Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Tank Aces campaign continues with the 2nd week of Round 1. Expect to see more tanks blown up by the nefarious German tank ace Hauptman Blitz. Though the allies suffered huge defeats to him, Lt No One of the US 7th Armored has something special planned for the rising German Ace.

I'm  itching for a proper game of FoW so will be bringing my US Para and German panzerspah if anyone wants a game of 1750.

So who's coming?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hobby Night 22/06/12

Last Hobby Night was originally slotted for Turn 6 of the Firestorm: Bagration campaign. Since the campaign ended victoriously for the Germans on Turn 5, the campaign organizers had something else in mind, which will revolutionize the standard of Legio Malaysia's future campaigns. Behold!

Picture Courtesy of Shukur @ Wolfen Lair
The medal above were received by most of the Bagration campaign participants. The medal color, the star, and the stripe; each has its own meaning. Of course, by simply participating in one or two games during campaign will not suffice as there are certain minimum requirements to receive this glorious medal. This will be the new standard to be used by us in our future campaigns. Pictured below are the first recipients of these glorious medals. There were four other wargamers (Azlan, Chang, Alvin, Syamael) that had met the requirements to receive these medals too, but they weren't able to attend last Hobby Night. To those guys mentioned above, please come next week to receive your honours.

L (Russians) to R (Germans): Pura, Shukur, Jeff, Khairul, Iqbal, Nahri, Tan
Last Hobby Night also kickstarted the Tank Aces mini campaign, and it will be managed by both Nahri and Iqbal. It's a crossover between skirmish games and role-playing games, and best of all, only tanks are allowed.

For this very first installment, we're adhering strictly to the rules as defined in the all-new Blood, Guts & Glory book. So, here are some campaign features:

1. Only Late War American and German lists are allowed (yes, any list from the Late War books)
2. Only tanks and anti-tank vehicles are allowed (it's Tank Aces, duh)
3. Create a cool name for your Ace!
4. Turn 1 will be a max of 500 points, followed by 750pts for Turn 2, and 900pts for Turn 3 (yes, it's somewhat similar to an escalation league)
5. Each game consists of 6-9 turns, which is somewhere between 20-50 minutes per game.
6. For each tank your Ace destroys, he'll get an upgrade skill. The more tanks he destroy, the more skillful he'll be!
7. An easy setting for new players to learn this game (we have some spare tanks to lend, but do treat them with respect, ok).
8. There's only one mission: destroy your opponents' tanks. (Survival of the Fittest!)
9. There are no limits on how many games you're allowed to play per turn. Just make sure you don't play the same opponent during the same turn.

Turn 1 has begun last week, and it'll be going on for two weeks. These are some snapshots of what has transpired during Turn 1.

Interested? Do join us on the next Hobby Night, we'll guide you on how to join this simple mini-campaign. Although, it'd be better if you download the Tank Aces record sheet beforehand.

Till then, Ave Legio!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hobby Night 22/6/2012 RSVP

A few things will be happening tomorrow night.

1. Legio Tank Aces campaign.
This week marks the beginning of this campaign. It will run for 3 weeks ending on 5th July. If you want in-depth detail on how the campaign works then you'll need to get the Bloods, Guts & Glory book. Or you can check here for the design notes.

Some details for those interested to join.
- LW German vs American tank or tank destroyer company only.
- 500 points for the first campaign turn.
- fully painted and WYSIWYG of course.
- download your Tank Aces Company here.
please fill in this sheet and bring it tomorrow.

You'll be playing on these 4x4 tables ;)

It's gonna fast and it's gonna be brutal!!
2. Operation Bagration post briefing.
There'll be a very simple and small ceremony where we celebrate those who helped paint firestorm troops and those who managed to get in the required minimum number of games.
Roll call as follows;
Firestorm painters
1. Jeff
2. Shukor
3. Pura
4. Alvin
5. Iqbal
6. Syameal
Gitty veterans
1. Tan
2. Nahri
3. Chang
4. Azlan

3. Plus there's sure to be some Warmachine goodness. Let's hope we also see some 40K action too.

Cheers guys.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hobby Night 15/06/12

It was an awesome Hobby Night, with 23 wargamers in attendance. A lot of hobbying goodness took place, but the highlight of the day will certainly be the Flames of War Firestorm: Bagration campaign.With only two turns left in the campaign, the Soviets were desperate to gain significant grounds. This was how the battlefield looked like.

As you can see, four attacks by the Soviets, all on vital German positions.

The Germans managed to retain Minsk but lost Orsha. On the other fronts however, things were looking bright...for the Germans! Pictured below are the battle and schematic maps on how Turn 5 ended.

The Soviet forces were divided into three segments, and their supply lines had been severely intercepted. Since there were no other way for the Soviets to score more points on Turn 6, it was mutually accepted by players from both sides that the campaign ends that night. So folks, history has definitely been re-written. Glory for the Third Reich!

Congrats to all the German players. A well played campaign. Kudos to the Soviets players who tried but just couldn't overcome the might of the third reich.

Well done to everyone for having a fully painted army for the campaign. For those who played more than four games, do drop by this hobby night ;)


That's not the only thing happening during Hobby Night. There was a Flames of War tutorial game and multiple Warmachine/Horde skirmishes that took place.

As mentioned earlier by Khairul, the 4th Legio Malaysia Birthday Bash (Kindred III and Golden Kris 2012) has been postponed to July 14th due to unforeseen circumstances. On the bright side, that means an additional two weeks for all of you to prepare your models for the event. Perhaps, those who were unable to attend on the initial date can now join the fun too.

We are also planning a Flames of War Tank Aces mini-campaign (US & Germans only) starting next week, and a Flames of War Early War Campaign (German-French-British) after Raya holidays. Come and join us!

Till next week, Ave Legio!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Golden Kris 2012 & Kindred 3 Re-scheduled

Due to unexpected production requirements at the Battlefront facility, these 2 events will have to be rescheduled to Saturday, 14th July 2012.

We regret all inconvenience caused and hope that everyone will understand that Legio Malaysia, as a gaming club,  has been very lucky in getting to use this space for past and future events at zero cost. Unfortunately, business requirement must take priority for the next 3 weeks.


Friday, June 15, 2012

RSVP and A Gentle 'Golden' Reminder

Turn 5 of the Firestorm: Bagration campaign will take place today!!. It'll be a dilemma for either side; Soviets whether to press the assault or safeguard their supply lines, and Germans whether continuing to defend or exploiting the weak Soviet defense.

The Warmachine/Horde gang will also be there, contemplating something interesting for the future. If this comes to fruition, the future looks bright for this  exciting game.

The ongoing War Without End is still in motion, with significant changes happening in the mid-tiers. Get a game with your fellow 40K wargamer and earn tokens to challenge those above you. There is only war, and it's never ending.

We'll also be around to collect the registration fee for Kindred III, that will be held on June 30th. We're going to finalize the event preparations soon, so do make sure that you complete the payment to book your place.

So, what are you waiting for? RSVP yourselves and join the fun!
See you there!


As a gentle reminder, Kindred III will not be the only event on June 30th. We are also organizing the Golden Kris, our annual premiere painting competition where all of Malaysia's (and Singapore's) finest miniature painters will battle it out for supremacy. The videos below showcased all the entries of the previous installments of Golden Kris from 2009 till 2011.

And for 2012, consider this as the official unveiling of the highly coveted trophies. Feast your eyes on these ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hobby Night 08/06/12

Legio Malaysia's 4th Birthday Bash is just three weeks away and we're organizing Kindred III and Golden Kris 2012 on the same day. It doesn't matter whether you're participating or not, do join us for our annual event. You definitely do not want to miss it.
(P/S: To K3 participants who have yet to pay the registration fee, please do so as soon as possible to confirm your participation. We need to make the necessary arrangements .)

Back to the Firestorm: Bagration campaign, the threat of Gulag cell proved to be an effective stimulant for the field commissars. Assault was continued on the weakened northern defenses and significant progress were made.

Turn 4 was a turn of mayhem and Soviet aggression, as a large portion of the German army were forced to defend. By end of turn four, this was how the map looked like.

Don't you guys agree that by now, the map was too cluttered and a bit difficult to identify each side's territories. In that case, take a look at the simplified version below.

The areas in red are the Soviets' territories, while the others belong to the Germans. As we can all see, while the northern advancement from the north is fantastic, things aren't looking too well back home for the Soviets. The fearless Panzergrenadier force has paved the way for a German counterattack. Furthermore, if the Soviets choose to ignore these little encroachments by the German, they might have their supply lines completely severed. Remember, there are still two more turns before the campaign ends.

Dilemma will be the theme for Turn 5. Stay tune for the next edition of Hobby Night recap, or better yet, do join us during the session itself.

As for Warmachine/Horde gang, some of the players are planning something interesting too, and it'd be cool if it was materialized. Lets see what are they up to as the plan slowly unfolds.

Till next week, Ave Legio!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

RSVP for Hobby Night 8th June

Tomorrow marks week 4 of the FoW Operation Bagration campaign.

Attendance for German Hauptmans would be nice but really on a needs to be basis.

Komrade Stalin already has a Gulag cell booked for each Soviet Kapitans. Those who attend gets one feet out the door. Win your battle and you will be greatly rewarded. Fail....

Plus there should be the weekly Warmachine mayhem being played. The hobby tables are always open to those who prefer to spend Friday nights relaxing while painting or building their latest projects.

Word of advise for the FoW campaigners, you do not want to miss the final two weeks ;)

RSVP with commitment.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hobby Night 01/06/12

After two turns of frustration and having many of their commissars executed for failing to rally their armies against the seemingly impenetrable defense, the Soviets have finally breached the German defense. Their perseverance in assault on all fronts has finally paid off as the Soviet cavalry has conquered Obal and exploited deeper into enemy territories. From the look of things, they're galloping straight to Minsk.

The similar can't be said for the southern part though. Despite the complete annihilation of a Panzerspahkompanie and the Tigerkompanie's incapability of stopping the advancement of a new Soviet reinforcement in the form of an IS-2 battalion, progress has not been good. The Germans' defense has been spread thin, but the Soviets were unable to capitalize on that advantage as a bold move by a single daring Panzergrenadier division has kept the Soviets at bay.  Despite being out of supply, two of the southern Soviet cities were now exposed to German assault by that lone Panzergrenadier division. Turn 4 is definitely going to be interesting, stay tune for more.

All in all, it was a fantastic Legio Hobby Night. 23 wargamers, in which 11 are WM/H players, attended the session. As a reminder, Kindred III and Golden Kris 2012 will be organized during Legio Malaysia's 4th Birthday Bash on the 30th of June. That's only four weeks away...are you ready?

Till next week, Ave Legio!