...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

RSVP Time! Market Garden Turn 3

Turn 3 will be fought tomorrow night, moving the campaign past the halfway point. The Allies came out with victories in every game last week- what will happen this time around...?

For those wanting to play 40K or other wargames, we have more tables available you can set up for your games, so feel free to pop by!