Thursday, November 18, 2010

RSVP Time, Post Tourney Cool Down

Well, "Ghemehaal in Flames" is in the books, and it was great. We had a lot of fun, I really liked the mercenary squads people came up with, and it was cool to run the club's THIRD yearly tournament. Wow, how time flies. "Battle in the Eye of Terror", "The Inquisition Wars", and now "Ghemehaal in Flames". Cool.

I thought today I'd reiterate some stuff to help clear up some persistent confusion that people seem to still have about Legio Malaysia hobby nights. Some key points to know, folks (contrary to popular belief)

1. There is NO COST for playing at Hobby Night. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Kosong.

2. You do NOT have to be fully painted or WYSIWYG to play on Hobby Night. These standards are only enforced during official Legio events, like the previously mentioned 40K tournament. If you want to play with bare plastic miniatures, and have your Carnifex count as a Land Raider (shudder), that's completely between you and your opponent on Hobby Nights.

For more details, please download and peruse the Legio Malaysia FAQ. It doesn't bite.

So, whatever you'd like to play miniatures-wise, whether it be Flames of War, 40K, Warmachine, or anything else involving assembling, painting, and playing with toy soldiers, come on down tomorrow night and throw some dice. We'll keep a spot open for you (as long as you RSVP of course!)

See you there...


  1. I want to roll some dice!!! I'm bringing my Thousand Sons - 1750pts. My Ravenwing is always there, and so are my FOW late war Brits.

    who's up?

  2. Warmachine guys gonna have some games in Legio tomorrow too!

  3. daemons are back ,,1750 or 2000 pts,,i need blood,,seriously desperate

  4. @Tekanan- have fun guys. Glad u guys can drop by Legio. Say hello to the Forgemaster for me :)

    Ohh yeah....u need to rsvp the names of the guys that are planning to come. Real names please, Alif ;)

    Happy rolling dice!!! May yr focus never run out!!

  5. RSVP already laa. Perhaps our initiative could finally be Jeff's initiative to paint up his Cryx? :-O

  6. Don't think I'll have anyone to play I won't be coming.

  7. Though I am unwell enough to fly off to Argentina, I reckon I am well enough to drop by Legio tonight. Will be bringing my Emperor's Chosen 1750 points who are always up to make Thousand Island dressing out of the Thousand Sons and drenching daemons in their own blood. Kekekeke!

  8. Lord General Grandmaster Reiksmarshall Elector Count Inquisitor Arzmi Wilhelm IV will be marching by.


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