Sunday, June 13, 2010

Play Warmachine?

If you do and live in the Klang Valley area, you need to pop by and check out the Warmachine Malaysia forums:

Warmachine Malaysia Forums

Players from this outfit meet up on Sundays at Hobby Forge, and they are always looking for new players to get involved. If you have the figs, but have been unable to play due to lack of opponents or opportunity, you might want to give these guys a try.

Of course, folks are always welcome to play Warmachine at Hobby Night as well, but if Sunday gaming sounds good to you, look no farther then Warmachine Malaysia...


  1. So how was Hobby Night on Friday night? I left early for a dinner meeting, but it seemed quiet...just some Grind and a little hunt-the-fallen-head...

  2. It was an uncharacteristically quiet night, actually. We ended up wrapping up early after a BFG intro game and some Blitz gaming was done. I'm sure a lot more will turn up this Friday :)

  3. Well done guys!!! I started in the miniature wargaming hobby with Warmachine but stopped around 2007 due to lack of support on the game and declining players.

    Its very good that this group has taken the lead to futher promote this game. I'm tempted todust up my protectorate figures and learn the mk2 rules.

    Well done again guys!!!

  4. Hey! I play Warmachine.....Hordes to be exact, but I stopped playing now for reasons mentioned by Khairul. But it is time for me to get the dust, off my Skorne for some action. Furthemore, the models are just awesome to be left on the shelves. Glad someone took the initiative to rescue this game.
    So far, I know Wolf has got a wonderful collection from Privateer Press.


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