Monday, December 19, 2011

MaGaCon Mayhem Is Complete!

Wow, what a weekend!

We had 16 brave competitors come to the first ever Legio tournament held outside our hallowed halls. Despite the logistical complications and lack of chainmail-bikini clad women, we had a fantastic time. Kudos to Chang for organizing MaGaCon- that show was great and far more complex than anything I have ever personally done. It took a lot of planning and doing, and he got it done. Well done!

As for the tournament, you guys were great. No long faces, nice looking armies, and competitors from far and wide. It was great to see Quake and Chris again, as well as the Singapore crew back in force once again. We'll make it to your March tournament come hell or high water!!

So, without further ado, here's the final results:

Overall Champion: Din and his Black Templars

Best Appearance: Yusoff and his killer Grey Knights army

Best Sportsman: Chris Ong, Sportsman Champ from Kindred!!! Woo hoo!!!

Here are the complete results!

If you've got pics folks, please pass along links in this thread so we can all check them out! I didn't take any other than the one in this post (from my phone), but we'd love to see the trophies getting handed out to our well-deserving winners!!

See you guys next year!!


  1. Kudos to the organizers and the winners! Pity about the chainmail bikini thing :)

  2. Kudos to Jeff & Khairul, definitely..sorry for not being able to be there to help you guys..

  3. We'll keep you updated on the Singapore Tournament in March. There's actually lots of tournament action down south in the 1st 6 months of 2012.

    There should be a clearer picture by January:)

  4. BTW guys, i had great fun in the tournament, especially since i was the ONLY XENOS player!

    Thanks for a great time!

  5. Btw the GK army i played with belonged to a friend called Steve,wanted to play GK but could not get my army up fast enough.All credit goes to him and judges at Magacon were nice enough to let his army still win the award.Kudos for your mature decision and keeping the fun in the hobby,well done! i enjoyed myself there,hope to see some of you guys here in SG next year

  6. Ok not the only Xenos. There was an Ork player. Sorry!

  7. Very much thanks to the TO for allowing me to participate despite last minute entry. I see that I was down there in the ranking, but it was worth it to be there :)

    @Yusoff: Sell to me that scatter dice.. please :lol:

  8. No worries Kadir. If it was at all possible to get you in there without ending up with an odd number, we were definitely going to do it. Advance registration really helps us make sure everyone can play and cuts down on the last minute scrambles :)

  9. is there a link to a photo album somewhere?

  10. Spunky: I think most of the folks is tied up in the tournament / fanboi thingy, so there is not much photo available, anyway, you can check out Magacon facebook, I think they put up 2 set of photo last night, not sure whether there is anything new there though.. no FB is allowed on work.

  11. Awesome games were played & new player met. All thanks to Jeff,Chang, khairul and the other TO. The link is in the 40k forum.

  12. CikguDin said...

    Jeff...not 'Black' Templar's supposed to be "Din and his BLOOD TEMPLAR" mwahahaha!!!

  13. CikguDin said...

    Yaiks!! My appearance score is 3! Must be because they are not your usual BT colour scheme hahaha!!

    Guess I was lucky to get such great Sports score & VP! Special thanks to my fellow opponents that day for giving me 7 out of 9 (even though I was clearly crushing their armies to bits hehehe...)

    See you guys again next year!!

  14. I know you're kidding around Din, but just to clarify for everyone, the painting score is NOT based on "fluff" or our opinion regarding the suitability of a paint scheme towards the codex used. Painting scores come solely from our (in this case Khairul's) judgement of the paint scheme's quality and consistency. :)

  15. Yeah thanks for clearing that Jeff.

    Quality and consistency was definitely tops.
    Did the army look cohesive, was there painting efforts among others?

    Army fluff was NEVER in the judging.

    Whose to say there isn't a blood templar somewhere out there in the big 40k universe. There might even be a blood templar grey knights necron hybrid just waiting to show up :)

  16. CikguDin said...

    On the bright side, this will only spurs me to do a lot more effort in the painting department.

    Wonder if I put 3 bikini-clad minis as my next objective counters will influence future painting results of my army kekeke...


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