Sunday, October 26, 2008

That Was Some Great Gaming

Last Friday's Hobby Night was a blast. We had plenty of 1500pt 40k action as people are trying stuff out for the tourney. My Land Raider-spam Thousand Sons took on Jeff's Salamanders ... and we found that truly, loyalists Land Raiders are finally better than those of Chaos. There were Chaos, Orks, other loyalist Marines, Eldar in action too with Dann, Nazrin, Kadir, Faizal, Iz and Din. Firaya was busy touching up the bases of his army. A really great-looking FoW action between Germans and US Airborne was happening too. And all this amidst the terrain-building chopping of blue foam and wood.


  1. Yes indeed, that was a fun game. Shame I wasn't fully painted, but I started on my Salamanders Terminator squad over the long weekend and should have it done soon!

  2. darn i missed it all... wish i was there.

  3. some people actually had a weekend! *sniff*


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