Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friends + Food + Lotsa Good Hobby = Excellent Hobby Night!

I gotta admit the Buka Puasa Pot Luck Hobby Night last night was a tremendous success. We all thought that there won't be enough food - turns out there was all kinds - nasi tomato, oodles of beehoon, chicken, beef rendang, sambal, otak2, all kinds of kueh, fruit, drinks - we all kinda gorged out ourselves silly.

But Hobby Night started way before dinner. I managed to start assembling a Basilica Imperialis from the brilliant 40k city ruins set. That is one amazing building kit! I'm about 40% done right now, and can't wait to get it done. Saleem went to work on some terrain and his SoB.

The first games started an hour before dinner. My Eldar faced Jo's real cool Speed Freeks, and we had such a great game (with afore-mentioned dinner break after Turn 2), we had another one right after.

There were lots of furious dice-chucking going on, so much so that we had to break out the spare table and terrain (used only in emergencies - note to self: must bring/build more). There were some real interesting models on-table too. Some amazing-looking looted wagons, battlewagons, trukks and dethkoptas, a scratch-built Iron Warriors Land Raider, and there were lots of models from the excellent Black Reach box set too.

Man, that was excellent. Now I'm so looking forward to next Friday. See you guys at the Legio.


  1. Awww... you flatter my orky vehikuls...

  2. food looks good! can't wait to go back and be there soon!


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