Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tournament FAQ 1

Hey folks,

We've started getting questions emailed in about the tournament, which only makes sense. However, rather than email individual replies, we are going to post these questions and answer them right on the Legio Malaysia site. That way, anyone else wondering about the same thing will already have the answer. Huzzah!

Must models be fully based?

Yes indeed, my friend, your entire army needs to be based. At a minimum, this consists of painting the base and glueing some kind of basing material on top of it. Note that if your entire army isn't based with a common appearance/theme, your Appearance score will not be as high as it can be. Many tutorials are available online to help with basing. Here's an example!

How would the Orbital Strike from the Daemonhunters/Witch Hunters Codex? Since I don't have to let my opponent know where the strike will fall, how should I record it?

I played a Daemonhunters army a while back, and I used a simple method for this that worked a treat. I created a 4x6 grid on a piece of paper that represented the table- I printed this out on my computer beforehand. Then, after terrain was set on the table, I quickly sketched out the terrain features on the paper, and indicated which table edge was mine. Then, I marked a big "X" on the terrain feature that my Orbital Strike would be centered on. This way, it was very clear, and my opponent had no doubts as to where I planned my Strike to fall. See the pic on the right for an example.

On wargear, how would a wargear work if both players are using it, but with different codexes which provide different abilities for it? (Older SM/SMV/DH storm shields vs the latest SM storm shields)

Each player simply follows the rules in their own Codex. All players MUST use the latest version of their respective Codex, as stated in the Legio Tournament Packet. If this still isn't clear, just email us the specific question/rule you need a ruling on, and we'll let you know. This also links into the next question...

Just to clarify, are Games Workshop FAQ 'patches' allowed?

Yes, and we've even provided the link to the GW FAQ page in the Legio Tournament Packet. Be sure to print off and bring with you a copy of your army's FAQ, just in case. FAQs may end up updating rules for older Codexes. When this is the case, the FAQ will take precedence. If there are any questions about the relevance or use of any FAQ, please email Legio Malaysia.

So, that's it for Round 1! Email in your questions and we'll get 'em answered up here. Cheers!


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  2. Must models like Daemon Princes or C'tan be based in 60mm round base? Or it is fine with the 40mm round base that comes with them in the box?

  3. The 40mm bases that comes with them in the box are fine. A lot of people still do that in tourneys. It just looks better on 60mm, that's all.

  4. how does proxy weapons work on metal models? must it also be WYSIWYG too?

  5. C'tan Deceiver's Deceive special rule:
    In the Shooting phase, the Deceiver can visit an enemy unit with visions of their descruction realistic enough to shake the bravest. The power has a range of 24", requires a line of sight and cannot be used on a unit that is in close combat. The unit must take either a Morale test ora Pinning test at the whim of the C'tan using the power...

    So my question is... does that considered shooting? Is just a power that happens on the shooting phase with no rolling to hit.
    I asked this because I'm wondering can C'tan Deceiver able to RUN and still use that power?
    And can it use that power on unit A and then assault unit B?

    So the definition of shooting is very important here. Would like to check with the Organizer first before the tournament. :)


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