Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Chosen : Legio's 2012 Year End 40k Tournament

It's that time of the year again folks, we need to find out who's the baddest and the best 40k players around these here parts. The Chosen will follow Legio's Tournament format which means that painting and sportmanship scores will also be tabulated to crown our Tournament Champion.

This year it will be at 1500 points using the new 6th Edition Warhammer 40K rules.

The Chosen will be held on Saturday, December 15th 2012 at Battlefront Miniatures Malaysia.

For those who are interested to join, just click on the green The Chosen picture on the right side of our blog for the Rulespack which will give you all the details about the tournament. We'll get the proper banner up as soon as Iron Painter is done.

We look forward as always to have you participate in this annual mayhem of fun :)

Cheers everyone.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hobby Night 19th October : RSVP

This week marks the end of our FoW Operation Case Yellow. After a bitter start the Germans forces have managed to gain the upper hand but just slighty. Should the Germans win, the result will be a minor German victory. If the Allies manage to win then this campaign will result in an overall draw.

Which would then mean that Hauptman Nahri (Overall Axis Commander ) and Oui Capitaine Arzmi (Overall Allied Commander) will wear their respective armor and duel it out in the arena. Injury and victory is still at 2 odds. Decaptitation gets you 3. Only gold dinaris can be used to partake in this once in a lifetime match-up.

See you guys there. RSVP if you're coming.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Warmachine "Black Steel" Tournament Announcement

As many of you know or realized from the cool banner at the top of the page, Warmachine Malaysia is running their first tournament in association with Legio Malaysia. Check out their announcement below, and be sure to get in touch and sign up!

The Black Steel tournament is the first Warmachine / Hordes event being run by Warmachine Malaysia with assistance from Legio Malaysia. This is also the first Warmachine and Hordes event opened to the entire Warmachine and Hordes community in Malaysia and Singapore. It is a one day event run in the format of a steamroller tournament with extra emphasis on the hobby aspects and most importantly, for all participants to have fun.

Warmachine and Hordes has seen a great year with the release of the colossals expansion book in June. The number of players has also steadily increased over the second half of the year with the Warmachine Malaysia Facebook membership reaching more than 80 people. Legio has also become one of the most popular gaming clubs for Warmachine and Hordes players due to its great vibe, friendly members and fantastic gaming tables.

The main objective of this tournament is to increase the exposure of Warmachine and Hordes to other tabletop game players. It is also an opportunity for players from Malaysia and Singapore to showcase their fully painted armies and battle it out on the table. Not only does the tournament reward the best player, it also aims to promote the hobby aspects of the game such as painting and terrain making.

There is a total of 6 trophies up for grabs ranging from best general, sportsmanship award, and hobby. Be sure to sign up early and reserve your spot! The rules pack can be had by clicking on our banner above or inside the "Legio Downloads" section to the right. Here's the basic details of the event:-

Date : 17 November 2012
Time : 9.00am – 5pm
Location : Legio Malaysia (
Entrance fee : RM30.00* Light lunch will be provided.
Rules : Please refer to the rules pack for more information

We'll see you there!

Dick & Mawi

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This week's Hobby Night is Cancelled

Thick fog predicted this Friday. Visiblity will be bad. No jump this Hobby Night. I repeat there will be no Hobby Night this week.

We should be open for dice rolling goodness same time next week. Operation Case Yellow final week resumes next Hobby Night with the fate of France still undecided.

Have a good weekend everyone. Take care

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Case Yellow Turn 4 Recap and RSVP

Taking advantage of the momentum provided last turn by Khairul's Luftlandesturm victory, the Germans continued to press the assault. Azlan's 5-Panzerdivision engaged Mark's British Infantry Company, while Iqbal's Leichte Pioneerkompanie battled with Chang's French Infantry Company. If you haven't been paying attention, last week's mission was Dust Up.

As mentioned earlier, Azlan's armored thrust was met by Mark's British Infantry Company. It was a hard fought fight for the Germans, with Mark's artillery relentlessly pounding Azlan's tanks as they tried to advance. After a failed headlong charge in the first turn, Hauptmann Azlan was brutally reminded of the firepower possessed by the Brits. Somehow, the failed attempt forced the Hauptmann to showcase his excellent generalship by concentrating fire on the infantry squads hidden in the woods, eliminating them one at a time and at the same time slowly advancing from the flanks. By the time the Brits realised what the opponent was up to, it was already too late. Suffice to say, German Victory!

The Brits fending off the German attack.
Meanwhile, in the outskirts of a remote town, another battle took place. Although it was a relatively small engagement (1250 points), that does not mean that it was less exciting as compared to others. My Leichte Pioneerkompanie threw wave upon wave of bodies forward only to be met by stiff defense of Chang's French Infantry. In this battle, the Germans lacked air superiority as the remote dense forest prohibited the airplanes from bombing enemies at will (a.k.a no fives on the airplane dice rolls). The Panzer IB squad led by the company commander was the hero of the day, as it mowed down countless squads of infantry with its Twin MG. Luck was probably on their side too as they managed to dodge numerous shots from the French Somua tanks. The Panzer IB heroic actions allowed one of the Pioneer Squads to dash for the objective. German Victory!

Mighty Panzer I and their Pioneer escorts.
It was two solid turns of consecutive victory for the Germans. The mission for Turn 5 will be Free For All, and this will be the most important turn for both sides should they wish to secure campaign victory.

RSVP if you're ready for combat.
RSVP if you thirst for battle.
RSVP if you wanna taste victory.
And do RSVP too if you're just planning to gain some Denari.

See you tomorrow!