Thursday, May 16, 2013

No Hobby Night Tomorrow- Birthday Bash is at Hand!

There will be no Hobby Night tomorrow as the officers of Legio Malaysia prepare for Saturday's 5th Annual Birthday Bash. Don't forget that Kindred IV and Golden Kris V are taking place- there's still time to get those models painted for Single Model, Large Model, Unit, and Duel, so make sure you get your arrive and enter your models before 2 PM! VIP guest Jarold Sng, sculptor of the Legio Daemon Statuette, will be on hand to pass out awards and possibly answer any questions you may have about sculpting. With all this and free drinks/snacks to boot, it's going to be a celebration to remember! See you Saturday!


  1. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. See you at Saturday man =) I'll try to bring some redbull for the hensem organizers and folks that attend the event =)


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