Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ghemehaal Annihilation concluded

We concluded the Ghemehaal:Annihilation campaign last Friday night. Its been 6 weeks of super fun wargaming goodness :). Can you guys really believe we pulled a 6 weeker campaign??? Not bad huh.

Gents, lets not give the results away and wait for the super awesome turn by turn video wrap up by Jeff ;).

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took part in the campaign. I personally believe that it was a success. Hopefully this will set the direction of future Legio events.

Hats off to Jeff for the running the campaign, making the videos and not forgetting the really nice personalised campaign maps given to the hardcore campaigners. Hanging on my wall now hehe.

Well done everyone!!!

ps ...again, do not let out the outcome :) Lets wait for the official video...


  1. I believe the Video was the coolest thing done for the campaign since.

  2. That's a sexy picture :) He'll get vids done if he's not distracted by Skyrim.

  3. Skyrim is killing my hobby time, but they will be done along with a DVD for all the campaign participants! I had a great time as well- glad folks had fun...

  4. awesome campaign yo!! ave legio!! gonna agree with red here, the videos are damn cool.

    @mrs.jeff: O...M...GEE skyrim!! i'm still finishing the loose ends from oblivion. how is it ??

  5. Though I couldn't join the campaign, I felt that I was there, because of all the video updates Jeff posted up. Great job *pat on shoulder*

    I love the theme music of Skyrim....but never tried the game, stuck with 'Company of Heroes' at the moment.
    @Jeff- Just kill the dragon....that should do the trick.

  6. Awesome is the word for campaign. I enjoyed it that for sure. I hope these kinda things will go on in legio. I can believe i actually made 3 out of the 6 weeks.. could have been 4.. rats.

    I hope there would be more campaign and more participants for the next coming campaign.

    @jeff- hope the music i gave u will be of some use :) . I think you might even have them already.

  7. @Jeff/the other guys: Since 40k Malaysia is on strike/off-line mode, can we use this Legio's Website for our 40k community to chat/discuss?

    When/What is our next campaign?


  8. Folks have always been welcome to chat about stuff going on here- no problem dude. We don't have a forum but feel free to reply to topic threads. Anyone heard a prognosis as to how long the forums will be down?

    Next campaign will be Flames of War early next year after we get done with MaGaCon. After that, who knows? Alvin mentioned that Yip might be planning something soon...?

  9. @deathkorps:

    Might took awhile. Looks to me the folks on is encountering some problem while in midst of migrating data to new server and pause half way... Our server 21 (I assume...) is one of the server that been affected...

  10. @Whoever in charge og MaGaCon: I've submitted my on-line registration today, but has yet to receive confirmation via e-mail.

    Thus I would like to know my status. Or, can we can just meet this Friday nite at the Legio (assuming Legio will be opening this Friday).

    I'll bring the $, my army list..etc..I hope you (or your proxy/agent) can bring my ticket so that we can confirm my registration with Bossman-Jeff.

    I'm quite sure that there'll be some other guys who'll do a last minute confirmation just like what I'm asking from you.

    Thanks in advance mate!


  11. Am glad everyone had fun and enjoyed playing the campaign :)

    We can definitely discuss about the next one this hobby nite. We're also moving the stuffs outside to the new Legio room so all hands on deck would be much appreciated.

    A themed campaign would be nice....necrons vs imperials was mentioned during mamak talks ;)
    Now i would love to see that happen.

    But how would we decide on the stormlord??

  12. @khairul: for that necron vs imperial campaign, u could have a fight on a tomb world long colonizes and thriving as an imperial world...until the necrons started waking up...again.

    u could run a campaign where the necron lords are actually busy trying to outboss each other so as to become the world's leading LORD 9in the absent of the previous one)..the imperium in the middle are just interference, not really on the agenda, but do give prestige 'points' for lordship when defeated. As for the imperium, they're fighting for their survival, of course.

    so, u could have a campaign where necrons could fight each other as well as the imperium. at the end, one of them will be the acknowledged tomb Lord(with the humans defeated) or the Necrontyr threat will be defeated.

    well, thats my opinion. i'm sure wiser souls out there will flesh out the details and come out with an enjoyable campaign. too bad i can't join

  13. Well that sound good actually. But with the only exception that the human are to be defeated first before nec vs nec

  14. Who are all the Necron players that would actually/reliably play in this campaign? Sounds like a cool concept, but I confess I don't anyone other than Subhan who A) Has Necrons, and B) Would come to hobby night on a regular basis to play games. If such people are here, shout out! :)

    If anyone has ideas and wants to try planning something, come this Friday. It's open gaming, so a perfect time to plan next year's campaign...


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