Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Legio Malaysia

3 years is actually quite a long time esp for a wargaming club run by volunteers.
3 years of opening Hobby Nights and organizing events for the local gaming community.
Ave Legio!!!

The turnout for the Golden Kris competition was rather lukewarm but the Apoc battle royale more than made up for it. You can read all about the details in Azlan's extensive post prior to this one.

Let me just concentrate on the Golden Kris. We didn't get as many entries as last year but the quality has surely improved. So without futher ado let me announce the winners.

Overall winner and the Golden Kris 2011 recipient goes to Jeff Brooks with his jaw dropping awesomely painted Death Korp of Kreig squad.

Single model category.

Unit category.

Large model category.
Carl's Deffknight was also voted People's Choice!!

A very big thank you to all those who took part in the Golden Kris painting competition as well as the Apoc battle.

A special shout out to Cheng for providing the grub on that day and Alvin for helping him with the cooking :)

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

See you again next year.

(please check our photo album for all the Golden Kris entry)


  1. How time flies. Happy Birthday Legio Malaysia.
    Can't wait to visit next time I'm back. Cheers everyone.

  2. Happy Birthday Legio, the best hobby and gaming club ever existed!! Ave Legio!!

  3. Happy birthday! Great looking Golden Kris winners, all of them!

  4. Head up salute for a gaming club the stand strong for 3 yrs. Salute! Congratulation to all Golden Kris winner. Cheerssss!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! let's see if we can't do octagenarian


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