Thursday, July 14, 2011

RSVP Time! Who's Coming?

We're back in action for tomorrow's Hobby Night. For those interested in getting involved with "Ghemehaal: Annihilation", we've got a planning session scheduled for tomorrow. We'll be going over:

Conversion of the "Firestorm" Flames of War campaign rules to 40K
Assess terrain requirements, including materials and time.
Map and token design
Determining what goes into the final rules pack
...and anything else to make this thing kick butt!!

So... who's coming? :D


  1. The only butt I'll definitely be kicking are those Imperial scum's..

  2. I'll be there. Need to get as many input for the campaign as possible ;)

  3. Yes, this campaign will be kick ass. I've played the Firestorm general's wargame, and certainly look forward to see how it pans out in campaign mode, especially when ported to 40k

  4. Finally, count me in to get some painting done

  5. no hobby for me this week rawr. have my in-laws in town till next week and liverpool tomorrow. go Malaysia !!


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