Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ghemehaal in Flames Final Results

Overall Champion: Joe

Best Sportsmanship: Rizal

Best Appearance: Dann

Best Mercenary Squad: Joe

The official photo album, taken my very own malnourished grot, Iqbal:

Ghemehaal in Flames 40K Tourney Photos


  1. Congrats to all the winners.

    Super congrats to Jeff and Legio for hosting the event. Another annual event as per planned. Well done indeed.

    Ave Legio!!!

  2. awesome congratulations to Forgemaster Jeff and his Painboy Iqbal for another well run tournament!

    congratulations too to the winners and the rest who made this yet another success in the list of awesome-ness.

    finally, be sure to get excited for Legio's annual Kindred tournament next year!! it's gonna be LEGEND.....wait for it.....DARY!!

  3. Congratulations to all the award winners and everyone who took part. Nice to see how people got into the mercenary business!

    Cikgu Din, you gotta come back and reclaim the best sports awarad :)

  4. nice pics! thanks iqbal

    guys, dann's got some pics too

  5. I just wanted to convey my special thanks to Khairul who was sporting enough to play with a borrowed army 30 minutes after the start of the tournament. Your participation ensured that 3 players get to enjoy a game instead of just getting a bye. Your scoresheet does not really reflect your painting skills and abilities as a general which is for sure way way higher in real sense.

  6. Great going guys, bad luck for me that I had to miss all the blood and gore Legio promises year after year.
    @Darktemplar- I was actually wondering why Khairul's score is in italics and the rest were not. I guess he volunteered into the scene at the last minute to even the participant numbers. That my friends is a true gesture of a gentleman.
    @ Arzmi and Khairul- My vacation next year will be from 18th Feb- 18th Apr and again 18th Aug-18th Oct. Kindly organise the Kindred during this time if possible. Thanks guys.

  7. Yes indeed, Khairul's results are in italics because he played the "ringer" army. One player was a no call, no show, so Khairul bravely volunteered to take my Iyanden army into the storm. He rocks, that's all I can say... :)

  8. Awwww shucks ....... thanks guys :)

    Malunya...segan sipu.

  9. @Doc- I'm guessing Kindred will be sometime in March, so you should be 100% good for that one

  10. For some reasons I cant access tha facebook page to view the pics...

    Congrats to the winners! Anyone encountered the Fallen? :P

  11. @Boon- I'll see about getting those images in a proper photo gallery so everyone can see them regardless. Keep your eye on the "Legio Photo Albums" section...

  12. here's another link:

    and yes, keep an eye on the Photo Albums session soon..


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