Monday, May 31, 2010

Ultramarines Teaser is Up

I highly recommend a visit to the Ultramarines movie website, where you can register and check out the teaser. If you see Shazli anytime soon, be sure to tease him that he wasn't the first to post about this coolness on his blog. Shaz, report to the Chaplain for penitent duties! ;)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tournament of Skulls Rules Pack is Up!

You can officially begin plotting the ruination of your enemies, and your prayers to Khorne! ;)

40K Tournament of Skulls Rules Pack

Azlan Ramli is running this tournament, so you can direct all inquiries to him or to the Legio Malaysia email address. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heads Up! No Hobby Night This Week

Just a quick announcement here: There will be no Hobby Night this week. This Friday is Wesak Day, and we imagine a lot of folks will probably take advantage of the three day weekend to get out and do stuff. I certainly will!

Hobby Night will resume Friday, June 4th. Until then, cheers!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

RSVP as Two Wars End

Greetings Legionnaires and Guests!

Two campaigns have recently wrapped up- Joe's Fortenhaf Warhammer campaign, as well as my "Arenxis Burns" Battlefleet Gothic campaign. Tonight there's no scheduled activity, so feel free to enjoy open gaming to your heart's content. You're also welcome to join me at the hobby table. I'll be painting SS Panzergrenadiers for the upcoming Flames of War Firestorm: Market Garden campaign.

Also, for those interested, I have not forgotten about the final issue of "The Aquila" for our recently finished BFG campaign. I had hoped for some help with an image I wanted to publish, but it looks like that's not going to work out. So, I'll proceed without it and get it published by this weekend. :)

So, who's coming? What are you going to get into?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

All Hail the Latest Bearer of the Purity Seal!

Congratulations to Joe for bagging the Purity Seal in recognition for a job well done with his Fortenhaf WFB campaign! I personally think it's well-deserved. Totally look forward to more of this kind of excellent wargames dedication and all kinds of goodness!

Hobby Nite was also really interesting as we saw some really good diversity happening at the Legio. For instance, Jeff and Iqbal hobbying away with FoW and BFG models (and later Arzmi happily airbrushing his daemons); while Jeff, Nick, Syamael, Faizal and myself were fighting desperate battles in the deep space of BFG; even as Doc and Arzmi were locked in honorable WFB battle in the Old World; and Alvin, Din, Joe and Subhan were duking out in the grim battlefields of 40k; while Soo Jin, Kong and Jade's dogfighting was setting the sky ablaze in their AI games. There was even one moment that only had 4 tables with games on them - all of them from different games systems. I love it!

Doc bid us farewell for a few months as he takes ship yet again. We wish him bon voyage and a safe, speedy and happy return to Legio shores. I suspect he will return with an entirely brand new army all painted up and ready to roll, as he always does after everyone of his tours of duty. Any bets what that army's going to be?

I really stretched it for myself - started cleaning my brand new FoW Cromwells, had two large BFG campaign battles, and even a pick-up game of 40k with my Eldar. Man, that was awesome! It was a real dice-fest of a Hobby Nite, and the last dice rolled in anger was actually pretty late (I believe it was a Tau escort trying to get away from a squadron of Iron Wolves Gladius frigates) and certainly much later than usual.

Anyways, it's par for the course that Hobby Nites end with extremely tired bodies and minds, but extremely happy souls, and this Hobby Nite was no exception. In fact, it somehow felt even better than the last one. Then again, I feel like that every week :) ... I love it! See you guys next week!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yesssss! RSVP Time!!!

Woohoo! It's that most anticipation-filled time of week again! The hours counting down to the next Hobby Nite!

I'll be bringing my Battlegroup Farquhar for the next battle in the Arenxis Burns BFG campaing, my Eldar for opportunistic games off the Battle Missions book, as well as my FoW Cromwells to assemble and paint.

Who's up?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday Bash Coming Up!

Mark your calendars!

Saturday, July 3rd is Legio Malaysia's 2nd Annual Birthday Bash! Yup, Legio Malaysia is now two years old, and this growing bundle of joy invites you to an amazing day of wargames hobby madness! There's going to be a painting competition AND a Legio Tournament.

Golden Kris 2010 Painting Competition
Legio Malaysia's premier painting competition is back for its second year! Here's your chance to test your hobby and painting skills against the very best hobbyists in this part of His Divine Emperor's galaxy. Categories include:

Single Model: Single 25-32mm scale figure or one stand of 10-15mm scale miniatures.

Large Model: Single 25-32mm scale monstrous figure or vehicle.

Unit: Legal unit of 25-32mm scale models numbering 5-20 figures.

BFG Model: Single capital ship from GW's "Battlefleet Gothic" range.

Warhammer 40,000 Tournament of Skulls
Test your might and hobby skills against the region's best in this 1,500 point Warhammer 40,000 Legio Tournament! Victories, painting and sportsmanship will all combine to determine the Champion of what promises to be a blood-soaked event!

Will YOU answer the call of Khorne?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Arenxis Burns Turn 3 Recap

Turn 3 is done and dusted, with a unexpectedly quiet Glenmarie sub. Two raids took place, and the people of the Ghemehaal system are fed up! ;)

For all the action and campaign updates, check out The Aquila below:

The Aquila, Issue 3

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hail the Victors!

True to legend, the combined might of the Bretonnians and Wood Elves met and routed the evil forces of the Dark Elves and Ogres in the epic finale of the Battle of Fortenhaf. It sounds great, and what little I managed to see of the final battle looked epic indeed, but it would be great if someone could fill in the details here :)

I was actually late to Hobby Nite, and by the time I got to the Legio, Peter, Iqbal, Alvin and Doc were knee-deep into the fantasy campaign finale battle. Jeff had already played an Arenxis Burns campaign game against the Grey Knights (a narrow victory, I heard) and was busy at the Hobby Table. Soo Jin and Kong were battling it out Eldar vs Eldar with beautifully-painted Aeronautica Imperialis aircraft. The models are absolutely gorgeous, and I might just start an Imperial Navy force. Lexxis, Subhan and Shazli were in 40k heat. And Arzmi was calmly painting his Orks - and I saw lots of bikes too.

I saw Iqbal's nice kit-bashed orbital defence stations. Nice! Syamael whipped out his freshly painted Iron Wolves BFG fleet, featuring brass-etched SW icons and all, and we promptly went about fighting a campaign Raid - that was truly awesome (even if it didn't allow me to use my brand-new Emperor battleship which I stayed up really late to finish painting the night before)! Paxter returned from the Warp with his fleet of Forgeworld Tau BFG ships (a thousand percent better than the GW ones - cheaper too), and he had his first introductory Cruiser Clash. The young upstart race learns fast, and by the 3rd turn he was starting to punish my Imperial Navy force. Can't wait to see that fleet completed.

Hobby Nite wrapped up really late for me. As is par for the course, I was truly tired. But happy! And totally looking forward to the next Hobby Nite!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wheee! It's time to RSVP!

Okay, mebbe that rhyme was lame.

Regardless, let's get tomorrow's party started with some "I shall be there"'s. Joe's Warhammer campaign is going strong, and my own campaign enters Week 3 tomorrow. I'm expecting a lot more games this time around. Maybe the next issue of "The Aquila" will need more than one page...?

I leave you today with a very nice picture that Soo Jinn whipped up to commemorate the "Battle of Amman Prime" from last week. I hope to see lots of folks tomorrow, so post up and let us know the deal...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arenxis Burns Turn 2 Recap

What a night! :)

We had four new players join the campaign, and two battles fought. Nick and Soo Jin went at it in a "Raiders" scenario, while Azlan and I fought a battle in which I attacked in the "Exterminatus" mission. For full details on renown and battle results, check out the Aquila below!

Issue 2 of "The Aquila"

Total Satisfaction!

I know this happens every Friday night, as we pack up and talk shop and trade heroic stories and what-ifs, totally tired and hungry from hours of hobby and gaming, but also completely happy. But it never fails to deliver total satisfaction! The kind that sends you home happy, but rearing for more (as soon as you get some sleep and energy back).

Friday's Hobby Nite was real interesting. For the first time ever, we actually had more BFG games than 40k and Fantasy games (in the past few weeks, with Joe's WFB campaign in full swing, we saw more Fantasy games than anything else). That was a weird experience.

Doc, Alvin, Arzmi and a few others had their Fantasy armies out in force. Shazli, Joe, plus long-missing friends, the Tau xenos Keh Win and Redeye of the Astartes, were duking it out over the grim battlescapes of 40k. Nick, Kong, Soo Jin, Nahri, Zaki, Syamael, Iqbal, Jade, Deathkorps and myself had BFG fleets.

Last Hobby Nite was definitely almost totally weighted on the gaming side. And with the roars of the victorious and the vanquished and the clatter of dice, the energy level was all high. I was sucked into a nail-biting desperate fight to save Amman Prime from the depredations of Nurgle, and both Jeff and I were completely - absolutely completely - absorbed into the battle (more of that in both The Aquila and my blog).

There was some action at the Hobby Table. I finished up almost all my fighters and bombers (except for the 3 stands I forgot about), and did some more work on my Emperor battleship. Airbrush-equipped Iqbal was totally busy with painting his Eldar fleet, and I also got to admire some new ships from Soo Jin (Forgeworld Grey Knight Strike Cruisers), Syamael (SW battlebarge complete with brass-etched brass-etched SW icons), Nahri (cool-looking Imperial ships painted to match his Fallen space marines), Zaki (really excellent-looking Tyranid fleet), Jade (FW Tau - those are niice!) and Kong (finally, another Chaos fleet!).

Anyways, I was absolutely and totally happy. Tired too. Really looking forward to the next Hobby Nite! Not to mention the next issue of The Aquila. Ave Legio!