Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hail Malekith! Alvin Wins Throwdown III!

Congratulations to Alvin Khaw for winning last night's Army General Throwdown with his excellent Dreadlord! Attendance was high and the competition close. Here are the remaining entries!

Chaos Ascendant! Tied for second place in the voting were Iqbal's Archaon and Carl's Lord of Tzeentch. Both were very well painted, and feature a seksi winter basing scheme.

Tied for third place were Ken's Dark Elf Sorceress and my own entry, a Beastmen Beastlord.

The remaining entries, in no particular order....

Khairul's Skaven Queek Headtaker

Darren's Lizardmen Chakrax

Arzmi's Empire Celestial Wizard. Is it me, or does he look a bit like Ian McKellen...?

Faizal's Vampire Counts Ghoul King

Patrick's High Elf Sorcerer

Stephane's Dark Elf Sorceress. Old School Cool!

Well done everyone! We'll see you all in two weeks for our second 'Core' throwdown. Until then, GET PAINTING!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's Hobby Time Again!

It's that time of the week again when glorious, Legio Malaysia hobby is knocking at the door. In addition to standard gaming and hobby action, tomorrow night's Hobby Night will also feature the third painting challenge and vote of the Legio Army Throwdown II: Warhammer Army Painting Challenge.

For this throwdown participants are required to bring their fully painted Army General. Out of all 8 throwdown challenges, this one is by far the easiest as you only need one model! Attendance tomorrow night should be at 100%- if you have signed up and don't make this one, you're nuts!

In particular, we strongly urge the following people to show up tomorrow night. Everyone on this list has failed to make even one entry thus far, despite painting having started way back on October 8th! If you find your name on this list, you really need to get to Hobby Night tomorrow with your painted Army General!

Hafizhu Rodzali
Jo Tan
Stephane Porquier
Dann Toh
Faizal Azlan
Rizal Abdullah
Ken Khang

If you guys miss this one, you'll have to make 4 out of the final 5 challenges to qualify for the finals. We'd hate to see you guys miss out, so please come!

For the rest of our intrepid competitors, who's going to win tomorrow's vote? Last throwdown was won by Arzmi Bakar and his gorgeous Empire Pistoliers. Who's next....?

So come on down for some great hobby! For those not in the challenge, don't forget to come check it out and cast your vote for your favorite Army General entry.

See you there!