Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's been an amazing first year so far for Legio, and we're totally looking forward to 2009 and all the hobby goodness coming our way.

From our little beginnings in April, through to a good showing at SporeCon in June, the mayhem of MOATAB, the 40k Legio Tournament and Season 1 of the 40k League, and the amazing gaming goodness every week at Hobby Night, I must say it's been a great trip thus far. All hail the 3 Purity Seal winners of 2008! All hail the other award-winners of 2008! All hail the participants to Legio events and activities! All hail all!!!

Here's to an incredible 2009! Look out for the FoW League, further seasons of the 40k League, tournaments for several game systems and our 1st Anniversary celebrations coming up in the next few months.

Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

All Hail the New League Champion!

After 4 weeks of slogging it out amidst countless armies on a thousand battlefields, when all is said and done, when the sound of battle and furious dice-rolling fades away, there can only be one Legio 40k League Champion for Season 1.

And that Champion, holder of the coveted Purity Seal of the Legio, is none other than Peter Cheah. All hail the Champion!

This is well-deserved, having had almost a dozen regular season games (a contender for the Fanatic Award), a top-4 LPA average, fully-painted and repped army, and then battling it out in the championships and the final game against another Chaos army (and against the elements).

The Purity Seal and the awards for Fanatic, Best Sportsmanship and Best Appearance will be given out at the ceremony to kick-off Season 2 in February. So stay tuned.

Congratulations to Peter, the award winners, the finalists and all who took part! It has been a blast taking part in this League. Looking forward to Season 2. See you guys then ...

... in the meantime, I'm breaking out my FoW Brits for the FoW League starting in a couple of weeks ...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

The Legio's first Christmas, and we've seen some pretty great gaming and hobbying in the past few months. Looking forward to the 40k League Season 1 Championships this Saturday. Should be a blast.

And don't forget that the Legio venue will not be open on 26th December, so there will be no Legio Hobby Night this Friday. We'll see you at the Legio on the first Friday of 2009. In the meantime, let's check out them Championships,

Saturday, December 20, 2008

40k League Season 1: End of Regular Season - On To The Championships!

It's been a hectic League month. Because of the short season, League players have been frantically getting games in with just about whomever who dares pick up the league challenge. We see people making all sorts of excuses to get in more gaming time, some of which actually make sense too ... ave Legio!

The last regular season dice have been rolled and the results have been tallied, and we end up with the regular season final standings at the bottom of this page. AND, we have the Final Four:

1. Chuah S.
2. Syamael
3. Peter C.
4. Nahri S. (Wild Card)

Azlan R. bowed out gracefully.

Chuah, remember that the League rules are clear that your models need to be fully painted and properly repped in order to actually make it to the Championships. If for any reason you can't make it, then we will pick the next in line in the standings to play in the Championships.

The Championships will be held at Comics Mart in Mid-Valley on Saturday 27th December, at 12:00 noon. The games will have a 2-hour time limit, and I will bring the scenarios that will be used.

With the end of the regular season, we've also found Season 1's Fanatic, Appearance and Sportsmanship winners, and they are ...

Legio 40k Season 1 Fanatic - Shazli M., with an amazing 15 games!!! ... the last of which was played and ended in time for the midnite deadline.

Legio 40k Season 1 Best Sportsmanship - Faizal S. ... proof that Chaos Space Marines are, deep down inside, really nice guys at heart.

Legio 40k Season 1 Best Appearance - Azlan R. ... gee, thanks guys.

Legio 40k Season 1 League Champion - find out on the 27th who will be crowned the first ever Legio league champion and thus win the coveted Purity Seal and have his named placed on the Legio Malaysia Hall of Fame plaque.

The awards will be presented at the awards ceremony during the kick-off of Season 2 in mid-February.

Anyways, it has been a blast! I hope you all had fun - I did! See you all on the 27th for the play-offs. I'll also be sharing a bit more about the Legio 2009 Calendar (which, btw, you can find below) ... good times!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Final Week!

Well, the regular season of our first ever league is drawing to a close. All confirmed stats that have been sent in have been updated. Please remember that at midnight this Friday, the regular season will end. No more league games may be played after this point. Any results reported after midnight will be discarded. At midnight, we will determine the top three league players, and confirm they have painted armies. We will also do the wild card draw then, and announce who is going into the finals via the blog. Good luck to all!

Friday, December 12, 2008

World War II Comes To Legio Malaysia!

2009 promises to be a HUGE year for Legio Malaysia and Flames of War! We've planned not only a league and a Legio Tournament for FoW, but also our first-ever campaign with the impending release of Firestorm: Bagration. It's gonna be awesome!

Our first venture into war-torn WWII Europe will be our first season of Flames of War league action. You'll need to submit a 1500 pt, Late War list to join The League- we'll start accepting them on January 9th, and you can start playing games on January 16th. There is no fee to join the Season 1 Flames of War League, and games may be played anywhere, not just at Hobby Nights!

For the Season 1 FoW rules packet, click here.

For the Flames of War Legio Results sheet, click here.

In addition, we're running the Flames of War "Firestorm: Bagration" campaign starting February 13th. More details will come very soon for what promises to be an awesome time.

Finally, we'd also like to bring your attention to the next Legio Tournament, which will be a 1500 point Flames of War Late War tournament to be held on Saturday, March 21st. Themed for the Eastern Front during Operation: Bagration, this tournament should be a great time for all comers. Again, full details and a rules packet will come very soon for this tournament.

We're thrilled to be able to support this outstanding game system for our membership and for other hobbyists in Malaysia. For those who haven't tried it, there hasn't been a better time to get involved!



Stats Update- New Leader!

Congrats to Chuah for shooting up to the top of the rankings with some decisive victories- nicely done! I've gotten some results, and updated a few games. However, the following games have NOT been added:

Azim, I need your results from your game with Chuah before I can post them up.

Harvinder, I need your results for the game you played against Azlan. I'll post your game up once I get those.

To clarify, folks, BOTH players must email in COMPLETE results as soon as possible- preferably within 24 hours of the game taking place. To avoid your results getting lost or misinterpreted, please email them in through the Legio Malaysia site. Do not email results via forums, Multiply private messages, or to other people like Azlan. It would make it a lot easier on us if all of the off-site game results were sent to one place.

It would also make things easier if everyone would please use the results form we posted at the beginning of the league. Click here to download a copy, and if at all possible report your results by filling out a soft copy of this and attaching it to your email through the Legio Malaysia site.

Your cooperation will make things a lot easier for us to properly tabulate accurate, timely results. We appreciate it! :)

Week 3 ends tonight folks, and tomorrow will start the 4th and final week of Season 1. Remember, all games MUST be completed and results turned in by Friday, December 19th at midnight. Once all of those results get compiled, we'll announce the top 3 regular season players, and we'll also let you all know who won the "Wild Card". We'll then make immediate arrangements for the finals at Hobby Night on December 26th!

Hopefully I'll see a lot of you tonight at Hobby Night!



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weekend League Stats Updated

All of the Week 2 games I've been told about have now been updated. Fortunately, both sides reported in for all games, and there were no discrepancies. Huzzah!

As you may have noticed with the league stats below, I've made a formatting change to make understanding current league standings a little easier. From this point forward, only those players who have current minimum games completed will be ranked. The minimum games number is equal to the current league week minus one. So, since we've started Week 3, everyone at this point should have already played 2 games to be current. Therefore, anyone with 2 or more games played will be ranked. Anyone with 1 game or less will not. However, if you're one of the "red" players, don't despair! As soon as you get caught up in your games, you'll be ranked.

We did this to avoid the scenario of someone playing one game, scoring a very high score (like a 19), and then not playing another one for the rest of the league. It's not fair to list them in 1st place over other players who are getting games in.

If anyone is confused about this and need more explanation, I'd be happy to explain to you. Just drop me an email and we'll get ya sorted!



Saturday, December 6, 2008

Awesome League Night

The action is still raging at Hobby Night: The Comics Mart Invasion! We've had a great time so far tonight- at one point we had to have a whopping seven tables set up for all the league games taking place. Stats are being updated as the games come through, so keep checking!

Also, please note that no more league lists will be accepted for entry into The League. Wong's Sisters of Battle are the last ones to join the fray. That makes 20 league players!

Get your game on!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Big Hobby Night- Bright Future

Well folks, tonight is a big Hobby Night for us. We've reached the midway point of The League, and thus far we've signed up an astonishing 18 players for Season 1. I'm thrilled that so many Legionnaires and other hobbyists have answered the call of battle!

As part of our budget planning for the 40K RTT, we've recycled two of the lava tables and turned them into grassland tables. Another one is scheduled for a "moonscape" makeover, and yet another will be terraformed into resembling the surface of Mars. After all, Mars is where my office is located! ;)

We've come a long way since our humble beginnings in May. I've met new players, made new friends, and have seen the miniatures hobby grow before my eyes. MOATaB and "Battle in the Eye of Terror" were two fun events that represent what Legio Malaysia is all about. Fun, great looking miniatures, and a spirit of fellowship and friendly competition. I'm proud to have been a part of them.

2009 holds even more for both our members and the hobby community as a whole. You'll see campaigns, leagues, tournaments, and even the first of an annual painting competition. More games like Flames of War and Warhammer will be featured in club events. In short, we have a slew of things that should get everyone's hobby juices flowing freely!

So, grab your minis, dice, and tape measure, and hang on for not only the second half of The League, but also for the future of Legio Malaysia. Wargaming never looked so good!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Only 3 Days Left to Join!

League action has been hot thus far, with several games already in the books. Believe it or not, Season 1 will be halfway done in three days! Remember, ANYONE who completes 4 league games and plays a fully painted army has a chance to be League Champion and earn the coveted Purity Seal. The more games you play, the better!

Being almost halfway done also brings us to another milestone- the end of signups. That's right, anyone interested in playing in The League who hasn't signed up yet needs to get it done NOW. At midnight this Friday, Legio Malaysia will no longer be accepting new entries into Season 1. So, don't wait- join today. You can either show up Friday night and turn in your list, or you can email us through the Legio Malaysia site. If you're a 40K enthusiast and enjoy playing, don't miss out on this historic first season. It's fun, and it's free!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Site Update- Driving Directions

Hey folks,

Now, when I first launched this site back in May, the Wikimapia area map seemed like a good idea. Admittedly however, it's not the most useful thing. I admit it!

So, I've changed the link on the right to bring up an area map that should be a little more helpful as far as driving directions go. Over the next 24 hours we're going to add some more details and street names, so stay tuned.



News flash! GC 40K RTT pushed back 1 week

That's right, Legionnaires, Richard has pushed back his first Grand Prix 40K Tournament back from Dec 13th to the 20th. Why, you might ask? He wants to give everyone another week of planning, hobbying, or other mayhem before the tourney rears its mighty head.

So, if you're planning ahead you have a week's reprieve. If you know you're going to go, be a pal and get in touch with Richard.



Monday, December 1, 2008

Flames of War Figure Cases Coming!

I don't know about you, but I've wanted to have a figure case with compartments specifically designed for Flames of War miniatures and tanks. As I understand it, a company called "Feldherr" offers carrying cases are available in a soft case/backpack, as well as a more traditional hard case. According to Imagine Games, both cases feature customizable foam trays specifically designed for the Flames of War miniatures range. Imagine Games is bringing these into Malaysia, so be sure to email Imagine Games if you're interested in grabbing one of these bags!

Weekend Stats Updated

Howdy folks,

After a nice vacation away with my lovely wife, I'm back in the hobby mix with the latest update of league scores. After a relatively quiet first week, there were a slew of games played over the weekend. Awesome! However, we are still missing some results from matches. Remember, when you choose to play games offsite, BOTH SIDES must email in the match results. This must be done within 1 week, or the match will be disqualified from league consideration. Here are the results we're waiting on. If they are not turned in or emailed in by the end of the night Friday, these matches will be stricken from the records:

Peter C, you have not emailed in the results from your matches with Tay J. and Raymond.

Tay and Raymond, I highly suggest you cajole, threaten, or otherwise motivate Peter to get those stats in! :) Peter- please don't forget to include Sportsmanship and Appearance scores for the previously mentioned matches.

Also, note that if your name in the stats below appears in green, that means that you qualify for entry in to the league finals with a fully painted army and 4 games played. If your name is in white, that means you have played enough games to be current in the league (at this time 1 game). If your name appears in red, that means you are behind in games and you need to get some played!

I'm very glad to see all the league action, particularly from our outstation brothers at Comics Mart. After all, we're all one big hobby community, regardless of where we play, or who we hang out with.