Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kill Team: Final Mission Recap

And so last Friday saw the final games of the Kill Team Campaign. The last mission had three objectives, assassinate the Tech Priest Dr Hix before he escaped the base, capture the Bio Priest Dr Luther and prevent a group of missiles from being fired from the base. They had an engineer with them to stop the missile countdown and also had to deal with the IG guards on the base. Four teams were there to play, Azlan – Mad Donna, Faizal – Space Wolves, Subhan - Demons and Shukor - Black Templers.

First up was the Space Wolves, who had recovered from the bad luck they had last week and charged into the base. They were we aware of what Dr Luther could do, so they made sure that he was a priority and took him down the first chance they had. They also stopped the missile countdown successfully. But unfortunately they weren't quick enough to stop Dr Hix jumping in a transport and getting away. Two objectives done and one failed.

Next Mad Donna took up the roll of attacked. Learning from the strategy that the Space Wolves took, she sent a large squad with the engineer to stop the missile countdown and with some many body guards he had no problem stopping the missiles. After Mad Donna’s girls had taken Dr Luther down, Mad Donna herself personally wanted to deal with Dr Hix. Unfortunately she got a plasma pistol in the face for her troubles and Dr Hix escaped. Two objectives done and one failed.

Meanwhile over on the other table the Demons were just starting their attack. This looked like it was going to be a quick game with so many demons running around. First they wrecked the vehicles so that Dr Hix couldn't use the vehicles to escape. Then chased him around the board until they cornered him and cut him down. Then they took out Dr Luther. Finally they stopped the missile countdown – but the poor engineer must have been terrified being surrounded by all the Demons. All three objectives complete and full points!

And last to go was the brave Black Templers. The Templers had a small team of men, so they were going to find it difficult to take on all three objectives. They concentrated their effort on Dr Hix first and escorting the engineer to the missiles. They were well aware of how devastating Dr Luther could be, but they focused on Dr Hix first. Unfortunately for them he made it to a vehicle and although they fired everything they could at him they just had no luck hitting him and he escaped. So, they took their frustration out on Dr Luther and beat him to a pulp! They also managed to stop the missiles from being launched. Two objectives and one failed.

So here is the final scores.

Subhan 123pts
Faizal 75pts
Shukor 45pts
Hass 40pts
Azlan 30pts
Nahri 20pts
Jeff 15pts

Congratulations to Subhan who played all 4 weeks and all 5 missions.

- By Mark Smith

Thursday, July 4, 2013

RSVP Time! Last Hobby Night before Ramadan

Time to post up and let us know if you're coming, folks! Tomorrow night we'll be holding a 'Captain's Briefing' from 7 to 10 to support our upcoming 'Lords of Mars' Battlefleet Gothic campaign. We'll have a table and two small fleets set up as a demo/refresher for the Battlefleet Gothic rules for anyone who wishes to attend. Campaign organizers will be on hand to help out and answer your questions.

The campaign will start on August 16th, and is open to anyone who has a fully painted 2000 point BFG fleet.   For more information about the campaign, be sure to drop by tomorrow night!