Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's That Time Again- THROWDOWN Time!

Tomorrow Legio Malaysia will be holding it's last structured Throwdown with a RARE choice from your army. The final three individual Throwdowns will all be Wild Cards- any previously undisplayed, legal unit from your ever growing army!

The following four competitors MUST show up with a RARE choice  tomorrow night, or they will be officially disqualified from the competition:

Jo Tan
Hafizhu Rodzali
Rizal Abdullah
Carl Lum

You have to throwdown at least four times, and after tomorrow there are only three opportunities left! We'd love to see you guys make your first throwdown, so do please come on down to Hobby Forge tomorrow night! :)

We'd also like to congratulate the following competitors for having qualified last week. With four completed throwdowns under their belts, these guys are ready for the final army throwdown once their armies are done!

Alvin Khaw
Arzmi Bakar
Jeff Brooks
Patrick Ong

Who's coming tomorrow? Post up here- it's HOBBY TIME!


  1. Congrats on the Throwdown folks! Hope more will make it. From my experience with the earlier 40k throwdown, it's an awesome way to build an army. I'll be there tomorrow with AirCav & Eldar ready for dice and Thousand Sons for hobby!

  2. The Lizardmen of Xthol will be there to smite some high elves beehind :)

  3. By High Elves I presume you mean moi? Throwing down with my Great Eagles.

  4. Been sick, but managed to get a new Chaos Spawn painted. That will suffice for my Rare choice tonight.... :)


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