Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who's Coming Tomorrow? Post Your War Cry Here!

There's been a lot of chat lately on the 40K Malaysia forums about Necromunda. Is anyone planning on playing some games tomorrow? I'd love to see the gangs out there tomorrow night battling in the hive...

Post your RSVP here if you're planning on attending tomorrow. I will be at the hobby tables, assembling the last bits of my upcoming Iyanden Eldar army for the 40K Malaysia "Legends" challenge. How about you guys?

Also, members, don't forget that tomorrow is a meeting. I know it's a bit late notice, but it's been a while, and if we can get a few Legionnaires together around 9:00 PM that'd be great. Azlan and I have some ideas we think you'll find interesting, and Iqbal has suggested some good topics as well. Please note this meeting is for Legio Malaysia members only. If you're not a member, you're still welcome as always to come to Hobby Night and play- we'll hold the meeting in another room.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for another great night of hobby! :)


  1. ok im in... i will bring me enforcer...hihihi.. so who's up to fight the enforcer.

  2. the 7th Panzer shall be there, bringing the steel might of Brandenburg and the Emperor!!!

    And so will Battle Group Farquhar!

  3. HI FOLKS, i'm in KL tomorrow. hopefully i'll be able to attend legio (fingers crossed)

  4. Awesome dude! Always great to see Da Warboss at Hobby Night

  5. I'll be there for the meeting.

    Saleh's opening up Hobby Forge tomorrow night, so after we're done with the meeting, I'll tell him all about it.

  6. will be there with tiong thien kong, yew kai and alan lau.

    lim soo jin

  7. I'll be staying there after work for a while...going to be working on my teeny tiny models again, for the first time in ages.

    Say, does anyone know if anyone plays Battletech in the Klang Valley?

  8. I'll be coming too if I can get off work early tomorrow. I'll bring my unpainted battlefleets just to try it out and a 1500 points army I am tweaking

  9. Sorry guys. I can't make it tmr. Got a wedding dinner to attend to. But next week is a definate YES :)

  10. will be coming too...hopefully if this new job doesn't throw me another curveball.

  11. Won't be coming, already planned for the World Cup a few weeks ago.

  12. hi ya gang

    wont be able to make it today

    daphnie is working late shift and im not too keen to leave baby aria alone with the maid

    miss gaming for sure, havent touched my models in weeks

    apologies that i cant make the meeting tonight

    cheers and kisses


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