Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Hari Raya! 'Id-Mubarak

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Hari Raya. We trust you will have a great time with friends and family and food. Amidst all the fun and festivities, please don't over-indulge - or risk the prevations of Slaanesh and the consequences of such (not just from Slaanesh, but also from the resulting Astartes cleansing mission that it would necessitate).

Have a safe journey home to your kampungs, home planet, rock, fungi, etc. Just be sure all appropriate Land Raider, Rhino, Chimera, Sdkfz 251's and Proton have received the local Tech-Magi's blessing and such relevant services, especially invoking the rites of engine oil, tyre thread, tyre pressure and fuel capacity.

The Legio will be closed on Raya week (i.e. no Hobby Nite on Friday 3rd October). Furious dice-rolling and hobbying at the Legio will resume the next Friday, 10th October. 'Id Mubarak.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friends + Food + Lotsa Good Hobby = Excellent Hobby Night!

I gotta admit the Buka Puasa Pot Luck Hobby Night last night was a tremendous success. We all thought that there won't be enough food - turns out there was all kinds - nasi tomato, oodles of beehoon, chicken, beef rendang, sambal, otak2, all kinds of kueh, fruit, drinks - we all kinda gorged out ourselves silly.

But Hobby Night started way before dinner. I managed to start assembling a Basilica Imperialis from the brilliant 40k city ruins set. That is one amazing building kit! I'm about 40% done right now, and can't wait to get it done. Saleem went to work on some terrain and his SoB.

The first games started an hour before dinner. My Eldar faced Jo's real cool Speed Freeks, and we had such a great game (with afore-mentioned dinner break after Turn 2), we had another one right after.

There were lots of furious dice-chucking going on, so much so that we had to break out the spare table and terrain (used only in emergencies - note to self: must bring/build more). There were some real interesting models on-table too. Some amazing-looking looted wagons, battlewagons, trukks and dethkoptas, a scratch-built Iron Warriors Land Raider, and there were lots of models from the excellent Black Reach box set too.

Man, that was excellent. Now I'm so looking forward to next Friday. See you guys at the Legio.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!!!

Last Friday's Hobby Night was a blast! I've been away too long, and it was difficult to decide what to bring - Eldar? Thousand Sons? FoW British? Should I do some terrain? ...

Eventually settled on my Eldar, and had my first-ever 40k 5th ed game vs 2000pts of Ultramarines (yes yes, pretty late, but I was away). And folks, this 5th ed thing is just amazing. All I can say is GW has done it again. Not only do the standard and quality of new models keep edging up, now even the game has improved tremendously. I don't want to sound too much like a free plug for GW, but it is what it is.

It's even got Saleem back into 40k. He who had forsaken the 41st millennium for the past 4 or 5 years was actually seen feverishly rolling dice with glee at the head of his mean Sisters of Battles army. One shudders to think what he'll do with his Salamanders.

It was definitely a 40k flavor for the night. I think it may be the first ever Hobby Night that saw only 40k games being played - Orks, bunch of Chaos armies, Necrons, the SoB, Eldar, Marines - without the usual mix of FoW, Warmachine and Fantasy battles going on.

Looking forward to next Friday. My painting table right now is a terrible mix of FoW British (just need to finish the basing), some Eldar, the amazing GW ruins set, and a whole bunch of Ravenwing. We'll see what I'll work on this week and what I bring to Hobby Night next week.

See you guys at the Legio.