Thursday, December 29, 2011

RSVP Here- Market Garden Turn 2 TONIGHT

Post up here and let us know if you plan to come tonight. Regale us with your tales of hobby glory and conquest.... weeee!

Friday, December 23, 2011

RSVP Time- Flames of War Tonight

We've got all our members signed up for the Market Garden campaign, but we'll have a table or two open for anyone else that wants to pop by and play. Post up here and let know you're coming, or as always just send us an email and let us know.


Monday, December 19, 2011

MaGaCon Mayhem Is Complete!

Wow, what a weekend!

We had 16 brave competitors come to the first ever Legio tournament held outside our hallowed halls. Despite the logistical complications and lack of chainmail-bikini clad women, we had a fantastic time. Kudos to Chang for organizing MaGaCon- that show was great and far more complex than anything I have ever personally done. It took a lot of planning and doing, and he got it done. Well done!

As for the tournament, you guys were great. No long faces, nice looking armies, and competitors from far and wide. It was great to see Quake and Chris again, as well as the Singapore crew back in force once again. We'll make it to your March tournament come hell or high water!!

So, without further ado, here's the final results:

Overall Champion: Din and his Black Templars

Best Appearance: Yusoff and his killer Grey Knights army

Best Sportsman: Chris Ong, Sportsman Champ from Kindred!!! Woo hoo!!!

Here are the complete results!

If you've got pics folks, please pass along links in this thread so we can all check them out! I didn't take any other than the one in this post (from my phone), but we'd love to see the trophies getting handed out to our well-deserving winners!!

See you guys next year!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

RSVP- Housekeeping and Tourney Prep

Any club members that can make it out tonight are most welcome! We're going to complete our move to the new space, as well as get scatter terrain packed up for next weekend's "MaGaCon Mayhem" 40K tournament at KDU.

So, who's coming?

Friday, December 2, 2011

No Hobby Night This Week

We're closing up this week for a bit of a break, but we'll be back next week at the normal time. Don't forget that our annual 40K tournament is coming up in two weeks at MaGaCon. Attendance is free of charge for show attendees, so sign up now! Click here for the rules pack, which contains all the info you'll need to get ready and signed up.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

RSVP Time! Post Campaign Cool Down

A few of us will be scheming to run a Market Garden campaign at the end of next month, and playing some refresher games of Flames of War. Open gaming is available as well as hobby, so post up here if you plan to pop on by...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ghemehaal Annihilation concluded

We concluded the Ghemehaal:Annihilation campaign last Friday night. Its been 6 weeks of super fun wargaming goodness :). Can you guys really believe we pulled a 6 weeker campaign??? Not bad huh.

Gents, lets not give the results away and wait for the super awesome turn by turn video wrap up by Jeff ;).

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took part in the campaign. I personally believe that it was a success. Hopefully this will set the direction of future Legio events.

Hats off to Jeff for the running the campaign, making the videos and not forgetting the really nice personalised campaign maps given to the hardcore campaigners. Hanging on my wall now hehe.

Well done everyone!!!

ps ...again, do not let out the outcome :) Lets wait for the official video...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The End is Nigh

Legio's Ghemehaal : Annihilation campaign comes to an end this Friday night.

After 5 long grueling weeks of bloodshed, mayhem, heroics deeds and agonizing defeats on both sides...the final fate of Ghemehaal will be decided this week.

All is still to be fought for. The Imperial's lead is slim and Chaos smells blood! Fresh blood!!!
Make no mistake, this final turn of the campaign will be the most bloodiest.

Come prepared. For no quarters shall be given or asked...

For those who haven't had the opportunity to join the campaign so far, you're more than welcome to take part in this final turn and help either sides to victory.

Just remember , you army must be WYSIWYG and fully painted (minimum 3 colors with effort.) Yes, that includes the bases too.

The Imperial needs you!!!

Chaos summons you!!!

RSVP like you've got a pair!!!

Turn 3 Update Up at Last!

Apologies to all the campaign players. Cross your fingers, but I THINK I've solved the memory/crashing issues for the long term. Time will tell, but I had no problem rendering this video once I made the change. I'll get Turns 4 and 5 up ASAP! Thanks for your patience, and enjoy! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

RSVP Time!

Post up here and let us know if you're coming! Ghemehaal: Annihilation continues tonight!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

40K Legio Tournament Announcement

It's that time of year again- the Legio Malaysia Annual 40K Tournament! Woo hoo!!

This year we're holding the tournament in conjunction with the MaGaCon Gamers Convention being held on December 17th and 18th at KDU College Damansara. The tournament will be held on Saturday the 17th, with Round 1 starting at 10:00 sharp.

This will be a 1750 point, 3 round tournament using the classic Swiss pairing system we've always done. All models must be folly rep and painted- for all the nitty gritty be sure to click on the big green banner above for the rules pack, or you can click here.

Confirmed registrations BEFORE November 26th will get you a free tshirt. There will be no additional cost to compete in the tournament- pay your MaGaCon entry fee and you're good to go. How cool is that?

If you have any questions that the rules pack doesn't seem to answer, please post them up here. We'll do our very best to get you sorted...

Friday, November 4, 2011

RSVP Here- Campaign Action Abound

First off folks, let me apologize for not having the Turn 3 video up. Last night my video editing software kept crashing, and after much searching and suppression of homicidal rage, I discovered that I need to basically reformat how I do these to work with the software I have. So, Turn 3 will come out at some point this weekend. I'll be taking footage as normal for Turn 4 tonight, and with luck I'll get this back on track. Thanks for your understanding.

So, who's popping in tonight? :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super hobby night!!!

First of, apologies for the below standard quality pic. My Canon S95 camera is currently doing a sojourn in beautiful Bali so was using the Mrs' camera :)

Secondly, can't share too much about what happened during last night's Ghemehaal Annihilation week 3 campaign. We'll all just have to wait for Jeff to finish up the video. You just know that it'll be better than the last one.
(yes, i have to wait like everyone else too. No special previews for me....sigh)

But i just had to share what a great time i had. Am sure it was the same for all those who came to share in the experience. Hurrahs and high 5s and moans and groans were loud and aplenty last night :) !!!!

Only fair that we thank all those who came and made it special.
1. Syameal
2. Alvin
3. Cookie Yip
4. Redeye
5. Iqbal
6. Limp aka Goh
7. Chong Teng
8. Chong Teng's lovely friend/partner....who he conveniently forgot to introduce to everyone. I don't blame him.
9. Dann
10. Azlan
11. Jeff
12. Me, Khairul.
hmmm...did i forget anyone?

Tables were full of battles, Limp was at the hobby table, Chong (hopefully) was deciding which army to collect :). It was great fun.

I must say that using the Fow Firestorm Bagration campaign system is a truly immersing experience. The start to finish process of each week's battle really got everyone involved in the campaign setting. The picture above shows how intense and critical it is during end phase movements.

Very big shout out to Jeff for organizing and moderating the campaign. This is serious fun 40k campaign at it's best. Well done dude!!!

See you next week gentlemen.

Light will shine on Ghemehaal.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

RSVP Here! Turn 3 of Ghemehaal: Annihilation Will be Fought Tomorrow!

The campaign everyone's talking about continues tomorrow with turn 3. Personally, I can't wait to take pics, video, and see all the 40k action. As I type this now I am uploading the Turn 2 update to YouTube- tomorrow morning I'll update this post with an embedded player for it. In the meantime, if you haven't subscribed to the Adeptus Malaysia YouTube channel, why not take a moment and do it now? You'll be the first to be notified about all AM video updates, including Ghemehaal: Annihilation.

Post up here and let us know if you're coming to fight! :)

Update: As promised, here's the video for Turn 2!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ghemehaal : Annihilation Week 1 Update is on Youtube!

Here she be- our first ever video update. Enjoy folks, and by all means we'd love to hear your comments. If you haven't subscribed to the Adeptus Malaysia Youtube channel, be sure to do so! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

RSVP Time- Annihilation Has Begun!

If you've got a painted army and want to join in the fun, pop over to Legio Malaysia over the next five weeks and get those games in! Let your deeds echo through the history yet to be told of the Glenmarie Sub Sector! Woo hoo!

Either way, Hobby Night is on once again and it's time to let us know who's coming. Campaign or not, let's hobby!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ghemehaal: Annihilation Starts Today

Campaign players, please RSVP up here and let us know approximately when you are going to get here. The earlier the better! :)

Everyone else, you're more than welcome to come as well. Just RSVP and you're all set. Also folks, don't forget to grab and miniatures, games, terrain, etc. that you may have left here. Next Friday it all belongs to us!! Muahahaahahahaa!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

RSVP and Important Notice

Howdy folks!

Tonight will be Hobby Night once again, so please let us know if you're coming and we'll make sure to save you a seat! :)

As some of you already know, we are in the process of expanding operations at Battlefront Miniatures Malaysia. We're adding more staff, growing departments, and generally making more cool hobby stuff. The only down side to this is that we need space- space that Legio Malaysia is currently occupying. So, to this end we're going to shrink our operations a bit and make room.

Everyone who has left terrain, miniatures or any other personal belongings needs to get them picked up no later than Friday, October 21st. Anything left behind at that point belongs to the officers of Legio Malaysia, and we will do as we see fit with your (now OUR) goodies.

We've got to move shelves and tables, as well as consolidate everything into a much smaller footprint than we currently occupy right now. Sorry for any inconvenience caused with this, but we've got to get this done. So, please cooperate with us and get your stuff out as quickly as you can. If you have any questions, by all means get in touch with me, Azlan, or Khairul and we'll get you sorted.

In the meantime, see you tonight! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

RSVP Time- We're Back!

Let's get some hobby on, folks! Only two weeks left until the campaign launch, and I"m way behind in my painting (as usual). Aiiee!!!

Post up here and give us a shout if you're coming!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Malaysia Day Off

No hobby night. Enjoy the long weekend and we'll see you next week!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vacation Done- Let's Hobby!

Tomorrow night is Hobby Night once again, and it's time to RSVP. I'll be there putting together Krieg troopers and taking lots of pics for next month's campaign. How about YOU...?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Legio Malaysia Vacation

Well folks, we are shutting our doors for the next two Fridays to enjoy some time off with our families (and to do some mad hobbying as well, truth be told). We will be back in action for Hobby Night once again on Friday, September 9th. We look forward to seeing you all then! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hobby Nite! Huzzah!

It's that most amazing time of the week again! Yes, it's Hobby Nite! I'll be there with my Thousand Sons terminators - rushing to get them ready for the campaign. Also, my Eldar will be in the bag for some dice action. I know Jeff will be there with his Krieg boys, and only the Emperor knows what Khairul's packing.

Who's up?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hobby Night- It's On!

Let us hobby tomorrow!!

Who plans to come? Post up here and tell us all about it. I'll be there, feverishly getting my Krieg work back in gear with a new Chimera. How about you guys...?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Hobby Night This Week

We're doing a periodic mosquito "heavy fogging" tomorrow, so the inside of the factory will be a bit too smelly for hobby night this week. So, hobby night will resume next week at the usual time. Until then... :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ghemehaal: Annihilation Announcement

We've gotten many questions and comments about the teaser banner we put on top of the site. Here's some details for those who have expressed interest:

'Ghemehaal: Annihilation' will be a six week Warhammer 40,000 campaign themed around the events begun in Azlan's 'Arenxis Burns' campaign last year. Time flies, doesn't it...? :)

The campaign start date will be Friday, October 7th at 8:00 PM. The last campaign turn night will be Friday, November 11th, followed by the final Apocalypse battle on Saturday, November 12th.

Participation is by confirmation/invitation only. We're looking for fun players with WYSIWYG, fully painted armies that can make the time/commitment to play in a campaign. We will be using a campaign rules system heavily based on Battlefront Miniatures' 'Firestorm: Bagration' campaign.

Because of the Firestorm system we are using, all games for each campaign turn must be played at Hobby Night. They cannot be played at other locations, and they cannot be played at other times. The campaign turns officially start at 8 PM Friday- the generals for both sides must be there by that time so the strategic phase can be completed by then, and battle plans given to each of their commanders.

Here are the confirmed registrations we have thus far:

Imperial Forces- (May consist of Imperial Guard, Space Marines, or the Inquisition)

Khairul- Angels Sanguine and Overall Commander

Jeff- Death Korps of Krieg
Dann- Blood Angels
Arzmi- Grey Knights

Chaos Forces- (May consist of Chaos, Orks, or Dark Eldar)

Subhan- Chaos Daemons and Overall Commander

Azlan- Thousand Sons
Iqbal- Renegade Inquisition

Tau, Necrons, or Tyranids may not be used in this campaign. Eldar may be used, and will be added to the side that needs the most reinforcement at the time :)

If you can fulfill the obligations mentioned here, and want to have a great time writing Glenmarie Sub history, then post up here or email me or Khairul that you'd like to participate. We'll get back to you and go from there :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

RSVP Here, and Beware the Restless Dead

Why worry about zombies? Well, other than for the principle of it, October will feature "Ghemehaal: Annihilation", a 40K campaign fought on a world infested by zombies (among other horrible things). Tomorrow night we'll be finalizing dates, terrain, and other campaign details. For those interested in joining, you are strongly encouraged to attend this session and contribute!

For the rest, by all means pop by and play some games. It's hobby time.

Friday, July 22, 2011

RSVP Time! Campaign Talk is in the Air...

Work continues on making our October "Ghemehaal: Annihilation" campaign a reality, but in the meantime Friday nights mean hobby! Who's coming tonight? It won't be a late night folks so be warned- we're wrapping things up no later than 10.

Who's in? :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

RSVP Time! Who's Coming?

We're back in action for tomorrow's Hobby Night. For those interested in getting involved with "Ghemehaal: Annihilation", we've got a planning session scheduled for tomorrow. We'll be going over:

Conversion of the "Firestorm" Flames of War campaign rules to 40K
Assess terrain requirements, including materials and time.
Map and token design
Determining what goes into the final rules pack
...and anything else to make this thing kick butt!!

So... who's coming? :D

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Looks like it's an extended break for us... :)

We will NOT be opening up this week either folks. Life commitments do get in the way occasionally, so no Legio on Friday. We encourage you to get your hobby on nonetheless, and pay a visit to your favorite FLGS. Spend some loot, play some games, and have a great time this week. We'll be back in the saddle again next week!

Friday, July 1, 2011

No Hobby Night This Week

As we usually do the hobby night following a Saturday event, we're closing things up for the week. However, we will indeed be back next week for much hobby goodness. We hope to see you there- until then take it easy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Legio Malaysia

3 years is actually quite a long time esp for a wargaming club run by volunteers.
3 years of opening Hobby Nights and organizing events for the local gaming community.
Ave Legio!!!

The turnout for the Golden Kris competition was rather lukewarm but the Apoc battle royale more than made up for it. You can read all about the details in Azlan's extensive post prior to this one.

Let me just concentrate on the Golden Kris. We didn't get as many entries as last year but the quality has surely improved. So without futher ado let me announce the winners.

Overall winner and the Golden Kris 2011 recipient goes to Jeff Brooks with his jaw dropping awesomely painted Death Korp of Kreig squad.

Single model category.

Unit category.

Large model category.
Carl's Deffknight was also voted People's Choice!!

A very big thank you to all those who took part in the Golden Kris painting competition as well as the Apoc battle.

A special shout out to Cheng for providing the grub on that day and Alvin for helping him with the cooking :)

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

See you again next year.

(please check our photo album for all the Golden Kris entry)

The Imperium Cometh, the Imperium Saweth (and got scaredeth), and the Imperium Conqueredeth

Saturday's Re-Taking of Ghemehaal was truly epic! Around 25,400 pts of the forces of the Imperium launched an audacious assault on 25,300 pts of the forces of Disorder defending Ghemehaal.

The forces of Disorder were led by Lord Aureus of the Sylla Cell's Nurgle Sect (Iqbal), at the head of a massive host of warriors and machines - World Eaters (Kadir), Chaos Daemons and Marines (Subhan), traitor Astartes (Jo), traitor Titan Legion and Dark Eldar (Rizal), and evil mek Orks (Carl). All told, there were some 13 super-heavies in the traitor and xenos host - 1 Warhound Titan, 1 Stompa, 1 Mek Stompa, 1 Shadowsword, 1 Banesword, 2 Baneblades, 2 Brass Scorpions, 3 Doomsday Devices, and a massive Warlord Titan measuring more than 3 feet high! And this is on top of special characters such as Kharn, Mefistos (Mephiston gone wild), Skarbrand, a bunch of Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes and an entire gang of Chaos Lords, as well as assorted tanks and armored vehicles.

Major Rammstein lowered his battle glasses, deciding that with the sheer size of the enemy host standing not 1,000 meters in front of him, the Mk.I human eyeball was good enough. Arrayed against the Imperium was an enemy host so vast, it dwarfs even the traitor Baneblades and xenos Stompas making ready to unleash destruction upon him. He had counted on facing Warhound Titans and such class of enemy war-machines, but he did not have an answer for the traitor Warlord Titan towering above the battlefield to the rear of the enemy lines. To either side of his Baneblade, the intrepid warriors of the Imperium stand ready, weapons primed, souls pure and engines humming. Lord Ragnar's Land Raider sat to the fore in the middle of the battle line in formation with 2 other Land Raiders, and behind a screen of Ravenwing bikes - perhaps a full third of that legendary Astartes elite company. To either side of the Ravenwing, Space Wolves Thunder Wolf cavalry paced the ground impatiently, their riders wielding massive blunt weapons, energy-fields crackling in the cold morning air. To the left of the line, Space Wolves, Raven Guard and Ravenwing vehicles stand ready. The center was dominated by Captain Scheel's Leman Russ Company, tanks formed up in a smart battle line behind the Ravenwing screen. The rear center clustered around field HQ were Space Wolves Predators, Long Fangs and Raven Guard scouts. The right of the line was rounded up by Korsaro Khan's White Scars. The Imperium forces deployed at the start of the battle was completed by Captain Tress' Shadowsword and the regimental Manticore detachment bringing up the deep rear.

The Emperor's loyal and faithful war host was led by Lord Ragnar Blackmane himself and a large host of Space Wolves (Syamael), joined by the Raven Guard (Synide), White Scars (Doc Selvam), Deathwing (Boon Kin), Ravenwing (me), Brandenburg Imperial Guard super-heavy, tank and mechanized infantry companies (me too) and even a detachment of fearsome Grey Knights (Arzmi). The Imperium was relatively infantry-heavy, ably supported by around a dozen Land Speeders, a dozen Leman Russ, 3 Baneblades, a Shadowsword and 5 Thunderbolts of the Imperial Navy. Luminaries other than Lord Ragnar present at the battle included such names as Belial, Sammael, Shrike, Bjorn and Korsaro.

With a word from the Master of the Ravenwing, a swarm of black-armored bikes and attack bikes leapt from their starting positions, scouting ahead at breakneck speed, heading straight towards their designated targets. As the fearless Astartes elite bikers neared their assigned positions, the enemy launched a choking blind barrage, cutting off the Dark Angels bikers from the rest of the army. Undeterred, and as one, the Ravenwing activated their teleport homers on cue, and momentarily the air around them shimmered and coalesced as the first wave of Deathwing terminators teleported onto the battlefield deep in enemy lines. The Ravenwing then gunned their engines in an all-out assault, moving in close to enemy super-heavies so as to unleash a point-blank melta attack. Within seconds, a traitor Baneblade broke into flames as volleys of melta fire reduced layers of reinforced armor into molten slag, causing multiple internal fires, utterly destroying the massive super-heavy tank. To the left of the burning Baneblade, an enemy Banesword suddenly erupted in a massive ball of fire as super-heated gases from multiple melta penetrations found fuel and ammo reserves. Three Ravenwing were caught in the blast, ceramite and flesh alike vaporising in the inferno. The explosion also destroyed two Killa Kans and a Deff Dredd lurking behind the tank, now reduced to a large crater in the ground. To the right of the Ravenwing strike, black armored bikes and attack bikes slipped below a traitor Warhound Titan's void shields and unleashed point-blank melta fire, crippling the massive Titan and damaging its drive systems. A follow up charge was ill-fated, as the great war machine simply trampled the loyalists underfoot. Space Wolves Thunder Wolf cavalry launched a charge of their own, locked in combat with an enemy Defiler.

The Imperium's opening turn was horribly effective, with the Ravenwing taking out 2 super-heavies, severely damaging another, and destroying other targets. The enemy Disruptor Beacon was also targeted and destroyed by Ravenwing Land Speeder Typhoons, opening the way for deep-strike assaults currently held in reserve. The other enemy Baneblade received the attention of concentrated lascannon fire, destroying its main weapon. The bulk of the IG tank force used the enemy blind barrage to its advantage, advancing forward and fanning out behind its cover.

As hordes of daemons started appearing in the middle of the battlefield, creating oceans of green and red warp entities, the forces of Disorder struck back with great vengeance, wiping out the entire Ravenwing bike assault force with firepower and assaults. Sadly for the forces of Disorder, Skarbrand himself did not survive manifestation into the physical world and was sent reeling back into the warp ("1" on mishap table). A vortex missile from the Warlord Titan narrowly missed Lord Ragnar's Land Raider, but vaporized 2 other Land Raiders filled with Space Wolves and White Scars terminators. Firepower from the Titan also destroyed a Leman Russ and several Raven Guard and Space Wolves marines. A Brass Scorpion came in from reserve and assaulted a White Scars bike squad, tearing apart the hapless Astartes. Another Brass Scorpion flank marched around the lines and struck near the Imperial field HQ, shooting up Long Fangs and together with a Bloodthirster, charged and destroyed a Space Wolves Predator. The Dooms Day Device in the center-right suffered a meltdown and erupted in a fearsome apocalyptic explosion, killing many Deathwing, destroying a Leman Russ and a Rhino and severely damaging a Brass Scorpion. All along the Imperium's weaker left flank, Land Speeders were being shot up and blown up by the enemy.

Major Rammstein involuntarily ducked his head as a gaggle of Imperial Navy Thunderbolts streaked overhead at treetop height. Upon Lord Ragnar's orders, the precision strike struck home, as wave after wave of Hellstrike missiles and concentrated volleys of massed autocannon and lascannon fire ripped open the Ork Stompa's gigantic armor plating, chewing away at the twisted metal like so much confetti until the massive war machine burst into flames. To the right, Korsaro and his band charged forwards, his vortex grenade scattering off enemy terminators, finally landing onto the damaged Warhound Titan, tearing up its innards and destroying it utterly. A lone White Scars attack bike opened fire with its multimelta and yet another great explosion tore through the battlefield as a Brass Scorpion erupted. Back at field HQ, reinforcing Grey Knights had severely damaged the other Brass Scorpion when the great Bjorn delivered a mighty blow, creating a huge explosion which took some Grey Knights in the blast. 

Meanwhile, Astartes lascannon and assault cannon, and Brandenburger battle cannon, Manticore, Baneblade and Shadowsword fire swept across the enemy lines, causing untold destruction amongst the daemonic horde. With accuracy borne of faith in the Emperor, the Brandenburg Basilisk fired over the heads of White Scars marines into a pack of Khorne Berzerkers, obliterating the enemy. Amidst this great mayhem, a trio of upstart Brandenburg Sentinels outfanked deep into enemy lines, easily negotiating the enemy's defensive minefields and opened fire into the rear of an enemy Shadowsword, causing serious structural damage. A similar infiltration by Space Wolves scouts attempted to cause severe damage to the Warlord Titan with a massed meltabomb attack, but none of the deadly bombs hit their mark, and in return the courageous scouts were trampled by the Titan's giant legs, causing them to withdraw from the battle. In numerous close combats across the battlefield, forces of the Imperium performed their holy duty with courage and murderous efficiency. Grey Knights easily dispatched daemons and Greater Daemons alike, while Space Wolves cavalry were efficiently cutting up even more Chaos minions. A combined assault by the Deathwing and Korsaro's White Scars cut down enemy terminators - save for one wounded enemy leader, whom the Deathwing trussed up as prisoner for reasons unknown but only to them.

The ferocity of the Imperium's second turn attack took all by surprise (both the Imperium and their enemies) as swathes of daemons were cut down in murderous fire and assaults. Most importantly for the Imperium's morale, 4 Chaos and Ork super-heavies were destroyed in a single turn. The arrival of Master Belial and the rest of the Deathwing, as well deep-striking drop pods delivering Astartes dreadnoughts behind enemy lines, were also morale-boosting.

By the time the forces of Disorder started their second turn, 7 of their 13 super-heavies were destroyed, and a further 2 were heavily damaged. The Imperium had totally ignored the gigantic Warlord Titan (with 9 structure points, they just said, "forget it"), and the great war machine once again unleashed its fearsome firepower onto the Imperium’s warriors, destroying the Brandenburg tank ace Captain Hartmann’s Leman Russ Vanquisher, as well as nearby vehicles.

Waves of Khorne infantry – Berzerkers, Raptors and Terminators – flank marched into the left flank of the Imperium, slaying Master Sammael, destroying a Basilisk, and many a Land Speeder. Only Chapter Master Mavles Khan of the White Scars and his assault marines held on against the Chaos flanking onslaught. The next wave of daemons – foul Plaguebearers – appeared in the center of the battlefield, along with other Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes, as well as the feared Fateweaver. The Ork Mek Stompa, belching smoke and bellowing xenos obscenities through oversized loudspeakers, projected its lifta beam and flung a Space Wolves Land Raider right across the battlefield, narrowly missing some Thunder Wolf cavalry. On the Imperium right, Kharn himself led a rabid headlong charge with a squad of Khorne Berzerkers, cutting down Deathwing terminators and White Scars bikes, including Korsaro. In the center, a traitor Stormraven roared onto the battlefield, disgorging its dreadnought cargo, which charged the nearest Deathwing terminator squad.

But the Chaos onslaught had clearly lost momentum, as the bulk of the Imperium’s firepower was still left intact.

Major Schaeffer’s Chimera thundered onto the battlefield, his Brandenburg mechanized infantry pouring in to reinforce the Imperium center. 1st, 4th and 5th squads forged ahead on the left to capture an enemy objective, while 2nd and 3rd squads sped ahead to secure the vital Imperial HQ objective. The mechanized infantry’s left flank was well covered by Devil Dog and Hellhound light tanks. Major Schaeffer watched in awe as Grey Knight Paladins rushed in and cut down Khorne terminators at will, while further still to the left, Space Wolves Storm Claws jetted in and made short work of enemy Raptors. Overhead, the roar of ramjets filled the sky as Navy Thunderbolts split up and began individual strafing runs, autocannon and lascannon fire chewing up the ground and daemons alike. From his sheltered firing position, a Vindicare Assassin’s shieldbreaker round broke the Fateweaver’s enchanted ward, opening the way for a hail of autocannon shells to impact directly into the daemon, sending him back to the Warp. One Thunderbolt deftly manouvered behind the traitor Stormraven and opened fire, but the traitor pilot was able to avoid the incoming fire with unnatural evasive action. Higher still, Astartes drop pods of the Raven Guard and Space Wolves screamed down directly onto designated objectives. As the Baneblade and Leman Russ companies focused battle cannon fire into the daemon horde, the ground shuddered with multiple high-ex impacts, spewing bits of daemon and earth into the air in a most horrible bombardment. This was followed up by a spirited charge led by Bjorn and Deathwing venerable dreadnoughts. On the far right, concentrated fire from Raven Guard marines, Leman Russ battle cannon and plasma cannon, as well as the Laser Destroyer cut down Kharn and his Khorne minions, even as the Deathwing made good ground amidst the enemy position and the surviving White Scars moved to secure an enchanted enemy objective. Major Schaeffer was about to signal a cry of triumph when a blinding flash, followed by a deafening roar, marked the demise of the Baneblade Pride of Brandenburg, Major Rammstein’s tank.

The Chaos Dooms Day Device had found its mark on the Baneblade company commander’s tank, utterly obliterating it in a great ball of flame and gas, the explosion also destroying Captain Scheel’s command Vanquisher. The forces of Disorder gave everything they had in their final turn to grab victory from the clutches of the Imperium. Recognizing that it’s down to grabbing objectives, they focused on doing just that. To the Imperium left, the Keeper of Secrets and lone Chaos Hound (two of the handful of survivors of the Imperium bombardment and charge) leapt forwards and charged the lead Chimera, blowing it up and killing most of its occupants. More importantly, they had managed to contest the objective the mechanized infantry were holding. To the far right, reinforcing Khorne Berzekers brushed off a Raven Guard charge and made good their advance to contest the objective there. A supporting charge by Chaos and Dark Eldar on Shrike’s squad failed however, with the Raven Guard Captain emerging triumphant. But the Chaos forces were really focused on denying the Imperium of the objective they held in the center. Repeated attempts to deep strike terminators to contest the objective were foiled either by the Imperium’s Disruptor Beacon or mishaps. Chaos finally called a precision strike on the defending Raven Guard marines. Volley after volley of murderous fire poured in the Raven Guard, but they still held on. That is, until the Warlord Titan opened fire with its fearsome volcano cannon, incinerating all in its blast. The Imperium’s back-up to hold that objective, a squad of Grey Hunters who had drop-pod in next to the Raven Guard, was unfortunately within striking distance of a Daemon Prince, whose magicks and charge made short work of the indomitable Sons of Fenris.

It all came down to Mefistos’ charge into the surviving Deathwing on the right, who were barely holding on to their Fallen special objective. The close combat was fierce, with the traitor sorcerer slaying 3 Deathwing, while also incurring 3 wounds himself. At the end however, the Deathwing were still holding onto their objective, which counted as a vital objective. Thanks to this amazing act of defiance, the Imperium won the day 4-2. The forces of Disorder held one vital objective which was right at the foot of the Warlord Titan and held by Dark Eldar, while the Imperium held one vital objective at their field HQ, plus the Deathwing’s Fallen, which counts as a vital objective only the Deathwing could claim or contest.

Face spattered in blood and gore, Lord Ragnar looked up from his handiwork as a long baying sound of war-horns marked the retreat of the enemy. Even with the severe punishment meted by his forces, the vile enemy still seemed to be able to disengage in good order, leaving behind a sea of dead and the husks of their destroyed war machines. Navy Thunderbolts harried the enemy along with their strafing runs, even as the surviving Imperium armor kept up their fire into the retreating enemy. He consulted his data slate and grunted in satisfaction. The Imperium triumphs! Ave Imperator!

I’ve taken part in many Apoc battles, but I must admit this has been the biggest and baddest so far. So, the final results for the Re-Taking of Ghemehaal (photos at

Victors!:          The Imperium – 4 victory points
Survivors!:       Forces of Disorder – 2 victory points
Best Painted Character:          Skarbrand (Subhan)
Most Freakin’ Impressive Army:        Deathwing (Boon Kin)
Most Valuable Unit (Imperium):        Deathwing squad (Boon Kin)
Most Valuable Unit (Disorder):          Warlord Titan (Rizal)
Killer of Giants:          me!

I don’t remember what the losses on each side were (maybe you guys can help remind me), but I lost my entire Ravenwing force, a single Baneblade, the Basilisk, a Chimera, 4 Leman Russ and 6 guardsmen. Other than that, I believe all the detachments were badly hurt – Deathwing, White Scars, Raven Guard and Space Wolves forces were all mauled. The forces of Disorder lost 7 super-heavies, with 2 more heavily damaged. From my point of view, the Daemons, Orks, traitor Astartes and World Eaters suffered the most, though I could be wrong.

It was absolutely awesome! Thanks guys for taking part so enthusiastically. It was my privilege to see many great models, conversions and scratchbuilts (e.g. Mek Stompa, Thunderbolts, Banesword, Warhound Titan, some excellent Dooms Day Devices and of course the Warlord Titan) and excellent hobby spirit. Let’s do this again! Soon!