Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hail Malekith! Alvin Wins Throwdown III!

Congratulations to Alvin Khaw for winning last night's Army General Throwdown with his excellent Dreadlord! Attendance was high and the competition close. Here are the remaining entries!

Chaos Ascendant! Tied for second place in the voting were Iqbal's Archaon and Carl's Lord of Tzeentch. Both were very well painted, and feature a seksi winter basing scheme.

Tied for third place were Ken's Dark Elf Sorceress and my own entry, a Beastmen Beastlord.

The remaining entries, in no particular order....

Khairul's Skaven Queek Headtaker

Darren's Lizardmen Chakrax

Arzmi's Empire Celestial Wizard. Is it me, or does he look a bit like Ian McKellen...?

Faizal's Vampire Counts Ghoul King

Patrick's High Elf Sorcerer

Stephane's Dark Elf Sorceress. Old School Cool!

Well done everyone! We'll see you all in two weeks for our second 'Core' throwdown. Until then, GET PAINTING!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's Hobby Time Again!

It's that time of the week again when glorious, Legio Malaysia hobby is knocking at the door. In addition to standard gaming and hobby action, tomorrow night's Hobby Night will also feature the third painting challenge and vote of the Legio Army Throwdown II: Warhammer Army Painting Challenge.

For this throwdown participants are required to bring their fully painted Army General. Out of all 8 throwdown challenges, this one is by far the easiest as you only need one model! Attendance tomorrow night should be at 100%- if you have signed up and don't make this one, you're nuts!

In particular, we strongly urge the following people to show up tomorrow night. Everyone on this list has failed to make even one entry thus far, despite painting having started way back on October 8th! If you find your name on this list, you really need to get to Hobby Night tomorrow with your painted Army General!

Hafizhu Rodzali
Jo Tan
Stephane Porquier
Dann Toh
Faizal Azlan
Rizal Abdullah
Ken Khang

If you guys miss this one, you'll have to make 4 out of the final 5 challenges to qualify for the finals. We'd hate to see you guys miss out, so please come!

For the rest of our intrepid competitors, who's going to win tomorrow's vote? Last throwdown was won by Arzmi Bakar and his gorgeous Empire Pistoliers. Who's next....?

So come on down for some great hobby! For those not in the challenge, don't forget to come check it out and cast your vote for your favorite Army General entry.

See you there!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hobby Night RSVP 22 November 2014

It's grilling time at Legio for tomorrow's Hobby Night! And delicious extreme burgers and hot dogs are on the menu folks.
For everyone who have signed up to join our feast, grilling will start at around 8.15 and we expect to finish around 9pm. So if you want your food fresh and hot you need to be there around this time.

Also up is the Special choice fantasy throwdown. All participants are reminded to bring their models by 9pm as judging will start then and finish at 10pm.

Itl's going to be a BLAST!!! Rsvp here if you're coming :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wrath of the Omnissiah 40K Tournament CANCELLED


Wrath of the Omnissiah 40K Tournament CANCELLED

Howdy Folks,

After careful consideration, circumstances have led us to decide to cancel our Warhammer 40,000 tournament scheduled for December 14th. Given the high amount of 40K tournament activity over the last month in the Klang Valley area, we feel that we might be better off giving our community a bit of a breather!

The good news is that this is going to open up an opportunity for us to run our second Warhammer tournament early next year. We have tentatively scheduled this tournament on Saturday, March 8th. This is one week after the completion of our Legio Army Throwdown at the end of February. We're thinking of putting the points for this somewhere in the 2000-2500 points range. We'll create a Facebook event page for this, and we encourage anyone interested in attending to give us your feedback on what points level we should do this at.

We hope no one is too terribly inconvenienced by this cancellation. Many thanks for the hobby community's continued support, and we look forward to bringing you all more of the very best in hobby events and activities in the future.


Monday, November 18, 2013

This Friday at the Forge.. Dice, Games, Minis, and.... Burgers??!!


In consideration of both the upcoming Ascension tourney as well as our second Throwdown coming up, we thought it might be fun to have a festive Friday Hobby Night and bring down our grills for some cookout burgers and dogs!

Anyone coming to Hobby Night this Friday has the next TWO DAYS AND TWO DAYS ONLY to put in and pay for your own freshly grilled beefburgers, cheeseburgers, or hot dogs done up by Jeff Brooks and Khairul Effendy. Burgers are RM10.00 each and hot dogs RM 5 each. Buns are being baked just for us by the French bakery L'EpiD'or downstairs, and they are going to be great!

Funds are payable directly to Hobby Forge staff, Jeff Brooks, or Khairul Effendy. Orders must be placed and paid for no later than the end of the day tomorrow if you're interested.

See you Friday at Hobby Forge! :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's Almost Time for Iron Painter!

Hola hobby amigos!

In anticipation of this week's Iron Painter competition, I thought I'd repost some advice I gave out years ago when we ran our first Iron Painter back in 2008. For those who've never done it before, it's tough! Have a read, and use what you can. It's going to be a blast!!


First, let’s start with the army you’ll be painting. The most common problem with past competitors is that they didn’t bring a LEGAL army. A big part of the idea behind Iron Painter is to get something done that you can use on the tabletop by itself. So, if you decided to compete with a Warhammer army, you better make sure you’re painting an army general and sufficient Core choices from your chosen army. If you don’t have those things, your army isn’t legal! Remember that you need to have at least 30 models. Do up an army list for yourself and make it easy to prove that you meet the mark.

Now, let’s get on to the practical side of painting. Use the time you have before the Iron Painter wisely. Clean all the flash and mold lines off your models, and assemble them nicely. If you plan to glue sand on the bases, do so before you spray prime them. When you prime them, make sure you get every crack and crevice of EVERY model. Set yourself up to be as successful as possible- SAVE TIME AND ENERGY.

When the bell rings at 10:00 AM Saturday, be sure to get crackin’ and keep crackin’. Know beforehand how you’re going to paint your army- don’t wait until that day to figure out a color scheme. While you’re painting, be thinking of the next step so you waste as little time as possible. Get up every few hours and take a short break. Walk around a little bit. Check out the competition. Get some fresh air. Then, get back to work!

I strongly recommend that you paint your General, Command HQ, or HQ choice first if you want it to look good. Your mind will still be fresh. Your best painting is only going to last the first 6 to 10 hours or so unless you have inhuman mental endurance. Take advantage of that “good time” and paint the difficult stuff right off the bat. Save the block painting for when your mind turns to mush at 5:00 AM Sunday.

Finally, I have a list of things that experienced Iron Painters tended to bring with them in the past. Read through this and make sure you bring what you’re going to need (other than your army and standard hobby supplies!).

• music player with headphones
• Charger/batteries for your MP3/music source
• Portable lamp that clamps on to any table
• Your favorite snacks and energy drinks
• Seat cushion (if you have a hard time sitting for extended periods)
• Pillow to catch a cat nap on the floor

Finishing an Iron Painter is like finishing a marathon. Make no mistake- this is not an easy thing to do with any degree of skill. Fatigue will smite you without a doubt. The average Iron Painter contests I've run in the past had a whopping 75% dropout/failure to complete rate. Grind it out. Keep putting forward effort no matter what. The feeling you get by finishing something that hard is well worth the lack of sleep. Remember, you’ve got the rest of Sunday to fall into a painting induced coma!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

RSVP for Hobby Night & Fantasy Army Throwdown

First up, we'd like to announce that Legio Malaysia have shifted from Battlefront Miniatures' office to the new Hobby Forge. Due to space constraints that we were and are still currently facing at the factory, we knew that we needed to shift Legio to a new location. This location had to be spacious enough for us to hold our regular Hobby Nights, events & tournaments and more importantly allow our tables to be laid out at all times thus protecting them from damages.

We're sure all of you will agree that the new Hobby Forge fits all these requirements and more. So please join us in thanking Alvin Khaw, the owner of Hobby Forge for kindly allowing us to shift Legio Malaysia's base there. Thank you dude.

Secondly, our Fantasy Army Throwdown : Core unit will be held tomorrow during Hobby Night. For everyone who have joined us in this painting madness, you will need to bring your completed Core unit. All entries must be displayed by 9pm. Those who bring their entries late at 9.01pm onward will not be eligible for voting so please come early. 
Voting will start from 9-10pm and is open to everyone who comes for Hobby Night. So even if you're not taking part, we'd appreciate if you can come to support and vote :)
Just in case you missed the first part of this post, the Throwdown will be held at Hobby Forge. Do not go to Battlefront Miniatures tomorrow night! Only zombies and ghouls will be there. 

Thirdly, our annual year end event will be held on Saturday, 14th of December. Wrath of the Ommissiah will a 1850 points Warhammer 40K tournament. The rulespack is already out. Just click on the banner above for details. We are having 20 participants for the event so please sign up quickly to confirm your entry. Be prepared for devastating steel rain from above!!! You cannot hide....

Fourthly, our Iron Painter event will be held next Saturday until Sunday. Again please click on the banner above for more details. No limit for participants so come join us :)

Lastly, since we're now based at Hobby Forge, you don't really need to RSVP here for your attendance but we'd like to keep the tradition alive. 

We've been based at Battlefront for 6 long years....Ave Legio!!!

Wow, that was a long post. RSVP here if you're coming.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Spartan Games 40K Tournament Announcement

Without any further ado, here's the full scoop from Harvinder, the TO himself!

Greeting Generals!

Spartan Games Arena is proud to announce our first ever upcoming 40k
Tourney "Ascension", so gear up boyz, its that time again to prime
your bolters, lucky dices and use that kunnin strategy. Its a 1,500
points warhammer 40k tournament. Participation is open for 20 players
(*one on one battle). For those who survive and ascend to the helm,
ranking will be for the 1, 2 & 3rd place winner, best sportsmanship,
best painted army and prizes/ certificates for consolation winners.

1st place winner shall be honoured with the Spartan Trophy Cup and
you'll get your name emboss in here's a chance to leave a
legacy boyz.

The tournament will be held at Spartan Games Arena itself on 24th
November 2013-9.00am to 5.00pm. Registration is open now and closing
date for it will be on 10 November 2013, submission of all army list
must be done before 10 November 2013 guys. Registration fee is RM30
per entry for each player, all participants will received a goodie bag
(*freebies!!) and an official tourney t-shirt. We are finalizing the
main prizes and other freebies with the main distributer and sponsors
(*to give you boyz a better prize support). For those who have paid
and failed to show up or cancelled on last minute, sorry you wont get
any freebies and NO REFUNDS guys if you can't make it. More to come on
the updates for the tournament rules.

For submission of your tournament army list, please mail us at:, or contact us directly at:

Spartan Games Arena
Block 3C, No. 32-1,
Jalan Wangsa Delima 11,
Wangsa Link, Wangsa Maju,
53300, Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: +603.4141.66.76

+016.668.55.23 (Khaled)
+ (Nik)
+012.697.67.45 (Alvin)
+016.693.53.57 (Vinder)

Friday, October 11, 2013

RSVP Thread- Hobby Forge Grand Opening Legio Tournament

It is a fantastic time to be a hobbyist in Malaysia!

Earlier this year we got to see a new shop open up, Wira Games and Hobbies. Friendly staff, wargaming supplies, opening hours, AND wargaming tables are all of offer there. If you haven't visited, you really need to. Be sure to ask about their Warhammer League!

Last night, the familiar Hobby Forge shop announced their relocation to new digs. Sounds like great news as well, especially since a little birdie has told Legio Malaysia that they will have TEN wargaming tables set up full time. Nice!

So, to break these tables in properly Legio Malaysia is pleased to announce we are running a Grand Opening 'Force Recon' 40K Tournament. This will be a standard Legio format, FOUR round, 1000 point bash held at their grand opening on October 26th. Rules pack will be available within the next couple of days (we only learned about this recently ourselves!), but for you veterans out there you can expect a pretty familiar layout. Armies will need to be fully rep, fully painted. The cost to sign up will be RM 20, and this will include an awesome t-shirt to commemorate  your participation in the new Hobby Forge's first ever event. With the low points value this should be easy to cobble together a painted army, and games will be fast and furious! There are only 20 spots available, and signups start TODAY. You'll need to provide us:

1. Your name
2. Your army list
3. Your t-shirt size
4. RM 20

Once that's done you'll be all set. We expect spots to go quickly, so please don't delay if you're interested! You can pass your registration details and cash to the staff of Hobby Forge or to any Legio Malaysia officer.

As far as tonight goes, I'm guessing there will be several of us there painting Warhammer models, as our Legio Army Throwdown II: Warhammer is in full swing. Do join us- post up here and let us know you're coming. Tables will be available for both gaming and painting- we'd love to see you!

Edit: Rules pack all done- here's the link!

Second Edit: Please note that we will be closing early tonight- 10 PM. We will be packing up tables and terrain for transport and need to get it done early. Thanks for your understanding!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 can start painting!!!

It's October the 8th so Legio's Army Throwdown II : Warhammer officially starts! You can start painting your respective armies beginning today. This time we have 16 brave souls joining us for this painting madness! They are in no particular order :

Jeff Brooks - Beastmen
Khairul Effendy - Skaven
Mohamad Faizal - Vampire Counts
Jo Tan - High Elves
Stephane Porquier - Dark Elves
Hafizhu Rodzali - Bretonnians
Arzmi - Empire
Yee Fong Chang - Empire
Dann Toh - Dark Elves
Alvin Khaw - Lizardmen
Kenneth - Lizardmen
Carl Lum - Warriors of Chaos
Iqbal Rahim - Warriors of Chaos
Patrick Ong - Warriors of Chaos
Paxter - Warriors of Chaos
Rizal - Orcs & Goblins
* if you've registered and I've left your name out please post on the comment box below. I'll update the list.

Below is the Throwdown schedule and we highly recommend that you follow it to qualify for each rounds.
November 8th - Core
November 22nd - Special
December 6th - Army General
December 20th - Core
January 3rd - Rare
January 17th Wild Card ( any previously undisplayed choice from your army)
January 31st Wild Card
February 14 - Wild Card

All the best to everyone! Looking forward to seeing your progress :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

RSVP for this week's Hobby Night

The clock continues ticking and the day is getting nearer. Only 5 days left before our Fantasy Army Throwdown starts. Participants can officially start painting next Tuesday, 8th October. So join us again this Friday night for some frantic cutting and sanding and gluing and priming madness.

If you've already registered but not submitted an army list, please do so before Tuesday.

Gaming table are always open. Anyone up for Saga or Ronin?

RSVP below if you're coming.     The Beastmen are coming....

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hobby Night 27th Sept RSVP

It's that time of the week again. When mighty battles are fought and even mightier boasts are made. As we mentioned last week, our Legio Army Throwdown (Warhammer) will be starting next month. I'm sure the hobby tables will be filled with guys preparing their army for the hectic painting that is to come.

Of course our gaming tables are always open for those who want to game. Plus we heard through the grapevine that the man himself, Mr. TJ, GW Asia rep will honor us with his presence tomorrow night (hope he doesn't cancels at the last second...).

So join us and RSVP below.     The Dark Elves are coming.....

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

RSVP in the Land of Warhammer

'Land of Warhammer?' you say? Yes, a resounding YES! We've got not one but TWO Warhammer activities starting soon in the Klang Valley area. First is a Warhammer Fantasy league being run by the brand new shop Wira Games and Hobbies.

As many of you already know, they are running a Warhammer league starting next month. It begins on October 8th, and finishes up on December 7th with the League Championships. For more information on how you can join this league and play some games of Warhammer, check out the league page.

On the Legio Malaysia side of things, we are running our second 'Legio Army Throwdown', and this time it's Warhammer! Registration starts NOW, and entrants are allowed to start painting their army on October 8th. The first throwdown (Core army choice) will be held on Friday, November 8th at Hobby Night. The rules for this throwdown are a bit different this time around, so be sure to check out the rules pack here. The biggest change is that armies this time around must begin unpainted- no models may be painted other than with white, grey, or black primer coats. This one is from scratch!

Late Addition

Looks like Spartan Games Arena is going to try their hand again at running some Warhammer goodness. They have posted up a league/campaign hybrid scheduled to run from September 27th to November 1st. Sounds like a hoot, so check out the event page listing and see if there's a spot for you!

So, post up here and let us know if you're coming Friday night. I'll be there painting my Avenging Sons Space Marines- feel free to pull up a chair and share your best painting tips!

Friday, September 13, 2013

No Hobby Night Today- Enjoy Malaysia Day Weekend!

As usual with three day weekends, Legio Malaysia will NOT be opening up today. However, we will be back in action next week. I'll be on the hobby tables painting Space Marines next Friday for sure, and I hope to see you guys there as well.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Chaos Fleet of Lord Minthras is close to tracking down and capturing priceless Mechanicum secrets for his fleet and armies. Only the Imperial fleets led by Commanders Khairul and Mark have a chance to stop him. Tonight is the last night, so get those games in!

As always other hobby is most welcome- post up here and let us know you're coming!

Looks like due to lack of attendance we're going to have to cancel tonight. Sorry about that, but we'll be back at it next week. Event announcements for upcoming hobby events and our yearly Grand Tournament will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

'Pestilent Fury' Destroyed in Battle of Corilia!

In a hard fought battle over the Chaos-held Corilia system, Task Force Farquhar dealt a blow to the Chaos war fleet of Lord Minthras by destroying the Murder class cruiser 'Pestilent Fury' with all hands. However, despite this loss and the destruction of the infamous 'Deathdealer' squadron of Iconoclast raiders, Lord Minthras managed to inflict his own damage as well. The Imperial cruisers 'Intrepid' and 'Fearless' were both destroyed, as well as a squadron of Sword class frigates. With his fleet severely damaged and in an unfavorable position, Commander Farquhar was left with no choice but to withdraw his attack and preserve his fleet for the coming fight. This left Corilia and its hive worlds still under the thrall of Chaos....

We're halfway through the 'Lords of Mars' Battlefleet Gothic campaign, with more action to come! Whether you're playing in the campaign or not, we'd love to have you over tomorrow for a great night of miniatures hobby. RSVP here and let us know you're coming. As always you're welcome to bring friends, but please let us know their names :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

'Agrippa' Lost With All Hands! In Other Words, RSVP Time!

Last week, the "Lords of Mars" Battlefleet Gothic campaign kicked off in grand style! My Chaos fleet raided the Thera system, which was protected by Khairul's Imperial fleet. After a tough battle, Chaos bombers and assault pods managed to destroy the Agrippa, a Lunar class Imperial cruiser. After this happened, the Imperial fleet withdrew from the system and thus secured a Chaos victory.

Turn Two (of four) takes place tomorrow. Who will come with their fleet? What other hobby will transpire? Post up here and tell us all about it!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We are BACK! RSVP Time

After a lovely Ramadan break, Legio Malaysia resumes hobby madness this Friday night. We will be getting setup and games started for our "Lords of Mars" Battlefleet Gothic campaign, and we'll also have plenty more tables and hobby room for other wargaming action. Post up here and let us know if you're coming- it's good to be back...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kill Team: Final Mission Recap

And so last Friday saw the final games of the Kill Team Campaign. The last mission had three objectives, assassinate the Tech Priest Dr Hix before he escaped the base, capture the Bio Priest Dr Luther and prevent a group of missiles from being fired from the base. They had an engineer with them to stop the missile countdown and also had to deal with the IG guards on the base. Four teams were there to play, Azlan – Mad Donna, Faizal – Space Wolves, Subhan - Demons and Shukor - Black Templers.

First up was the Space Wolves, who had recovered from the bad luck they had last week and charged into the base. They were we aware of what Dr Luther could do, so they made sure that he was a priority and took him down the first chance they had. They also stopped the missile countdown successfully. But unfortunately they weren't quick enough to stop Dr Hix jumping in a transport and getting away. Two objectives done and one failed.

Next Mad Donna took up the roll of attacked. Learning from the strategy that the Space Wolves took, she sent a large squad with the engineer to stop the missile countdown and with some many body guards he had no problem stopping the missiles. After Mad Donna’s girls had taken Dr Luther down, Mad Donna herself personally wanted to deal with Dr Hix. Unfortunately she got a plasma pistol in the face for her troubles and Dr Hix escaped. Two objectives done and one failed.

Meanwhile over on the other table the Demons were just starting their attack. This looked like it was going to be a quick game with so many demons running around. First they wrecked the vehicles so that Dr Hix couldn't use the vehicles to escape. Then chased him around the board until they cornered him and cut him down. Then they took out Dr Luther. Finally they stopped the missile countdown – but the poor engineer must have been terrified being surrounded by all the Demons. All three objectives complete and full points!

And last to go was the brave Black Templers. The Templers had a small team of men, so they were going to find it difficult to take on all three objectives. They concentrated their effort on Dr Hix first and escorting the engineer to the missiles. They were well aware of how devastating Dr Luther could be, but they focused on Dr Hix first. Unfortunately for them he made it to a vehicle and although they fired everything they could at him they just had no luck hitting him and he escaped. So, they took their frustration out on Dr Luther and beat him to a pulp! They also managed to stop the missiles from being launched. Two objectives and one failed.

So here is the final scores.

Subhan 123pts
Faizal 75pts
Shukor 45pts
Hass 40pts
Azlan 30pts
Nahri 20pts
Jeff 15pts

Congratulations to Subhan who played all 4 weeks and all 5 missions.

- By Mark Smith

Thursday, July 4, 2013

RSVP Time! Last Hobby Night before Ramadan

Time to post up and let us know if you're coming, folks! Tomorrow night we'll be holding a 'Captain's Briefing' from 7 to 10 to support our upcoming 'Lords of Mars' Battlefleet Gothic campaign. We'll have a table and two small fleets set up as a demo/refresher for the Battlefleet Gothic rules for anyone who wishes to attend. Campaign organizers will be on hand to help out and answer your questions.

The campaign will start on August 16th, and is open to anyone who has a fully painted 2000 point BFG fleet.   For more information about the campaign, be sure to drop by tomorrow night!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

RSVP 28th June Hobby Night : Kill Teams continued

In the grim darkness of the far future, an elite team of specialist will filtrate, infiltrate and de-filtrate the enemies of mankind to bring order in the universe.

Join our brave heroes as they undertake a far more dangerous mission this week. Will they prevail?

RSVP with stealth and conviction......

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kill Team Campaign: Week 3 Recap

What a night!! Friday must have been the best kill team game so far.

There was three simple objectives, number 1) kill or capture the second Witch 2) kill the Lurker in the Dark and 3) kill the opposing team leader. Simple right!

The players were Shukor with his Black Templars, Faizal with his Space Wolves, and Subhan playing the Witch and a character called Dr Luther.

Now before I proceed I should let you know that the second Witch turned out to be a Dreadnaught with the tortured soul of a Long Fang trapped inside, armed with two Hurricane bolters and because he was a Long Fang, the ability to Split Fire with those bolters…nasty. And Dr Darious Luther a bio chemist that has been working with Dr Hix on some crazy military experiments, and Dr Luther had already been experimenting on his own body (he could move 8 inches!!). All Subhan needed to do with Dr Luther was keep him out of trouble… basically run and hide – simply right? Shukor did have one extra mission, because he missed mission 3, so he could attempt to rescue the prisoner from game 3.

So, the Space Wolves went first, splitting into two teams with the bulk going for the Dreadnaught and Faizal Stormwolf and his buddy hunting down Dr Luther. Shukor went second and decided that it would be best to rescue his team mate first. The Space Wolves team confidently armed with their Dreadnaught killing equipment - a meltgun and power fist - tactically crept up on the Dreadnaught, at one point even using an injured Space Wolf with a head injury from the last game called Harkon as a human shield. The dreadnaught did a lot of shuffling around before unleashing a hail of fire, eventually cutting down the marine with the meltagun. One threat down. But the brave marines jumped into close combat with the Dreadnaught, only to have the marine with the powerfist stomped into the ground!!! Two threats down - Disaster!! All looked lost for the Space Wolves, leaving just Harkon the Human Shield and Frode to fight the Dreadnaught with Krak Grenades.

Meanwhile the Black Templars swiftly moved up to the jail and with no opposition released the prisoner. Then they started looking for some trouble! The Wolves were panicking over by the Dreadnaught, so the Templers decided to go and find Dr Luther. He can’t have gone far.

Dr Luther was doing what he was supposed to do, hiding. But he was also caught between the 2 man wolves pack and the large Templers squad. The Wolves tried to melta and their way through the walls to get to him (but missed!) then tried throwing grenades at Dr Luther…. (but missed again). What was happening to the wolves!!

Taking the opportunity to get away from the Wolves, Dr. Luther leapt at the nearest Black Templer skewering the marine before he even had that chance to react. Stormwolf and his buddy decided to stand back a bit and watch what happens next…. Only to have two Black Templars rush over looking for a fight. In the next couple of minutes his buddy was taken down and the Templar’s lost two men, one of them their leader. As for Dr Luther, there was a Black Templar with a heavy bolter standing right in his path, surely he would not survive this.  But he did and promptly jumped on the Templar and took him down….. What was going on, he was supposed to be hiding. Then found a third Templar whom he also took down. This guy is supposed to be hiding!

Meanwhile Harkon the human shield and his brother Frode were dancing around the Dreadnaught trying to take it down with Krak grenades and to everyone’s surprise they did. They look a little bored until they saw Dr Luther coming over to investigate what had happened to the Dreadnaught. He was promptly cut down by Harkon the human shield and Frode. Mission accomplished. The Head Injured, human shield was the Hero of the day!!

Back over the other side of the table, Faizal Stormwolf crept around the corner and saw a trail of dead Templars, slowly he crept past each one until he reached the corner and came face to face with the two remaining Templars. They must have thought that he was responsible and regardless of how he surged his shoulders and said “not me” they still beat him up.

It has to have been one of the best games in quite some time – so many double 1s were rolled it was ridiculous, and Faizal even rolled on the floor at one point. Shukor was of course his calm self and Subhan, clearly does not like the idea of hiding….. Great game guys and thanks.

By Mark Smith

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kill Team Recap: The First Witch and RSVP Thread

The 'Three Witches' Kill Teams campaign reached a fevered pitch last Friday as the teams attempted a daring prison break to free their comrades and put a stop to the heretic Tech-Priest's evil plans. There were two battle fields set up, a dark drainage terrain table and a forest table. And there were two objectives – rescue the prisoner and investigate the laboratory.

The first game was scrapped out in the drains as Azlan's band of cutthroat gangers led by 'Mad-Donna' herself, sneaked through the foul smelling sewers. But what started out as a sneak attack ended as a total bloodbath as her team clashed with the IG defenders. Although Ma-Donna did manage get her team mate out of the cage, they never made it out of the drains, running out of time. To make matters worse, the whole team got shot to bits…. Crushing…. but I heard that Mad-Donna had fun and looked good!

Next up was Jeff. After watching Azlan’s brave attempt, Jeff took a more strategic approach with the marines running through the tunnels in organised move and fire style tactics. In true tactical form the highly organised team swiftly reached the jail, released their prisoner and managed to make it to the extraction point. Success…in exceedingly well thought-out marine fashion.

Meanwhile back in the drains, Hassanal started his courageous attempt to break the prisoner out. And things looked like they were going well, with lots of tactical manoeuvres and confident in the safety of his power armour. In fact he was so confident he was tempted to peek into the base’s lab and discovered….. the First Witch!! It turns out that the first witch was in fact a mad crazed Dreadnaught!! Trying not to panic too much…. He run! Needless to say the Dreadnaught followed him cutting down Space Marines and IG Guards alike in a uncontrolled rampage. He did manage to get the prisoner out of the jail and the rest of the game turned into some crazed 80s tv show with him running and be pursued by the enraged Dreadnaught.

Faizal’s Space Wolf team turned up on at forest world base and immediately got stuck in to the IG guard defenders. It looked like their tactics were to just power their way through the IG guards, very space wolf style, and it looked like it was going to work. However like the game with Mad-Donna, slowly but surely the IG guards grinded the brave space wolves down. Then suddenly one of the brave wolves ripped a man size hole in the wall with his powerfist and reached the prison. Tearing the door off with its hinges he released his Fenris brother and they smashed their way out of there. The result…the same as poor Mad Donna, dead bodies left on the battle field and only two survivors.

And so on to the last game of the evening, Subhan’s intrepid assault by his demons. Initially it looked like he was going to abandon the imprisoned bloodletter and go straight for the Dreadnaught. However, suddenly he threw his curve ball and realizing that he couldn’t do anything against the Dreadnaught leapt heroically (or should that be demonically) to the rescue of his team mates. What followed was a game of cat and mouse (or Bloodletter and Dreadnaught?) as they chased each other around the drains, however in the end what remained of his team and prisoner escaped.

Scores so far

Shukor 10pts

Azlan 10pts

Jeff 15pts

Faizal 15pts

Nahri 20pts

Hass 40pts

Subhan 45pts

Mark Smith

That's it for the recap, folks! RSVP here and let us know if you're coming tomorrow. We'll have Kill Teams campaign action, as well as plenty of space for gaming and hobby. Let's do it!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hobby Night RSVP 14th June 2013

This week sees the continuation of Legio's Kill Team campaign. Our daring heroes must attempt a rescue mission of a captured team member. Will they succeed? Or will more be captured and end up on the experimentation tables....
Do drop in to join the fun.

Cheers all.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

We are GO for Hobby! RSVP Here

That's right kiddies, Legio Malaysia is open once again for tomorrow night's hobby bedlam. Mark Smith's 'Kill Team' campaign begins, and additional tables will be available for hobbying and playing other games.

Who's in? :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

No Hobby Night for Next Two Weeks

Just a quick heads up here folks- we will not be holding Hobby Night for the next two weeks. Tomorrow is Wesak Day, which is a public holiday, and the following week we'll be holding a private event. So, the next Hobby Night we'll be holding will take place on June 7th. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Legio's 5th Birthday Bash!!!

Wow, it has been 5 years! And this year we celebrated in style befitting such a momentous    event. I'll let the pictures tell the story of our birthday celebration held last Saturday. There were the 2 main events we ran.

Kindred 4

The fourth installment of Kindred started with every participants rolling for their Expandables trait except for Yip, who hensemly showed up with his WYSIWYG Chuck Norris figure. Of course we had to give him the Norris trait for being that cool. Then his partner in crime, Paxter, just to show everyone else how cool a kindred they were rolled 2 sixes to get the Norris trait without breaking a sweat. 2 Norrises in a team!! Ouch. Legendary indeed. 
We only had 6 kindreds this year but the support from the guys were phenomenal. These are the hensemest 12.
Johnny, Chris, Hassanal and B Lee doing the Macho Man
Iqbal(trying to look cool), Rizal(holding a dump), Syamael & Din
Synchronized Kindreds Alvin the one eyed bandit, Joe the Chosen One, Paxter & Yip doing the norris gorilla combat stance 
We're quite sure these 12 will not forget the K4 experience; cool music, Expandable traits, babes and El Presedente. Not forgetting the limited edition patch and cool personalised multi template :). 
In the end Alvin and Joe emerged the overall Kindred Champions. Congrats guys.
And befitting his status as The Chosen One, Joe also gave away 2 special The Chosen Awards.
Joe chose Paxter for giving him a 'special' massage;
And the other to Iqbal because Joe accidentally broke his eldar walker during the event.

I'd like to take this opportunity on behalf of my brother Arzmi and myself to thank everyone who took part in K4 and those who helped make it happen. It's been a blast! 

Golden Kris 5
This year's Golden Kris was extra special as we commissioned a statuette for the winners. The exquisite statuette was beautifully sculpted by Jarold Ng, who was also the honorary judge for the painting event.
Jarold the master sculpter and Legio officer Khairul
   For photos of all the entries for Golden Kris 5 please visit our FB page here
Together with Jeff Brooks and Carl Lum, the 3 of them painstakingly judged each of the beautiful entries.
Joasht proved himself to be a master painter by picking up top honors in the Single Model Unit and Large Model category. He was bagged the overall painting award earning him a Legio Purity Seal. And to top it of...was also voted People's Choice. Congrats man!
Iqbal made sure that Joasht didn't go home with all the gold by bagging the Deul category.

On behalf of all Legio members, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came and supported us. Let's do it again next year. 

Ave Legio!