Friday, February 20, 2009

Legio Dice Have Arrived

The latest batch, in all its 2009 glory!

So, if you've recently joined as a Supporting Member (Level 2), and haven't received your set of Legio dice yet, be sure to come to Hobby Night this evening and grab your set.

We have the 2009 tshirts almost finished, and we expect those to be done by early next month. Stay tuned for details...


  1. how bout existing members?? how do we get our greedy hands on them nice dice???

  2. If you're an existing member who already received dice, you won't be getting a set of these for free. We MAY consider allowing members to buy additional dice, but that's a topic for a future club meeting (which will be scheduled very soon).

    The black dice are for Founding Members- ones who joined in 2008. From this point forward, we will no longer offer those black dice for new memberships.

    If you're an existing Supporting Member (level 2), and you haven't gotten your dice yet, be sure to come see me and I'll get you sorted.


  3. Yeah I wouldn't mind paying for those awesome dices..I wonder how the new Legio t-shirt looks like?


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