Saturday, February 12, 2011

Of Mayhem, Xenos, Speed and Horror.

That was one amazing Hobby Nite! I managed to roll in early, and partook in some excellent beverages while talking about our most insane of hobbies. In the meantime, Subhan's vile Chaos Daemons had descended and were happily tearing apart some of the Emperor's finest (Red's).

I then proceeded to the hobby table and had an amazing time assembling my latest squad of resin goodness. Pity I forgot to bring enough shoulder pads, but I did manage to get the squad about 90% assembled. Jeff was doing likewise with his stash of shiny new toy soldiers, and the heavy metal in the background served well to drive the industry.

Kadir turned up with his initiate and proceeded to do Fantasy battle with Arzmi (who was happily collecting the Emperor's tithe for K2). Cikgu Din arrived with my brand-new Predator. I have some grand plans for this tank - but after K2 la.

With the squad assembled I headed off to the gaming tables, where much action was happening. The Daemons were joyously destroying a beautiful dying race. My Ravenwing deployed for action against heretical self-proclaimed kin of Sanguinus and the battle was amazingly sharp, involving a lot manouver and speed. It's been more than a year since I took the Ravenwing out and it felt really good. The battle ended in a draw.

And it felt so good I picked up another battle against xenos Eldar, and again it was a great affair with both sides being fast and manouverable. The Ravenwing truimphed this time, but in the aftermath, Sammael had to be brought into the apothecary's chambers (last wound lost to his overheated plasma cannon).

Anyways, we all retired rather late. Tired but absolutely happy. And totally looking forward to next Hobby Nite!


  1. Nice writeup dude! I enjoyed hobbying away with my stuff- good times

  2. Yeah that game was intense.. was witnessing bikes to even horizon. All with melta weapons of all sorts. Melta weapon is bad for my Tanks health.. must stay away like oily food..

    However i still stand the whole Razorback exploding.. murdering 3 of my Assault Space Marine, which they pass their pinning test but fail their leadership test and ran out the board was truly WTF.

  3. @Lan: R u sure it was Sammael leading your Ravenwing dat nite?

    Look at his name-tag carefully... S.Y.A.M.A.E.L..ahah!! No wonder la plasma cannon gets hot hahaha!!!

    P.S: When can i get da Cyclone ML bits?

    -By CikguDin-

  4. Dang I wished my Deathwing was there, if not caught up with last minute Fallen matters :P

  5. @din- what is that suppose to mean, besides being hot!! haha.


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