Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hobby Night 19th October : RSVP

This week marks the end of our FoW Operation Case Yellow. After a bitter start the Germans forces have managed to gain the upper hand but just slighty. Should the Germans win, the result will be a minor German victory. If the Allies manage to win then this campaign will result in an overall draw.

Which would then mean that Hauptman Nahri (Overall Axis Commander ) and Oui Capitaine Arzmi (Overall Allied Commander) will wear their respective armor and duel it out in the arena. Injury and victory is still at 2 odds. Decaptitation gets you 3. Only gold dinaris can be used to partake in this once in a lifetime match-up.

See you guys there. RSVP if you're coming.


  1. Once again, 5PD will have to leave the honor of winning France to our comrades. For the Fatherland!

  2. hi hi, i will be there sexies !!


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