Thursday, September 30, 2010

RSVP Time!

So, who's coming? I'll be working on the seemingly endless French, and maybe on some terrain stuff for the upcoming Legio 40K tournament as well. How about you guys?

Post up here, and let's have an awesome Hobby Night tomorrow!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

RSVP and Do Some Playtesting!

It's a great time to be a competitive wargamer in Malaysia these days, as there are a whopping FIVE tournaments coming up over the next several weeks. As a reminder:

This Saturday, September 25th, there's a Warmachine tournament being held at Hobby Forge. I'm not sure if there are any spots left open, but if you're interested pop by the shop or contact Alvin PRONTO!

The very next day on Sunday Comics Mart is running a Flames of War "Rookie Challenge" tournament. For more details and signup info pop by the shop or contact Edwin at Imagine Games.

A couple of weeks after that, on October 9th, there's another Flames of War tournament going down- this time themed to "Mid War Monsters". Details are sketchy, but if this sounds like your cup of tea please contact Edwin for the details.

Finally, Alvin is running a Warhammer tournament on Saturday October 30th. Visit our original post for all the juicy details on that one.

With all this tourney madness coming up, not to mention Legio's own 40K tournament in November, I imagine a lot of folks are testing lists out and seeing what they can get together for total victory. There's no place better than Legio Malaysia to get that done, so post up your RSVP here. We'll see you there!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Excellent Times!

That was a really excellent Hobby Nite, even if I say so myself! All kinds of action was going on. Jeff managed to get his French mortar platoon ready for painting. I finished off my first Panzer II platoon and undercoated and got the basic german grey coat sprayed on the Panzer III platoon. Some pics will come up on that.

Dice rolling was pretty furious too. Bangkok-based Faizal turned up with his Vampire Counts, and while it looked like he was demolishing Iqbal's Chaos Warriors the fierce battle ended in a draw. Not so lucky was Doc, whose Ogres got shot to ribbons by Arzmi's Empire army, who finished off the enemy with a spirited and glorious charge by shiny knights. Subhan actually brought his Necrons, and while his army was eventually beaten by Rizal's rapidly growing Orks (great job on the painting progress - nice), that was some amazing action too - Necrons charging and wiping out Nob bikers, etc. It was fun to watch - which was what fellow Necron player Sean did, along with myself and Redeye. Redeye's test BA took on my Brandenburg 6th Assault Grenadiers in the excellent Vanguard mission, but was completely swamped by the guardsmen's heavy firepower and massed assault.

Then there was some excellent hobby and shop talk, which carried on to the mamak and off to a great start to the weekend. That's what's it about - totally looking forward to next Hobby Nite!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

RSVP Here!

Yes indeed folks, we're having Hobby Night tomorrow! Who's coming? We've got a brand new table done, which is actually a repaint of the old desert table. We also painted up some new rocky terrain, and while the table still needs a bit more, it is certainly playable "as is".

Hope to see you all out there!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

RSVP Time, and Some Tournament News!

Believe it or not, Legio Malaysia will be holding Hobby Night this Friday at the usual time and place. We know many of you might have some great Raya plans, but if you're free and want to hobby we'd love to see you! RSVP here and celebrate with dice rolls and victory!

In other news, Alvin of Hobby Forge is running a 500 pt Warhammer tournament at his shop on Saturday, October 30th from 11:00 AM to 5:45 PM. For the rules pack, please click here to download. If you're baffled, confused, bamboozled, or just lonely, email Alvin and he'll get you sorted!

That's it for this Legio update. I hope to see a lot of you there- cheers!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


After skipping a week, it's most amazing to have Hobby Nite back! The proceedings started quietly enough, with two dark disciples already entrenched in the Legio library no doubt devouring some dark secrets encased therein. Jeff was busy refurbishing our desert table. He actually repainted the table and basecoated and drybrushed some 20-odd pieces of scatter terrain. The new-look desert table promises to be awesome.

I started the Nite by assembling the last 4 Boar Boyz for my army, and then proceeded to mess around with the models, trying to decide which unit to start painting first - which was eventually left undecided :) Of course, this was much to Jeff's and Iqbal's amusement, who always consider me a dice-wh*re and unable to focus on just hobby during Hobby Nite (unless it's like a last-minute terrain rush or something like that). Iqbal managed to do work on his Chaos warriors - those are real nice models!

Before I knew it, the first action was already happening on the city table, with Eldar facing down some mon-keigh Astartes. I didn't get to watch the whole game, which is a shame as Eldar is always great to watch - especially when they gun down power-armored mon-keigh (no bias intended ... lol). And the army also featured a squad of brightly-colored Harlequins - which is rare these days.

Joe was there with his Nids, and I'm not sure who he played that night - I was getting pretty distracted with my own game. Meanwhile, Dann's nids took on Sean's Necrons on the ice table - and once again, I have no idea what went on there.

The reason for my distraction was my match against Rizal's Ork horde - 110 greenskins and a Trukk against 108 IG and 4 AFV. We played an Ork Battles Mission - and it was just epic! I won't get into details, suffice to say that it was classic what-you-read-about-in-fluff massed infantry action. By turn 5, a combined total of 180 infantry and bikers from both sides had been killed.

Epic. Totally looking forward to the next Hobby Nite.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Been Two Weeks... RSVP Today!

Finally we're back to having a Hobby Night again! Who's coming this time around? I'll be there re-painting the desert table, and maybe working on some French. How about you guys?