Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arenxis Burns Turn 1 Recap

Have a look at the map above- it reflects both campaign games that were played in Week 1. Each week I'll post an update over the weekend that will show which systems traded hands during the campaign night.

I believe we have Nahri and Syamael joining the campaign with their Space Marine commanded fleets- welcome! Looks like Space Marines were the most popular overall choice in the campaign, which is cool :) Nahri and Syamael, please have a look at the map and get an idea of which system you might like to choose as your starting system. You can choose tomorrow night, and you'll also roll up your starting leadership values.

See you there!

Kind Sirs, RSVP Here!

It is my pleasure to announce for this good week that all you Hobby sirs and madams may indeed RSVP at the appointed space below marked as 'comments.' I shall be arriving aboard His Divine Emperor's battleship the Redoubtable, along with the blessed ships and men of Battle Group Farquhar, in order to persecute the good deed of liberating the oppressed citizens of Arenxis from the yoke of chaos and xenos evil, as well as to partake in the most favored pastime of 'Hobbying'.

I hear tell of battles to be fought on the ground in this 41st millennium as well as in the so-called parallel universe of WFB.

Pray tell, sirs and madams, your answer to this most intriguing question: who's up?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aquila 1 Is Up!

More updates to come for the Arenxis Burns campaign, but in the meantime either click on the big banner above, or right below here... :)

The Aquila, Issue 1

What a Blast!

Some really serious dice-rolling was to be had at last nite's Hobby Nite. There was some hobbying done early on - Khairul got 20 asteroids done, I painted up a bunch of transports, Jeff was working on a large planet, Iqbal was busy with his airbrush and basecoating his Eldar fleet and Syamael was doing some work on his shiny new Space Marines fleet.
But for the most part, the nite was about honor and glory in the bloody field of battle (be it set in the Ol' World, some far flung planet in the far future or in deep space). The Fortenhaf campaign was raging all around, and I may be mistaken, but I believe battles were fought by Doc, Peter, Ivan, Arzmi, Ceiran, Iz and Alvin. I don't know if Iqbal played any WFB last night. At any rate, this is looking to be a hugely successful WFB campaign. Kudos to Jo!

The 40k front was quieter, and I did see Jo, Shazli and Subhan, among others, rolling out 40k goodness. I think Shazli and Subhan tried out a Battle Missions scenario. I meant to check out that battle, but I was immensely distracted ...

And that's because last nite was also the kick-off of the Arenxis Burns campaign. Jeff gave a quick briefing about how the campaign works (it's basically straight off the rulebook), and we quickly got to our first games. Khairul and Jeff had a tactically interesting Convoy fight, and particularly so as it was Chaos which was attacking an Imperial-defended convoy. Very evocative, very flavorful that. Soo Jin and I fought it out in an Escalating Engagement involving the bulk of our campaign fleets. This was a pretty big battle, and Kong and Nick were also there. Soo Jin's rock-hard Grey Knights clearly won the day gaining him untold Renown!

Nahri had a taste of BFG in a quick game with Khairul. I think Khairul's done more intro games in this past couple of weeks than anyone has in the past couple of years :)

We also had a quick Legio members' meeting to confirm stuff on key events like the Legio Birthday Bash and the November 40k tournament. We bid Khairul a good journey, as this is his last Hobby Nite before he embarks for Thailand next week on a 2-year tour of duty. Hopefully he may come back to the Legio regularly for some serious hobby now and then.

As usual, by the time it was over, I was spent. Absolutely tired, but totally happy! Here's looking forward to the next Hobby Nite!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

RSVP! Campaigns, Battles, Hobby and More!

YESSSS! It's that time of week again! Tomorrow's Hobby Nite should be good - there's at least 2 campaigns going on (one in Ye Ol' Worlde, the other in deep space) on top of the usual hectic gaming and hobbying.

My Battle Group Farquhar will transit from the Warp to take care of some business with certain traitor fleets. I'll also be packing the awesome 40k Battle Missions book if you need to use it.

Who's up?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Tournament News from SPORE 2010

More news! :)

I've just been emailed the Warhammer and Flames of War tournament rules from Damien @ Paradigm Infinitum. I've added them to the Legio Librarium, so click on the links below to grab 'em.

SPORE 2010 Flames of War Rulepack

SPORE 2010 Warhammer Rules Pack

What do you guys think of these? Who's planning on going? Discuss below...

Monday, April 19, 2010

"Arenxis Burns!" Starts This Friday

You all have seen all the BFG madness that has descended upon Legio Malaysia, and now it's campaign time! :)

If you're interested in participating, here's what you need:

1) You're going to need a WYSIWYG and painted fleet of at least 1500 points, and 2000 points if you're playing Chaos or Imperial Navy. These points DO NOT include your fleet commander (he's free)

2) You need to download and read the campaign rules if you haven't already. Click here to get those from GW.

3) Email Legio Malaysia or Jeff Brooks with your campaign list. Be certain to follow all list restrictions, and make sure all of your capital ships have names. We're writing Glenmarie history here, so we want to get our facts right! ;)

If you have any other questions, just email me and I'll get you sorted. Please try and show up this Friday for campaign night. We're selecting starting systems, as well going over the rules to play. It's not too tough to learn, and it's a great system.



Saturday, April 17, 2010

Brace! Brace! Brace!

That was simply an awesome Hobby Nite! I managed to get in early and started working on some new models, while Jeff finished up some of his excellent BFG stuff. Then as Nick, Soo Jin, Kong and Khairul arrived, all hell started to break loose!

Soo Jin brought his freshly painted Space Marine fleet - complete with battle barge, strike cruisers and escorts. I think about 1500pts worth, and last week he didn't have a single ship too. Nick's Eldar fleet looks amazing, and his new bases really complement the models. Khairul's fleet had some new additions and some custom jobs too. And I don't know how many games he played, but he ran a good few on the main BFG table.

Arzmi and Doc arrived early too and I think they got some good fantasy action in. A couple of faces we haven't seen in awhile turned up - Shazli and his sons of Ultramar, Subhan and his daemons, lexxus and his Chaos marines. Alvin took a wrong turn and ended up near some brewery, but he arrived safely eventually. Iqbal was extremely happy with that - Alvin brought his long-awaited Eldar fleet - and he spent the rest of Hobby Nite assembling one of his new sleek ships.

Jeff and I squared off in a massive 2000pt game - my Farquhar battle squadron against his Unclean. We used the campaign and set up rules to familiarize ourselves for the upcoming BFG campaign (that kicks off next week). As usual, the BFG game completely absorbed me, and once we started rolling off for battlefield set-up, I had no idea what went on outside of the game. I know Syamael was there, and so was Ivan, Kadir and Iz, but my full attention was on the battle.

The battle itself was awesome! An all-out Fleet Engagement in which Jeff's Chaos gained the upper-hand early on, but by sheer brute force, the Imperial Navy truimphed in the end. Losses were heavy on both sides - I lost a destroyer squadron and a cruiser and 3 more were crippled, Jeff lost 2 cruisers and a grand cruiser with his frigate squadron and another cruiser crippled.

Anyways, by the time Hobby Nite was over, I was completely tired - but totally happy. And I'm totally looking forward to the Arenxis Burns! BFG campaign which kicks off next week. I lurv Hobby Nite!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yesssss! RSVP!!!

It's that time of the week again! Brilliant! I'm totally stoked. My 40k Eldar and my newly expanded Battle Squadron Farquhar featuring 2000pts of Imperial naval might including the Redoubtable, His Emperor's great battleship will be there.

Who's up? RSVP below. See you at Hobby Nite!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SPORE 2010 40K Rules Pack Up

This year they will be running the 40K tournament as a doubles event- please follow the link below for the official rules pack!

SPORE 2010 40K Doubles Tournament Rules Pack

Calling All Legionnaires- Please Vote!

I just stumbled across a BoLS post asking hobbyists to vote for Graham McNeill's "Empire" novel for the Legend Award. It's not all that often a Black Library novel is up for this, and it would be great to see that happen. I'm also lucky enough to be acquainted with Graham, so I'd also like to see us pitch in for him as a friend.

Please follow the link here and vote for Empire!



Saturday, April 10, 2010

Many a Furious Battle!

What an amazing Hobby Nite! There literally were battles raging in every corner, from the magical times of the Old World, to the horrific battlefields of 41st millennium, and into desperate battles in deep space in the grim darkness of the far future.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the unveiling of Legio's first purpose-built BFG table, courtesy of the labour, love and talents of Legio's 2009 40k Tournament Champion Soo Jin and Forgemaster General Jeff Brooks. This table is nothing short of amazing, and I do hope the pics below do some justice to it. But really, you got to come see it for yourself.

In honor of his selfless service to the hobby and Legio (and without expecting anything in return), we saw it fit to award Soo Jin with a Hobby Champion purity seal. This makes it his second purity seal! Well done Soo Jin! Ave!

Legio was pretty packed, and aside from Jeff, Khairul and I, Alvin, Doc, Rizal, Ivan, Iqbal, Joe, Ceiran, Nick, Jade, Soo Jin, Kong, Syamael, Shazli and a whole bunch of people were there. Forgive me if I left out some names, I was kinda ... distracted.

I was caught up in 3 battles back-to-back which completely absorbed my attentions. The first battle introduced Ceiran and Doc to BFG. That was huge fun, and I must say the new admirals do have a talent for interstellar battles. The second was against Nick's nicely painted Eldar fleet, in which the Eldar narrowly won in a bitterly fought battle. My last game of the night was back on land, in an excellent scenario from the Battle Missions book which pit my Eldar against Dann's Nids. You gotta try those Battle Missions scenarios - they are awesome! I don't think I'll be playing any BBB missions until much much later, if ever.

The Forgemaster General was busy finishing some asteroid fields - pity he didn't get a game in, as I was looking forward to see how his Unclean fleet performs in the field. I saw 2 armies that I haven't seen in awhile - Rizal's scary IG, and Shazli's Ultramarines. Jo revealed some of his new Nids. And amidst all the shouts and howls and glories of 40k and Fantasy, Khairul also ran another BFG taster game and that was brilliant, as budding admirals and captains got their first taste of deep space battles.
Anyways, by the time Hobby Nite was over, and me and Dann were packing away our stuff and shutting down the Legio, we were all very tired - but utterly happy! I lurv Hobby Nite!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Avast! It's That Time of the Week! RSVP!

Sometimes, time flying by fast is a good thing. In the case of waiting for the next Hobby Nite, it's just beautiful!

I hear tell of mighty space fleets descending upon Legio. I hear tell of the sight of a billion stars to behold. Of armies of the Old World pitched head to head in desperate battle. Of warriors of the far future locked in bitter combat ...

Battlefleet Farquhar and The War Host of Lahnn of the Alaitoc will be there.

Who's up?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Da New Look

As you all have undoubtedly noticed, we've freshened up the blog a bit with a new look and a bit more functionality. More work is to come, so stay tuned...!

Friday, April 2, 2010

40K Kill Teams Tourney Apr 24 @ Games Circle

We've just found out about this event, which features 200 point forces fighting with the Kill Team rules from the recent Battle Missions supplement. Spaces are limited, so please check out the tournament thread below at 40K Malaysia for more info on signing up!

Tell me more!

As always we've added this to the events calendar below for your handy perusal and downloading! :) To all participants, good luck!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

RSVP! Battles in All Corners!

It's Thursday!!!! RSVP time! And this week looks like there will be lots of carnage.

There shall be fights in the Ol' World what with Jo's campaign picking up this week. There shall be fights in the grim darkness of the far future, and just to spice it up, my Guardian-heavy-no-spec-character Eldar is looking forward to more Battle Missions. There shall be fights in the cold reaches of space, as the BFG fleets of the Imperium, Chaos and perhaps even the xenos Eldar and Space Marines descend upon the Legio. And of course, there's always the hobby table!

Who's up?