Saturday, October 31, 2009

Max Productive Hobby Nite!

That was an awesome Hobby Nite! Talk about being productive. Despite the horrendous rain-induced traffic jam, which caused everyone to arrive later than planned, I can safely say we did very well.

Jeff and his table-fabricating cohorts Ivan and Iqbal completely got 2 tables mounted, sanded and ready to be modeled on next week. I believe one of those new tables also got some extra things on it too (which shall remain a secret for now). They also completed the detailed planning for that table. Amazing effort!

I'm totally happy with what I managed to get done too. I finished painting the 3 new bastions (including the double-height one with lascannons in its 2nd storey firing ports), finished detailing 2 ruined buildings which I basecoated before the league kicked-off, and finished painting 2 pieces of scatter terrain that match the ruined temple on our dead-grass table. In between, Iqbal, Ivan, Faizal and I messed around with one of the MDF buildings and put it together in a dry run - it looks sweet!

On top of that, I managed to get my 6th league game in too! In the Annihilation battle vs Rizal's 5th Company Ultramarines on the city table, the Ravenwing narrowly won. It was a close-fought game throughout, and I was pretty lucky the game ended in turn 5 :) - the Ravenwing has been notorious this season for not being able to last much longer after turn 5.

The gaming was quieter than usual, but furious nonetheless. I saw Faizal's IG annihilate Alvin's Alpha Legion, before defeating Redeye's force. Alvin went on to take on Iqbal's Alpha Legion - and naturally fought to a draw. Joe's WE took on Iz' scary Orks, but I'm not sure how that game ended. Same with Doc's DE and Peter's Black Legion (featuring a brand-new Black Legion Rhino). And towards the end of the gaming, brothers Khairul and Arzmi finally turned up, having survived a drawn-out harlequin wedding.

Khairul and Iqbal each took home a couple of the MDF building kits to assemble at home, and Faizal took home a ruined building kit ... those should look good once assembled and painted (and perhaps embellished with the many Imperial building bitz we have at Legio). The night was just jam-packed for us, and by the time it was over, we actually skipped the traditional late-night drinks and went home, tired but totally happy. I lurv Hobby Nite!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

RSVP Thread... yee-ha!

It's that time of the week again! Drop a post here and let us know if you're coming tomorrow night. I don't know about the rest of you, but this week has been a blur of work and more work. I'm definitely looking forward to some hobby fun tomorrow and this weekend. Only two weeks left until the 40K league and the tourney...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

League Stats Update

I've just updated the stats, and as far as I know there is only one game outstanding. This game was between Ahmad Z. and Peter C. Peter, you are a naughty boy! You have not turned in results for this game. If I don't get them by tomorrow you may be sanctioned under league guidelines. Turn that result in NOW! :)

If there's a game you've been waiting for me to post and you don't see the results here, drop me a line and we'll get it sorted.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FAQ #1 Inquisition Wars Tournament

Like we did last year, we'll post up questions and answers relating to the upcoming 40K Legio Tournament. FYI These are decisions we've made for our events/activities, and should in no way stop you from doing your own thing in your own games. Having said that, here's the first two!

Does extra armor have to be repped on my vehicles?

Yes, absolutely! This is an easy conversion, and there are also armor kits available from Forge World. Extra armor needs to be clearly represented on your models, should you choose to use this option.

Does Commander Dante benefit from his own "Inspiring" rule?

Yes. As Dante is certainly within 12" of himself, he does indeed receive the benefits of this rule. Of course, this means there's not much use for the "master crafted" part of his axe. Remember, you can't re-roll a die twice! Hopefully we'll get a proper Blood Angels codex soon to fix this weird stuff! ;)

Do I have to tell my opponent what's inside my transport vehicles during the game?

Yes, folks need to declare what's inside transports if their opponent asks. While perhaps not the most "realistic", this does tend to save on hard feelings and confusion in games.

Until next time...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

... And Much Mayhem Was Had!

As an ominous darkness descends on Arenxis Minoris, eight furious campaign battles were fought. Faizal's IG beat back hordes of Doc's Dark Eldar, and further demolished Iqbal's Alpha Legionnairres. Arzmi's Daemonhunters crushed Jeff's Unclean. But there were severe reversals on the Imperium side. My Ravenwing had to ... um ... conduct several ... um ... tactical withdrawals in the face of overwhelming odds which included hordes of Iz' Orks, legions of Joe's Khorne Berzerkers and a sea of Paxter's Red Corsairs. Rizal's Ultramarines could not hold back Iz' Orks and Iqbal's Alpha Legion. Distinctively, Dann's and Khairul's Eldar were curiously missing from the action.

And so marks the final night of the campaign. As is custom, I shall leave the details to the good offices of the INN - though I heard that the offices of the The Aquila was burned and pillaged.

There was also some non-campaign action going on. Importantly, Kai turned up with lots of KFC chicken breasts!!! Din's BA returned from a long hiatus and went up red-on-red against Joe's WE. Syamael's Space Wolves made a show, and I can't recall if Ceiran brought his army out (but he did roll a'5' when my Ravenwing needed a '2').

I also managed to basecoat the 3 new bastions, and Jeff got started on materials for the Inquisition tournament. Next week will see lots of furious terrain-making!

And my special thanks to Jeff and the guys for the Purity Seal - this kind of surprise I like! And to top off everything, we all adjourned to Old Town after that to partake in much-needed post-battle food and refreshments! I lurv Hobby Nite!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

RSVP Thread- Last Night of the Campaign!

That's right folks, the Arenxis Minoris campaign is almost over, with tomorrow night's action being the last in the "regular season". If Chaos can't manage to end the night with 6 more tiles, we'll be playing a big Apocalypse battle in late November to decide the final outcome of the campaign. 'Ere we go...!

Tomorrow night almost marks the 40K League being halfway done (already??!!), with the start of Week 4. All games I'm aware of have been updated in the stats below, so if you think there's a game missing by all means please let me know.

So, who's coming? :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aquila 3 Is Up!

The latest news from Arenxis Minoris is online...


Monday, October 19, 2009

40K Tournament "Inquisition Wars" is Full!

That's right, we've filled all 26 spots in the tournament, and we even have our first reserve player ready to go. Many thanks to everyone for getting the signups done (mostly) on time. We're still accepting additional reserve players, so free to sign up if you wish. No money is required to get on the reserve list. Priority to take any emptied slot is based on a first come, first served basis.

Also, we will allow list changes to be made up to midnight, October 23rd (this Friday). After that whatever list we have on file for you is the one you must play.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ork Rising!

We're into Week 3 of the Arenxis Minoris campaign, and while I'll let the good people of the INN fill you in on the real news, I just have to say that Iz' Orks seems nigh unstoppable!

As is tradition now, the evening started quiet enough. I assembled the last bastion and was quite happy with it - double storey thing with lascannons instead of heavy bolters on the upper storey. Next week we'll start painting the 3 new bastions. Rizal helped greatly, turning up with a fully assembled and painted bastion.

Doc arrived early, and though we were both itching for a game, we both had "assigned" games already, and wanted to wait for that to happen first (we really should have rolled them dice!). Anyways, Alvin and Izwan turned up, and Jeff and Alvin promptly duked it out in a league game. Chaos on Chaos on the deserts of the Legio. It looked pretty bloody. Lim turned up out of nowhere! :) And so did Saleh. Nice to see old friends after awhile.

The escalation grew exponentially as Kadir showed up, he and his WE returning from the Warp after being trapped in a freakish warp storm for at least a twin century. Ceiran arrived, and I believe he took on Redeye later in the night. Iz arrived early, and we almost had a game, but it was to close to our scheduled games, so he proceeded to pound Faizal's IG in a bloody campaign battle. Shazli took on Peter in a league game, while Khairul's Saim Hann got butchered by Joe's WE. By this time it was hard to keep track of the action as tables were getting filled up (only one table was left - the one with my models on it :) ) and I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot of the action. I followed up last week's victory against the Alpha Legion by assaulting Iqbal's spaceport deep in Alpha Legion territory. That was a close run thing, and the Ravenwing barely squeezed through with a victory.

Another long lost return from the Warp after centuries was the Long Fang Syamael, complete with brand-new SW codex. I believe he took on Din's Eldar in a baptism of fire with his new book. Arzmi's Inquisitorial army pulled off 2 wins in a row - beating off Doc's DE and Paxter's Red Corsairs! Much welcome victories for the Imperium! Doc was truly having trouble with Land Raider-heavy Grey Knights as Jin held him to a draw in another league game. Dann and Jeff faced off in an intense campaign battle, and while the Unclean was on top for most of the battle, their plague zombie daemons couldn't hold on and broke in the final 7th turn!

The last 2 battles were epic, as Joe's WE defeated Rizal's 5th Company Ultramarines and took his river stronghold, and Khairul's Saim Hann totally swamped Iqbal's Alpha Legion in an impressive display of sorcery and speed!

Anyways, by the time the night ended, much dice were rolled, much beverage consumed, much hobby talk was had, and we were all happy and tired and just looking forward to next Hobby Nite! The Imperium had won more territory this week compared to previous turns. Lots of league games were had. We're fast running out of slots for the tournament as a bunch of guys registered. And the bastion network is starting to take shape!

I lurv Hobby Nite!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

RSVP Thread

It's already that time of the week- let us know if you're coming and we'll make sure to put you on the list... :)

I will certainly be there tomorrow, along with The Unclean and my lofty aspirations for a campaign/league win lol...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Issue 2 of the Aquila is up!

This one has more content, and details ALL of the campaign games that were fought Friday night. Just click on the animated Aquila banner to the right for your very own issue, straight off the presses!

For Imperial history buffs, we now have back issues of The Aquila available in our "Gaming Downloads" section.



The Imperium Strikes Back!!!

As is almost customary of my Hobby Nites of late, the evening started quietly enough. I assembled yet another bastion, as well as additional bits from the last one. I was about to start on the next one when the Doc descended ... and it was dice-time from then on!

My Ravenwing was utterly crushed by Doc's Dark Eldar, who proceeded to smash every single elite 2nd Company warrior on the table - in the graceful style that only the Eldar xenos could pull off. Picking up the pieces, the Ravenwing proceeded to take revenge on Iqbal's Alpha Legion, and scored the first win for the Dark Angels in this campaign and league.

I know Jeff had 2 games too - I heard he forced a draw against Jin's Grey Knights in a pure league game, but was crushed by Faizal's IG - go Imperium!!! Arzmi was having a tough nite, as his Inquisitorial army was routed by the rampaging Orks of the Clan Iz (will someone stop this guy already?), before facing yet another defeat by Joe's World Eaters of DOOOOM! Hmmm, we need to do something to bring the Emperor's light back to this Inquisitor. Khairul's Saim Hann avenged my Ravenwing and defeated Doc's marauding Dark Eldar, while the other xenos Eldar led by Dann struck deep into enemy territory and defeated Paxter's Red Corsairs.

The Imperium was ascendant last nite, and while they only won 4 of the 7 campaign battles fought, all 4 territories captured from Minthras' horde were valuable - 2 spaceports, a manufactorum, and a power generator. The Imperium lost only 2 tiles themselves.

There were other non-campaign league action as well, and I saw Shaz's Ultramarines give Ivan's Chaos a lesson in 40k. Redeye was on hand as well (thanks for the Cokes dude). And while all this was going on, Kai sat quietly hobbying away at the main hobby table (thanks for the chicken breasts dude).

After the last battles were fought, the campaigners (and non-campaigners too) gathered around the map to see how they had influenced the fate of Arenxis Minoris. The eldar xenos took some big risks by deciding to attempt territory captures deep into enemy territory. And as the last conquest dice were rolled, Faizal's team rejoiced as key positions were wrested from Chaos! Hail the Emperor!

I lurv Hobby Nite! Can't wait for next Friday, as I know the campaigners are gearing up for all-out war!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

RSVP Thread

Yes, it's already that time of the week, when folks post their intentions to come. Please note that only post on here if you actually will be here- we're not interested in "maybe". We like to know who's coming for a few reasons, and maybe's are not helpful and will not be considered an actual RSVP. People who continue to say they are coming and do not will be banned- you've been warned. Thanks for the cooperation :)

I know Arzmi and Khairul are coming, eager to be crushed by the forces of Chaos. Who else is up for a fun night of league and campaign play?

Tournament Pre-Registration

Just wanted to remind everyone who wishes to play in the upcoming "Inquisition Wars" 40K Tournament that pre-registration ends in one week. Anyone registering after this date will not receive the free tshirt, so get your registration completed by next Thursday, October 15th. There are still a few slots left, and this is the last 40K tournament of the year. Don't miss it!

For full rules, including registration requirements, please refer to the tournament rules pack:

Inquisition Wars Tournament Rules Pack



Saturday, October 3, 2009

Arenxis Burning!

What a helluva Hobby Nite! Despite having to waste the first precious hour on work (as in day-job), the kick-off of the Arenxis Minoris campaign and Season 3 of the 40k league was a total blast!

Jeff's Unclean was unveiled for the first time in all its stinky glory. Minthras' minions of multitudinous Nurglites faced off against Sammael's Ravenwing, who were intent on saving the souls of the Fallen. The double-header (both campaign and league game) was bitterly fought - both armies being elite, T5, fearless and had multiple Troops choices. In the end, the battle ended in a draw for the league, but turned out to be a moral victory for The Unclean. Jeff's dice-off won him the spaceport on Thessalonicus held by the Ravenwing.

Elsewhere, furious battles were being fought on Arenxis Minoris. And in each and every one, the forces of Chaos and their allies beat back the beleaguered Imperial forces. On Haides, Iz' scary Orks brushed aside Saim Hann resistance and captured Khairul's spaceport. But perhaps the most amazing feat was Iqbal's. In true Alpha Legion style, his Chaos Space Marine force infiltrated deep into enemy territory and captured the spaceport held by the Grey Knights, before repelling an Ultramarines counterattack, pushing back Rizal's 5th Company and capturing a ruins tile in the process. I can tell things are getting serious, as the Imperium players are starting to realize they need to work double hard to recover all the lost spaceports - and all gone in the very first week of the campaign! Tune into the next copy of the Aquila for more news, direct from the frontlines.

As is tradition, we recognized and presented the awards to Season 2's winners - Iz (league champion, purity seal), Arzmi (sportsmanship), Shazli (fanatic & marksman's honor) and myself (appearance) before resuming the frantic dice-rolling. Many pure league games (as opposed to league/campaign games) were fought, including Ivan's first-ever 40k game. Peter, Alvin, Subhan, Doc, Faizal, Redeye and all the folks were merrily and busily blasting, hacking and chucking dice and in general having a whale of a time. I even saw Alvin laying out Space Hulk tiles for some battles in the cold of space. And very special mention to Kai, who brought lots of chicken breasts, ate, shared, then got down to some serious hobbying at the hobby table. I even managed to assemble a bastion, in between hurling insults and abuse at Minthras' horde.

And on the very first Hobby Nite that people can register for the November 14th 40k tourney, 9 people registered. So if you want to be a contender at the Inquisition Wars on November 14th, DO NOT WAIT. There are only 17 slots left, and I know at least 8 of our friends in Singapore say they want to come.

I lurv Hobby Nite! And totally looking forward to next week! The Imperium will strike back (insert March of the Emperor here)!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

RSVP Thread

Well, people were so eager to RSVP that they started posting in our Flames of War thread! Well, here's the thread and the right place to do it!

Don't forget that tomorrow is the start of the 40K League AND the Arenxis Minoris campaign, so it's going to be a hot night. Also, at 9 PM we will be holding an awards ceremony for the Season 2 40K League winners, so try and get to Hobby Night before then so we can give them a proper Legio round of applause.

See you there!