Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Week 4 and Season 2 Just Around the Corner

Hola Legionnaires!

This Friday promises to be an exciting Hobby Night!

For the Flames of War league, Friday marks the beginning of the 4th and final week of the regular season. Thus far, Edwin has managed to stay on top, but who knows what will happen in the final week? Nick has not only finished his minimum games- he's also got a two game lead for the League Fanatic award. Sweet!

With the league starting to wind down, I thought I'd recap what Legio Malaysia's upcoming plans are for Flames of War fans. Next month we'll be launching the much-anticipated Firestorm: Bagration campaign. This will kick off on Friday, March 20th at Hobby Night. If you plan on participating, please make plans to attend Hobby Night that night. We'll be conducting a pre-campaign briefing, and we'll be electing the commanding generals for the German and Soviet armies. So, if you want a say, or even want to be one of the generals, you gotta show up! Remember, ANY late war army may be played for this campaign. It's not just for German and Soviet players!

The very next morning on Saturday, March 21st we'll be running our first Flames of War Legio Tournament. This will be a 3 round, 1500 pt. Late War tournament. The rules packet for this will be done by Hobby Night, and posted in the downloads section.

Now, on to the 40K madness!

Friday begins the second season of the Warhammer 40,000 league. We are now accepting registrations, so if you want to get into Friday action as quickly as possible, be sure to pre register. Remember, ForgeWorld and scratch built models MUST be approved before you play your first game, so get those submissions in if you plan to use them.

The first night of a league also calls for something else- awards! The Season One winners will receive their trophies and applause at 9:00 PM this Friday. We'll even have drinks and snacks to commemorate this special occasion, so be sure to make it if you can!

That's about it for the league news. The last thing I want to mention relates to club matters specifically. We are working out a good time to have a proper club meeting. Gaming and circumstances have prevented us from holding a proper meeting for a long time, and we're well past due to have a good round table discussion. There are a lot of things we'd like to bring up to the membership, and as we get closer to our Birthday Celebration in May we need to get some help and preparation lined up. So, keep your ears to the ground for a time/place announcement on the site.

Thanks a bunch, and see you Friday!


  1. I wanna be there so much tonite.. My hands are itching to roll some dices.

    Tapi tak boleh.. tak boleh!!

    Have fun guys :)

  2. That's a real shame you can't make it- we want to see those sweet Raven Guard miniatures.

    Ah well, maybe next time.

  3. Jeff, I would like to request that 1 point be reduced from my first game against Chang on opening night. I believe I submitted a +1 point for having a fully painted army, which I now believe I should not get after Azlan pointed out primed models do not count.

    I am also putting this request in the public comments area so there is transparency to my points correction. My game against Peter (submitting after this post) will also not have the +1 point in it. Thanks.


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