Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gentlemen...you can start painting!!!

It's October the 8th so Legio's Army Throwdown II : Warhammer officially starts! You can start painting your respective armies beginning today. This time we have 16 brave souls joining us for this painting madness! They are in no particular order :

Jeff Brooks - Beastmen
Khairul Effendy - Skaven
Mohamad Faizal - Vampire Counts
Jo Tan - High Elves
Stephane Porquier - Dark Elves
Hafizhu Rodzali - Bretonnians
Arzmi - Empire
Yee Fong Chang - Empire
Dann Toh - Dark Elves
Alvin Khaw - Lizardmen
Kenneth - Lizardmen
Carl Lum - Warriors of Chaos
Iqbal Rahim - Warriors of Chaos
Patrick Ong - Warriors of Chaos
Paxter - Warriors of Chaos
Rizal - Orcs & Goblins
* if you've registered and I've left your name out please post on the comment box below. I'll update the list.

Below is the Throwdown schedule and we highly recommend that you follow it to qualify for each rounds.
November 8th - Core
November 22nd - Special
December 6th - Army General
December 20th - Core
January 3rd - Rare
January 17th Wild Card ( any previously undisplayed choice from your army)
January 31st Wild Card
February 14 - Wild Card

All the best to everyone! Looking forward to seeing your progress :)


  1. GLHF for all the participants =D

  2. Where am I? :D


    1. I'm not sure dude, I don't see any geotagging or the like on your post. PJ? KL perhaps...? ;)

  3. Hahaha, thanks man!



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