Friday, April 24, 2009

Hobby Night Schedule Updates

Tonight's Hobby Night will end a little earlier than usual- no later than midnight. No games may be started after 10PM, so please plan your evening accordingly. Don't forget that we'll be running a Terrain Construction seminar for members of the 40K SPORE team. Basic materials will be on hand, but bring whatever else you think you might need for your particular terrain piece.

Also note that there will be no Hobby Night on May 1st. The factory is closed for the holiday...

See you all tonight!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

May 23rd Legio Birthday Events

Hola folks!

At long last, we’ve nailed down exactly what it is we’re going to be doing for our 1st Birthday party! We know a lot of you are getting your armies ready for SPORE 2009, so we wanted to do something that’s fun and not too taxing. We hope you enjoy what we have planned, and I look forward to seeing as much of our club membership (and potential future members!) as possible. We’re running two events- a painting contest and a cool mini tournament:

Golden Kris- This is a painting competition that we’ll be running once a year from this point forward. For this year, we’ll have three categories: Single Miniature, Unit, and Large Model. Single Miniature is a single, standard 25-30mm scale infantry mode, one stand of 15mm scale infantry, or one 15mm scale vehicle. 1 Mech from Heavy Gear would also fall in this category. Unit entries should consist of a game legal unit of infantry models/stands numbering at least 5 models, and no more than 20. Large Model entries should be a single model larger than a standard 25-30mm infantry, such as a Dreadnought, Tank, or Monster. Ranges smaller than 25mm scale are not eligible to be entered into this category. If you have any questions regarding your potential entry, please email us straight away and we’ll get you sorted. Entries should be brought with you when you show up ion Saturday. All entries must be submitted IN PERSON by 2 PM. Judging will begin at 3 PM.

40K Combat Patrol Tournament: As the main event, we’ll be running a 5 round “Combat Patrol” tournament. Trophies will be handed out for Best Sportsmanship, Best Patrol (Appearance & Theme combined), and of course a Purity Seal for the winner. Lists must be no more than 400 points, chosen from a single codex as normal, and conform to the following rules:

1) You must have at least one Troops choice

2) You may have one HQ choice, but no more than one

3) Armies are not required to take mandatory unit choices. However, all unit restrictions apply (such as 0-1)

4) No model may have more than 2 Wounds

5) No model may have a 2+ or better Armor/Invulnerable save. So, a Chaplain in power armor would be ok, while a Dracon with a Shadow Field or a Space Marine Terminator would not.

6) No Unique/Special/Named characters may be used

7) No vehicles may be used with an Armor total greater than 33. This is determined by adding the Front, Rear, and Side values together. For instance, a Rhino would be 31 (11+10+10), so it could be used. A Chaos Dreadnought would be 34 (12+10+12), so it could not be used.

8) Remaining rules are as per standard Legio Tournaments. Models must be WYSIWYG and fully painted/based.

If you have any questions about the requirements for this tournament, let us know. If you plan on attending the tournament, please email your intention to do so. There is no cost to play, so get those patrols ready! All tournament players need to arrive no later than 10 AM.

We will have free drinks and snacks for those attending, and if we have space we’ll have tables available for open gaming. Attendance is also free- there is no cost to participate in Golden Kris and the Combat Patrol tournament. The fun starts at 9:30 and will continue until 6 PM, after which we may remain open for some free gaming and hanging out. Feel free to post questions on this thread- we’ll get them answered for you!


Planetstrike Video

This is going to be a LOT of fun when it finally comes out. Count on Legio Malaysia to organize a Planetstrike event as soon as the book becomes available...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Terrain Night for 40K Team

Hola folks!


Friday, April 24th we’ll be holding a terrain night for prospective members of the Legio Malaysia SPORE 2009 40K Tournament Team. We’ll have pre-cut MDF bases that conform to the SPORE standards, as well as some foam, bits, and other goodies. Put your thinking caps on and try to come up with some ideas for what you’d like to do. Remember that you should theme the terrain piece in some way to your army, so keep that in mind as you come up with your ideas. Also, we should all try to sneak in references to Legio Malaysia on the terrain pieces.


Let the ideas and RSVPs commence! J

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Da First Double Purity Seal Holder!

All hail Warboss Is, who vanquished the daemon prince Lord Pinky in honorable battle, and is thus crowned da Champion of the Legio Malaysia 40k League Season 2. Da Warboss now earns the truly prestigious distinction of being the first, and so far only, to hold TWO Legio Malaysia Purity Seals.

Congratulations! Ave da Warboss Is!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Early Close at Hobby Night Tonight

Hey folks,

Hobby Night will end at about 11:30 this evening, so please plan your attendance and gaming accordingly. I'll be back first thing Saturday morning for the championships, and I need my beauty sleep! ;)

Legio Malaysia members are welcome to come to the factory Saturday morning and check out the League Championships, as well as play games or hobby models. This will last until the championships end, which should be around 3 pm.

Cheers guys

SPORE Warhammer Tournament Rules Up

Hey folks,

Here's a link to the recently posted rules pack for the SPORE Warhammer Tournament:

For those of you that really dig hard core generalship and competition, this is the tournament for you! Less than 5% of the available points are derived from painting/hobby aspects of your army, and no sportsmanship scores are taken. There's a bonus to your final score if you register by May 15th, so download the rules pack and get crackin'!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SPORE 2009 Rescheduled Once More

Hola Legionnaires!

Unfortunately due to some last minute venue changes, the date for SPORE 2009 is no longer May 30th and 31st. While the new date isn't 100% confirmed, we've been told that June 13th and 14th are the most likely dates. In addition, it's going to move from Singapore Polytechnic back to the CCK Community Center. Hopefully this doesn't jam anyone up, but Damien and the rest of the cats at Paradigm Infinitum are doing their best under the circumstances.

Recent Update: The date and location are now confirmed, so this should be the last rescheduling.

So, who's still coming with us to wreak havoc in mid June...?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spore 2009 40k Tournament Rules Pack

That's right! The official Spore 2009 40k Tournament Rules Pack is now available for download at

Registration opens this weekend. We're finding out from the organizers what form of payment they accept for registration. Of course, if any of you are going to Singapore, let us know.

So who's going to Spore 2009 for the Glory of Legio?

Notice: The above link is to an amended version of the rules pack that corrects a few omissions. Please consider this new version the official one. They've also posted an FAQ

Be sure you have a read on this one. For instance, this clarifies that the NEW Imperial Guard codex will be the one used for the tournament.