Monday, August 1, 2011

Ghemehaal: Annihilation Announcement

We've gotten many questions and comments about the teaser banner we put on top of the site. Here's some details for those who have expressed interest:

'Ghemehaal: Annihilation' will be a six week Warhammer 40,000 campaign themed around the events begun in Azlan's 'Arenxis Burns' campaign last year. Time flies, doesn't it...? :)

The campaign start date will be Friday, October 7th at 8:00 PM. The last campaign turn night will be Friday, November 11th, followed by the final Apocalypse battle on Saturday, November 12th.

Participation is by confirmation/invitation only. We're looking for fun players with WYSIWYG, fully painted armies that can make the time/commitment to play in a campaign. We will be using a campaign rules system heavily based on Battlefront Miniatures' 'Firestorm: Bagration' campaign.

Because of the Firestorm system we are using, all games for each campaign turn must be played at Hobby Night. They cannot be played at other locations, and they cannot be played at other times. The campaign turns officially start at 8 PM Friday- the generals for both sides must be there by that time so the strategic phase can be completed by then, and battle plans given to each of their commanders.

Here are the confirmed registrations we have thus far:

Imperial Forces- (May consist of Imperial Guard, Space Marines, or the Inquisition)

Khairul- Angels Sanguine and Overall Commander

Jeff- Death Korps of Krieg
Dann- Blood Angels
Arzmi- Grey Knights

Chaos Forces- (May consist of Chaos, Orks, or Dark Eldar)

Subhan- Chaos Daemons and Overall Commander

Azlan- Thousand Sons
Iqbal- Renegade Inquisition

Tau, Necrons, or Tyranids may not be used in this campaign. Eldar may be used, and will be added to the side that needs the most reinforcement at the time :)

If you can fulfill the obligations mentioned here, and want to have a great time writing Glenmarie Sub history, then post up here or email me or Khairul that you'd like to participate. We'll get back to you and go from there :)


  1. i guess i wont be joining this campaign.. coz i dont think i will be able to make it by 8 in S.Alam. But can i still play the final Apoc game.

  2. Sorry to hear that dude. Maybe next time

  3. Arenxis Burns was in November 2009 ;p

    the November dates, uhm, I might probably forced to pull an 'Eldar' move in this current campaign..but regardless of what shall transpire, Inquisitor Kravin shall deliver his ultimatum!

  4. Thanks for the correction

    What do you mean by "pull an Eldar move"? Do you mean you're unable to play in the campaign?

  5. as of this moment, I'm on a scheduled outstation duty on the first two weeks of November..crossing my fingers..

  6. @Jeff- I bet you are gonna finish painting those DKOK army asap. Can't wait to see the whole army painted.
    I can't make it for the campaign. Hope I can take leave on the 12th Nov for Apoc. I gotta show off my Thunderhawk.

  7. Nice!!

    I'd just like to reiterate that we're looking for 'fun' players who can make the full 6 weeks :)
    This is a campaign setting so full involvement is a huge factor in making it a fun event.

    But if you're a fun player and interested to join but can't make the full 6 weeks we still would like to hear from u :)

    Please email us at the contact above.

  8. Only one thing can conquer war,that attitude of mind which can see nothing in war but destruction and annihilation. FOR THE DARK GODS!!


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