Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Independence Day Hobby Night RSVP

Yes,  we're open for gaming this Friday night guys. And its gonna be a night to remember for sure!

First up, we have the first and only copy of Spartacus : A Game of Blood & Threachery boardgame in the whole of Asia :) And just how did we manage this incrediale feat you ask? Let's just say that they used a certain Legio officer's body shot for the cover art. The actor's head was photoshopped. You can tell if you look closely...

Secondly, the armies for next month's FoW early war campaign, Operation Case Yellow will be making their pre-war military exercises. Expect to see gliders and parachutes dropping onto the battlefields.

Third, we have inside information that a certain Faizal Sani will be coming. He's completed his tour of duty up north and it'll be great to see him again at Legio. If we're lucky, we might be able to see his superbly painted Night Lords army ;) still my beating heart...  Doc Selvam also said he will make it! I cannot and will not personally vouch for this cause he did ditch me a while back (hehe). But you just know that when the Doc's around things are gonna get preettttyyyy wilddd.
I'm pretty sure Doc will be spending all his gold when he sees the slaves at the market.

RSVP with full independence.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia and everyone!!!

Note : Legio will open at 6pm.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hobby Night 24th August RSVP

Fine gentlemen, Legio will be open tomorrow night for some dice rolling goodness. We will open at 7pm.

Please do not forget to RSVP here to inform us that you are coming. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Eve of Hari Raya RSVP

Yes, we're opening tonight as usual. For those who must have their weekly dose of hobby goodness  we're opening at 8pm.

For those already on their way back to kampung, we'd like to wish you a safe journey. Better late than never is the key phrase here guys. Unlike your alter ego, you do not have a 2+ armor save backed up by FNP.

Legio Malaysia wishes everyone a Very Happy and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.
Maaf zahir & batin :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Coming Soon: SPARTACUS!

That's right folks, this awesome game is finally going to see the light of day next month or in early October at the latest. For those of you who were lucky enough to participate in the Legio Malaysia playtest sessions, many thanks for your help in getting this game out. It's a really fun game and I'm sure it's going to be a hit. If you're interested in getting a copy for yourself, be sure to head to your local board game retailer and ask them about it!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

K3: The Ong Kindred

There's no denying that the Ong Kindred is the truest Kindred Champion as of date. No disrespect to the past champions, but this partnership shared the same genetic material. We've known Chris for quite some time now, but none of us knew that he had a wargaming brother before. This article/interview should provide some limelight to them. Well, you gotta know your champ folks!

When did both of you started to be involved in miniature wargaming?
Chris: I started way back in 2004.
Daniel: Somewhere in 2008.

We've known Chris for quite some time, but what has Daniel been up to till K3?
Chris: Daniel has always been behind the scenes, slowly building up his army; Tyranids at first then Chaos Space Marines. He has been gaming in UK, but not that frequent due to studies. When he came back in 2011, both of us started gaming at home. Then, slowly at Hobby Forge. Eventually I told him that he should join our local tournaments, with K3 being the first for him.
Daniel: What my bro said.

What is your approach towards building your K3 armies?
Daniel: Seriously, is there anything else than melee?
Chris: I always knew my brother's style of play was super fierce and it's all about melee. Plus, I wanted to use my Necrons since I haven't used them since 2004. So, with him being super melee, I've decided to take the support role by backing him up instead of trying to be the one taking the kills. I wanted him to be the one to do the pawning and this in return, will give him the confidence.

Which army(ies) are your favourites, and why?
Chris: My favourite army thus far is actually Chaos Daemons. The reason is the nature of them being super random, as being random gives much narrative and a good laugh in the end. Its not so much on who wins or looses but what happens in between
Daniel: I would have to say Tyranids, most definitely. For mostly that they are a tide of writhing claws and teeth as the fluff goes. The very idea of their numbers engulfing whole worlds and solar systems with sheer number is just...EPIC. Game/Hobby-wise, they look really awesome and there are more than enough bits to go around for all sorts of model experimentation. Painting them might be tedious though (swarm and all) but hey, their worth every second. Alternatively, I always fancied the idea of Chaos Space Marines and so I started one, but haven't gone too much into them just yet.

We have been hearing that both of you are entering the business side of the hobby with Tabletop Boutique. What is it actually all about? Strictly resin-casted bases or more?
Daniel: Correction. Not us, but let my bro tell you all about it.
Chris: Table Top Boutique is a one man army which I recently started in January 2012. My passion for miniature wargaming has evolved and it was that time I decide to start something that would support miniature wargaming as a whole.

Way before that, I started with creating foam blocks, the reason is I have quite a fair bit of model count on my 40k side and no storage for them. I did look into companies that sell cases but the prices doesn't seem to match. So I've decided to do my own research and make my own 'professional' troop transport. It's still WIP though but I've learnt that I can actually produce the same or better quality carry-cases as compared to those famous ones out there for only 1/3 of the price. Due to my day job, sourcing overseas and establishing proper business channels is a little tough but I hope to get something out by year end. Though during off peak seasons, I also make terrains as well.

Next came with themed bases. Initially I used to buy online but one day I thought to myself that I could also do it and so I tried. After a few attempts I decided to showcase it to some of my friends, receiving many positive feedback and comments. I decide to start learning to cast resin as it is crazy to make ~80 of the same bases for my troops. Resin casting is the way to go.

It was then that I met a group from Singapore called No Limits Gaming. By networking with them and realizing that they were organizing a tournament series in Singapore, I thought to myself, "Why don't I sponsor some of my bases for their tournament since it was a good way to see how my bases respond to the mass crowd?". Plus, it was also a good method to officially make TTB known of outside of Malaysia. They were looking for sponsors anyway, so it was a Win-Win situation. The respond was good and I even sold off all my bases. One thing lead to another and this lead me to network with other players, organizers & retailers in Singapore and TTB got a little bit more of popular. Now, I also do themed tables.

What can you tell us about your K3 gaming experience?
Daniel: Being the champion on my first real tournament, nothing can beat that!
Chris: I love it! As always the Kindred series always seem to surprise me through gaming and the hobby experience. The timing keeping was excellent, I was able to nerd-out all morning and still be back home in time to spend time with my daughter in the late afternoon and a good husband in the evening. At the end, everyone always go home happy with something.

K3 experience is great for everyone as it does not alienate amateurs from veterans, it brings everyone onto the same level. Still there's lots more room to improve on in the areas of communication, publicity and the system to improve the tournament ranking system to encourage a stronger competitive sport.

Any suggestions on how we can improve future Legio Malaysia events? 
Chris: l feel the tournament system can be improved on to encourage more competitive spirit. Because right now, everything seems too flat and there's no distinct ranking system. But, that's just my personal opinion.

Wow, I've said a lot! On my side, if the committee permits, I would like use FB as a social media platform to promote/manage future sanctioned 40k Legio tournaments - I know this because I do this for a living. LOL (I work in a digital solutions agency as the art director). Finally thanks for your time and interest with me, Daniel & TTB.
Champions flock together


We beg to differ though, thank YOU for spending your time for this short interview, and also the great feedbacks. Well everyone, that's Chris & Daniel, the current Kindred champion. Congratulations!

Speaking of which, here are the complete list of K3 winners (in no particular order):

Tournament Champions : Chris Ong & Daniel Ong
Best General Award : Alvin & Joe Soon
Best Sportsmanship Award : Carl & Boon Kin
People's Choice Award :  Kadir & Syamael
The Librarian Award : Edward & Billy Lee
Gallantry & Valor Award : Christopher Koh & Johnny Tai
Duty & Honor Award : Jake & Marcus
Blood & Sweat Award : Carl & Boon Kin
No Mercy Award : Edward & Billy Lee
Death Dealer Award : Hakim & Goh 
*Those in red are K3 Major awards.

And you can click on the Legio Photo Album tab for more pictures during the Birthday Bash. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

RSVP Time!

It's already that time of the week folks! Last week was a big night with the return of the WM/H crowd, as well as some Flames of War action to boot. I will be there with Pura as we both feverishly work to get our "Case Yellow" armies painted. How about YOU?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hobby Night 03/08/12

It was an astonishing night! Attendance was high, with three different wargames system being played. Contrary to what was the norm during Ramadhan Hobby Nights previously, 20+ wargamers led by the WM/H gang showed up to roll some dice. From 19pts Colossal units, to the brand new 40K 6th Edition, and to a less fictional Late War skirmish, everything was there.
The WM gang were rocking that night!!
 The WM/H group seems to be increasing as more players committed themselves to the game. Games were furious and intense, and the players were so into the game that we got lost track of time. By the time Hobby Night was closed, we even had a player left in the vicinity, locked up in the darkness. Sorry Dick, we thought everyone had vacated the facility.
Guess who won...
 Arzmi and me had our first taste of 6th Edition rules, pitting the Grey Knight Terminators against a Plague Marine army led by Typhus. If you've yet to play 6th Edition, all we can say is to throw your knowledge of 5th Edition rules out of the window as it's way different . The new rules were made to better reflect character heroism and epic storytelling of the battles being played; while the era of vehicle-spam will soon be forgotten. Death Star units and min-maxing will still be there, but with regards to the new missions, their threat level and usefulness has somehow been reduced. Have a go at the new rules and give us your comment about it.
No no no it doesn's reach....yes, it does....No..Yes...Yes ...No..Wanna take it outside?
 Next week, some players are planning to have some games with their FOW Early War armies in preparation for the Operation Case Yellow campaign. Rumours has it that Warhammer Fantasy might be played too, as a certain Empire general was enlightened after acquiring a new tome of combat. Until next Hobby Night, Ave Legio!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

RSVP Hobby Night 3rd August 2012

Wow time really does fly an Me-262 jet plane.

That time of the week again gents. Who's coming and who needs to get approval from home minister for some much needed bro time :)