Sunday, September 5, 2010


After skipping a week, it's most amazing to have Hobby Nite back! The proceedings started quietly enough, with two dark disciples already entrenched in the Legio library no doubt devouring some dark secrets encased therein. Jeff was busy refurbishing our desert table. He actually repainted the table and basecoated and drybrushed some 20-odd pieces of scatter terrain. The new-look desert table promises to be awesome.

I started the Nite by assembling the last 4 Boar Boyz for my army, and then proceeded to mess around with the models, trying to decide which unit to start painting first - which was eventually left undecided :) Of course, this was much to Jeff's and Iqbal's amusement, who always consider me a dice-wh*re and unable to focus on just hobby during Hobby Nite (unless it's like a last-minute terrain rush or something like that). Iqbal managed to do work on his Chaos warriors - those are real nice models!

Before I knew it, the first action was already happening on the city table, with Eldar facing down some mon-keigh Astartes. I didn't get to watch the whole game, which is a shame as Eldar is always great to watch - especially when they gun down power-armored mon-keigh (no bias intended ... lol). And the army also featured a squad of brightly-colored Harlequins - which is rare these days.

Joe was there with his Nids, and I'm not sure who he played that night - I was getting pretty distracted with my own game. Meanwhile, Dann's nids took on Sean's Necrons on the ice table - and once again, I have no idea what went on there.

The reason for my distraction was my match against Rizal's Ork horde - 110 greenskins and a Trukk against 108 IG and 4 AFV. We played an Ork Battles Mission - and it was just epic! I won't get into details, suffice to say that it was classic what-you-read-about-in-fluff massed infantry action. By turn 5, a combined total of 180 infantry and bikers from both sides had been killed.

Epic. Totally looking forward to the next Hobby Nite.


  1. Yeah, that Hobby Night was epic..
    You forgot to mention that we'll be opening on September 10th & 17th (unless further announcement)..

    I've also decided that until 31st December 2010, I'm only going to concentrate on WFB..

  2. It was indeed a fantastic Hobby Night. I'm looking forward to this week's!

  3. U guys open on the 10th! oh gawd, oh gawd!! i'm so tempted to come!! but gotta raya with tha family first since i arrived from Bkk on that day itself. I'll try to come but rite now is like 50/50.

    But I'll definitely show up on the 17th though..


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