Saturday, February 27, 2010

6 Days to Kindred !!!

Greetings everyone.

Just a friendly reminder that Kindred is just 6 days away, that's next Saturday 6th March.

Arzmi and me are currently busy making final preparations to ensure that Legio's first ever Hobby Tournament which also happens to be our first doubles event runs smoothly. In this endeavor, we would like to request a couple of things from you as well as make some final announcements.

1. We would first like to stress again that this event will be run using Legio's Hobby Tournament format. As such please ensure that all your models are painted to the best standard that you personally can accomplish. Any unpainted models, unbased, not completed with painting effort will not be allowed.No exceptions will be entertained come tournament day.

Although our rulespack states that all models must be painted with a minimum of 3 colors, based, with "painting effort" involved, we humbly request that you do not use this requirement literally. Guys, this is a hobby tournament so please show us your best painted models. Let's get into the spirit :)

2. Please bring along 2 copies of you army list. One for you to submit during registration and the second to show your opponent upon request. Since I've been receiving all sorts of lists, i would like to request that you include/make the followings;
a/ use an A4 paper and include both your partner's and your list on one page
b/ feel free to use any software you're comfortable with ie words, excel
c/ please use fonts size 11 or bigger
d/ handwritten list are not encouraged
e/ write your partner's and your name clearly on the top of the page
f/ clearly indicate the HQ, Troops, Elites, Fast attack and Heavy choices
g/ indicate how many of each choices you have in your list ie Rangers x5
h/ include all wargears or upgrades you have
i/ include point cost for each unit plus their upgrades
j/ final point cost at the bottom

3. Registration will begin at 9.00am and end at 9.45am. Please ensure that you arrive and register within this allocated time. A short briefing will be given at 9.45am and the first round will begin exactly at 10.00 am. We would truly appreciate your kind cooperation to ensure that you arrive and register early.

4. Unless there is anymore entry or changes, the line-up of participants are;

A. Azlan & Jeff
B. Andy & Juan
C. Syameal & Subhan
D. Iqbal & Peter
E. Shazli & Zaki
F. Eric & Kuok
G. Emil & Shaz
H. Martin & Vinder
I. Alvin & Joe
J. Dann & Ivan
K. Christopher & Johnny
L. Edward & Shaun
M. Koh & Wong

We wish you guys all the best in using the available time you still have to prepare your army.

Make it work!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Argh! Hobby Night Cancelled

My sincerest apologies folks, but some last minute work has come up. Azlan is out of town, so we're going to have to bail. I'll see you all next Friday!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yes, Hobby Night is ON!

That's right folks, despite the fact that tomorrow is a public holiday, we will indeed be hobbying tomorrow evening. Post your RSVP here or email Legio Malaysia to reserve your spot.

I imagine there's a lot of last minute rushing to get the Kindred armies done- I'm certainly one of those people with my Sisters. How about you? What do you need to get done...?

See you tomorrow

Monday, February 22, 2010

Iron Painter a Success- Huzzah!

Well, I'm impressed!

Seldom have I ever seen such hard work and dedication as was put on display this weekend at the Iron Painter event. People buckled down and got their armies painted within the 12 hour limit, and done to good standards as well. SEVEN participants managed to get their armies done. My hat's off to all of these guys:

Stanley, who came up from Singapore just for this event, painted an excellent Chaos Space Marines force. If anyone has better picture than what I took, please forward them to me!

Subhan painted Necrons in a difficult white color scheme, and even managed to earn the "Iron Skull" by painting at least 30 models/1000 points. Awesome job dude!

Iskazri was our other Iron Skull winner, with a nice force of battle hardened Imperial Guardsmen- including a Leman Russ tank!

Arzmi put his nose to the grindstone, and along with a cunning plan using Citadel washes painted a nice looking Ork troop. Great job, dude.

Alvin also painted an Ork warband, and was definitely one of the nicer armies finished. Good job!

Shazli stayed with his tried and true Ultramarines, and managed to add yet more models to his enormous collection with a successful Iron Painter run.

Finally, Iqbal pulled out all the stops with his forest spirit themed Wood Elf army, bringing a laptop for entertainment and an airbrush for basecoating. With a great theme and solid paintjobs, Iqbal not only finished but was also voted the best. He took away the Purity Seal and is the very first winner of a Legio Malaysia Iron Painter. Outstanding! :)

Khairul, Dann, Juan, and myself all slugged it out as well, but we didn't manage to get the job done. Nonetheless, it was great to get a lot of hobby in and share the same space with our first batch of Iron Painters. Congratulations to all for a fun event.

To see the pictures I took during the event, follow the link below:

Da Legio Iron Painter album...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Iron Painter Only 50 hours Away! RSVP here...

Our biggest hobby event EVER is right around the corner- 12 hours of painting madness that will hopefully result in some painted armies (at least a small one!). For those competing, pictures will be taken FYI. I'm writing an article about Legio Malaysia and wargaming clubs in general, and this event will be part of it. :)

Tomorrow night should be interesting as well. I imagine there will be at least a few people working on their Iron Painter prep, or Kindred models. That's certainly what I will be up to! How about you...?

Please RSVP here for tomorrow's Hobby Night. If you're interested in stopping by Legio on Saturday, and are not a member or an IP competitor, you need to email Legio Malaysia with your RSVP. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


Da Forgemaster

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RSVP in the Times of Hobby

As usual folks, please reply to this thread or email Legio Malaysia to get your name on the admission list for tomorrow's Hobby Night. Please do not use SMS, phone calls, carrier pigeons, or any other method to do this. Posting here or emailing allows all of the club officers easy access and a ready reference for the list. We appreciate your cooperation.

These are some seriously awesome hobby times for those of us who aren't into power gaming/list construction/"math hammer" and all the "rules" part of the hobby here at Legio Malaysia. With Iron Painter just around the corner, and Kindred soon after, we have two events that are all about the building and painting aspect of the hobby. Personally, this is my favorite part, and I'm excited to participate in both events. I imagine some folks tomorrow (like me) will be getting ready for either/both of these. If that's the case feel free to pull up a hobby chair and get crackin'. I know we might have some folks missing due to CNY, but the rest of you I have this question:

What are YOUR plans for tomorrow?



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Iron Painter

The time is almost at hand for the most ambitious hobby event we've ever dared to run- IRON PAINTER!

The following Iron Painter aspirants have accepted the challenge, and will be at their tables on Saturday, February 20th at 10 AM:

1. Jeff B.
2. Juan M.
3. Khairul E.
4. Iskazri I.
5. Iqbal R.
6. Alvin K.
7. Arzmi
8. Shazli M.
9. Stanley S.
10. Subhan A.
11. Dann T.

There are still 4 spots open for the event. If you have no idea what I'm referring to, please follow the link here for full contest details. Suffice it to say, it's a 12 hour endurance painting event that will sorely test the hobby abilities of all the competitors...

I look forward to seeing all the competitors there for the big show. Those not competing are welcome to come, but please make sure you don't disturb any of the competitors. There MAY be a couple of gaming tables set up, depending on final attendance. If there are, you are welcome to play on them. Anyone not competing in Iron Painter or not a club member needs to RSVP their attendance via email to Legio Malaysia. No other RSVP method will be accepted for the Saturday hobby session.

Thanks to all who have supported Iron Painter and have shown so much enthusiasm. I look forward to meeting you on the field! ;)


Monday, February 8, 2010

Kindred - 26 days to go !!!

Greetings all,

Just a friendly reminder that Legio's first official tournament for 2010 will be held next month, 6th March. Please remember that this event will be using Legio Hobby Tournament format so make sure your paintjob blows our minds away!

Also, 12th Feb which is this Friday..gasp.. is the dateline for you to submit your official army list. Both your partner's and your list; which equals two list for those who actually need things to be clearer. There will be no extension to this dateline. Really appreciate your cooperation on this guys.

So far we have 12 paid registered teams. They are, including t-shirt sizes :

1. Azlan XXL & Jeff XXL
2. Andy L & Juan L
3. Rizal XXL & Subhan M
4. Faizal L & Iqbal L
5. Iskazri XXL & Shazli XXL
6. Eric S & Kuok S
7. Shaz M & Emir L
8. Vinder L & Martin L
9. Alvin M & Joe M
10. Dann M & Ivan L
11. Johnny L & Christopher S
12. Edward M & Shaun M

I will be confirming these sizes to the printer this Friday so if there's any alterations please let me know. Any registrations after the 12th will not get a t-shirt.

@Faizal & Iqbal - are you guys in or out? T-shirts if you're out?

That's it guys. Happy burning those midnite oils getting your paintings done. I'm quite sure many of you are still behind schedule :)

Cheers all.

ps - Iron Painter is 2 weeks from today. Saturday 20th Feb. Good time to to get those Kindred models done.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Woohoo! RSVP Time Again!

It's that time of the week again! Reply to this thread to RSVP your attendance at tomorrow's Hobby Nite. Full names would be helpful. The Alaitoc Eldar, the Irish Guards and my yellow hobby box will be there. And if last week was any indication, tomorrow should be both a dice and hobby bash!
See you guys @ Hobby Nite.