Saturday, September 18, 2010

Excellent Times!

That was a really excellent Hobby Nite, even if I say so myself! All kinds of action was going on. Jeff managed to get his French mortar platoon ready for painting. I finished off my first Panzer II platoon and undercoated and got the basic german grey coat sprayed on the Panzer III platoon. Some pics will come up on that.

Dice rolling was pretty furious too. Bangkok-based Faizal turned up with his Vampire Counts, and while it looked like he was demolishing Iqbal's Chaos Warriors the fierce battle ended in a draw. Not so lucky was Doc, whose Ogres got shot to ribbons by Arzmi's Empire army, who finished off the enemy with a spirited and glorious charge by shiny knights. Subhan actually brought his Necrons, and while his army was eventually beaten by Rizal's rapidly growing Orks (great job on the painting progress - nice), that was some amazing action too - Necrons charging and wiping out Nob bikers, etc. It was fun to watch - which was what fellow Necron player Sean did, along with myself and Redeye. Redeye's test BA took on my Brandenburg 6th Assault Grenadiers in the excellent Vanguard mission, but was completely swamped by the guardsmen's heavy firepower and massed assault.

Then there was some excellent hobby and shop talk, which carried on to the mamak and off to a great start to the weekend. That's what's it about - totally looking forward to next Hobby Nite!


  1. Well its nice to manage to allocate time to legio which its rather unfortunately i will be out of action for a long time more as working schedule make it difficult to come to legio.

    It was a shame only manage to take one of Jeff awesome cookies and it all gone..

    Anyway.. Yeah Azlan army was rather nasty.

  2. i agree, it was a shame the cookies went poof. need more awesome cookies !!

  3. had a great game with Iqbal, great stuff indeed! I'm goin to miss legio for many months to come..

  4. Spunky, are your gaming nights regular events? I'll be back in Dec and am looking to get some good 40K lovin!

  5. Yup. Legio Hobby Nites are every Friday, unless otherwise announced. Come back to this site on Thursday and reply to the post to RSVP your attendance. What army you bringing?


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