Friday, August 29, 2008

Nurgle's Rot has come to Legio

Hey folks!

First off, I'm back from my wedding and honeymoon- huzzah! Many thanks to my fellow Legionnaires who were able to make it out. I had a lot of fun, and I hope you did as well.

Unfortunately, upon my return to work both Saleem and myself have caught some kind of nasty bug. We're both pretty under the weather, so we're NOT going to be able to keep the factory open tonight for Hobby Night. I had put the announcement off in hopes that I would feel good enough to attend, but neither of us can make it.

So, enjoy your Friday in another way, and be sure to come by on September 5th. I won't be there, unfortunately, as I'll be on a plane to NZ for a Battlefront meeting, but I will be back for the September 19th Hobby Night. Take care!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hobby in Plano TX, Part 7

Well, this is the final instalment of this series, for come later next week, I fly home!
And I can roll some diiiiiiceeeee!!!

Anyways, had a great time at Hobby Annex tonight. Quite a vibrant gaming community with really friendly people. I arrived at 8:30pm, and there were a couple of people leaving, but there were at least 20 people there. The 8 tables were pretty cool. Anyways, I let the pictures do the talking. Btw, the one above is a shot of a horde of Orks who were having a hard time against Emperor's Children.

Some painting action going on - while a Riddick movie plays on the PC.

Orks charge across a bridge ... waaagh

Green slime oozes from beneath the door of this mysterious manor.

This Ork sentry post comes komplete wid praktikel reminderz

If you boyz wansta git in ...

What big wings you got grandma

Apparently, gaunts breed well in Texas too. Must be all them steak y'all.

4,000pt Fantasy action

There is a reason why the gates are locked ...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hobby in Plano TX, Part 6

Checked out this store called Hobby Annex. And this is one gamer's store. Recently under new management since June, this is a store owned and run by gamers, of gamers for gamers. Nice selection of hobby supplies, plastic and resin kits and some RC stuff, but mainly GW 40k and Fantasy, some LOTR, Warmachine, AT-43, Battletech, Magic, etc.

One of the regulars, Bob, walked me through the store. One half of the store, separated from the rest of the store, was the gaming and painting area. 6 tables with ample space, and nice racks of terrain. There were some freshly built Orky buildings, which I thought were real cool, and quite characterful (the lookout station had graffiti that said "oi, wake up!"). There's also a room where some nice diorama projects are kept. Real cool 1/35 scale stuff.

The store manager, Jeff, is real friendly and being a gamer and modeler, was really helpful with hobby tips, and gaming tips. He's building a Tyranid army and showed me a couple of models, pretty cool - one gaunt had an OOP Warrior's head on it, which looked nice.

Anyways, the store will soon be moving a couple of miles up the street to a better location, so they are having a Fantast/40k gaming frenzy this coming Friday - which yours truly will definitely attend.

Meanwhile, my Brit infantry are all done, and the last unit of the army list - the 25 pdr battery - is on the painting table, primed and ready to go. With luck, I'll be able to finish this by next weekend, and that would complete my 1500pt FoW late-war British rifle company army.

I did a bit of shopping too - the excellent Imperial Sector set and the moonscape craters. Look out for them on Legio tables next month.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hobby in Plano TX - Part 5

Came back to Plano yesterday after 2 weeks in Fort Worth. All in all, these past 4 weeks have been pretty productive. I finished painting an infantry platoon (including PIAT and knee mortar which I forgot to paint for 1st platoon), an MG platoon, an anti-tank platoon (complete with 6 pounder guns and Universal Carrier) for which I had to convert 4 crewmen, and 2 M10 tank destroyers. And I'm about 80% done on the 3rd and last infantry platoon. The only thing left for my 1500pt British Rifle Company list is the 25 pdr battery, which I'll start right after the infantry is done.

On the drive from Fort Worth to Plano yesterday I popped by Big World Comics in Carrolton. It's a small store that's jammed packed with stuff. An entire wall is plastered with FoW stuff - the stock is really good. They even have some stuff leftover from early-war, which is cool. Another wall is filled with GW stuff, 40k and Fantasy. What's cool about the store is that they still keep some real OOP stuff. There were even some old BFG stuff. Nice.

At the store, I met one of the regular FoW gamers who meet there every Saturday. His collection is pretty cool - Rumanians, Finnish, and early-war stuff. And he's quite the veteran wargamer with collections in all kinds of periods and scales and we had a good time talking shop. To me, that's the cool thing about traveling - getting to meet wargamers from all over the place.

Talking about that, I suddely remembered about a group called the Dallas Thursday Night Irregulars. I had bumped into them online a long time ago, but for some reason totally forgot about them. Anyways, I shot them a mail and we're looking at a possible game next Sunday - most likely a FoW 1942 desert bash. That would be awesome. They also gave me another list of stores to check out ... which of course, I will!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Slow, but cool hobby night...

For the first time (to the best of my recollection), last night was the first hobby night that featured everyone building and/or painting miniatures. Not a single game was played! Norman, Saleem, and I all furiously worked on our budding forces. Norman is painting a Warmachine warjack that keeps looking better and better. Next time you attend hobby night, be sure to bug him and check it out. I personally love the inked verdigris effect on much of the exposed metal parts. Very cool.

Saleem put together the bulk of his Soviet "Tchanka" teams- basically horse drawn wagons with a machine-gun team on board. He even incorporated resin tree stumps and creative arrangement to give them the sense of rushing along at breakneck speeds, happily shooting down as many fascists as possible.

As for me, I put together and spackled another two armored panzergrenadier squads, assembled another Panzer IVH, and put together two bases of Nebelwerfer rocket launchers for my German Panzer Lehr armored panzergrendier company.

We also listened to way too much 'Tenacious D' in our never ending quest for the perfect fusion of metal and hobby. Well, I would like to find that anyway!

As a final reminder, there will be no hobby night on Friday, August 15th. I'm getting married, and Saleem is coming as well. So, we won't have anyone to keep the factory open for hobby madness. However, Saleem has agreed to open hobby night on August 22nd, so we won't have to cancel that one as I originally thought. I will be on my honeymoon so I won't make it.

So, last night was quiet but very productive for the folks that made it. I look forward to seeing you all after I get hitched, and I'm also really looking forward to getting in some serious Flames of War gaming!



Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good news for Hobby Night

Howdy folks!

I have some more news to add to the steady stream from our international correspondent Azlan! Up until recently, on the schedule we've had Hobby Night closed at Battlefront for two Fridays, the 15th and the 22nd. This is because, as many of you know, I'm getting married on the 15th. Hobby Night night will definitely NOT be happening on that evening.

However, Saleem has agreed to come in and open up Hobby Night on the 22nd. I will still be on my honeymoon, but the rest of my fellow Legionnaires are welcome and encouraged to keep Saleem company.

Last night was an excellent Hobby Night- I assembled and basecoated my Panther A platoon, and also assembled 2 Tiger IE tanks. I've decided to switch from doing SS to Panzer Lehr in the Villers Bocage book. Azlan, I WILL have 2000 points painted by the time you get back, so keep up your awesome efforts at getting your Brits painted.

So, that's about all for now folks!