Friday, December 24, 2010

Traitor Radical Inquisitor Stopped at the Gates of Juru-Ukor!

Massive forces mustered by the heretic radical Lord Inquisitor Rizal descended on the beleaguered intrepid Imperial defenders of Ghemehaal, making ready to assault the space-port city of Juru-Ukor. Most fortunate for the Imperium, His Emminence the Lord Inquisitor Cortez himself was on hand to banish the forces of evil.

Traitor Lord Inquisitor Rizal's forces were significant indeed, and while not much detail is known as to its disposition, it is known that the following forces were thrown against the Imperium: 1 Warhound Titan, 3 Baneblades, 1 Shadowsword, 1 Stormblade, 10 Leman Russ, 1 Stompa, 2 Basilisks, 1 Manticore, 1 Deathstrike, around 70 traitor Astartes, around 20 traitor stormtroopers, a bunch of Rhinos, 2 Predators, 100 Orks, 9 Killa Kans, 3 Dreads, 6 Sentinels, 2 Dreadnoughts, a bunch of Daemon Princes and Greater Daemons, 1 Fateweaver, 1 Soul Grinder, several daemon packs, 1 Hellhound, a couple of assassins and the Lord Inquisitor himself.

Lord Inquisitor Cortez was able to muster the following: 4 Baneblades, 1 Shadowsword, 12 Leman Russ, 1 Laser Destroyer, 1 Manticore, 1 Basilisk, around 300 Imperial Guard infantry (Brandenburg and Vostroyan), 30 Astartes (Salamanders), 1 Dreadnought, 1 Land Raider, 6 Chimera, 1 Hellhound, 1 Devil Dog, 4 Thunderbolts as well as some Officio Assassinorium operatives.

The battle itself was awesome, though we were rushed for time. Highlights would definitely include:

1. 1 Shot 1 Kill!
The Astartes show how it's done as a Salamanders lascannon gunner drew a bead on a massive oncoming Stormblade super-heavy tank. His single shot was placed exactly where a weakness in the armored behemoth's plating allowed the concentrated las-energy to ignite the super-heavy's energy core, causing multiple critical explosions and utterly destroying it in one fell swoop (1 hit, 1 pen, two 6's on critical table, a third roll of 5).

2. Kill the Xenos!
Emerging from the smoke of the Stormblade wreck, some 20+ Ork xenos cowered in the resulting crater. Follow up firepower from the Imperial lines quickly reduced this to 4 Orks.

3. This is why they call him Vindicare
An operative of the Officio Assassinorium had infiltrated deep behind enemy lines, taking refuge amidst the vile blasphemous temple of doom, positioned behind the enemy's main tank line, When the time came, the Vindicare assassin fired his single turbo-penetrator round into the rear armor of an enemy Baneblade, causing 2 structural points of damage.

4. Begone, Foul Abomination!
Speeding into battle aboard a Salamaders Land Raider, Lord Inquisitor Cortez charged off the assault ramp with his Astartes escort, and took on the Fateweaver in mortal hand-to-hand combat. The result was preordained, as the foul abomination was banished back to the warp. The Lord Inquisitor and his escort were subsequently assaulted by a crazed pack of Ork bikers, but managed to make good their escape back into Imperial lines.

5. Air Power
The Imperial Navy's Thunderbolts proved their worth as they streaked in and unleashed a concentrated missile bombardment of the Ork Stompa, quickly immobilizing it and removing the threat to center of the Imperial lines.

6. Intrepid Scouts
The Brandenburg Imperial Guard sneaked 3 Sentinels behind enemy lines, past the enemy disruption beacon, and attacked the undefended enemy artillery park from the rear with furious multilaser and autocannon blasts and a pell-mell charge, disabling almost all of the enemy's artillery in one fell swoop.

This was one awesome battle and reminded me of why we used to play non-stop Apoc for almost a year.

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  1. I look at the list and.. waaah.. This is one huge Apoc battle.. When did this happen?

    The Vindicare.. I wish I was there even if just to see it happen ;)

  2. Glory to the Imperium of Man! Glory to Vulkan and the Fireborn! While the battle was cramped and a bit rushed, it was nonetheless an epic confrontation that was well worth participating in. We must fight another Ghemehaal Apoc game!!!

  3. guys have all the fun when I am not there.*sigh*.

  4. It was brilliant! A great way to spend the last Hobby Nite of 2010! Doc, AK, next time ...

  5. Great writeup and a great Apoc indeed! I'm organizing an Apoc game here as well. For the Imperium, for the Emperor!

  6. more love for the traitor scum please!

  7. Was one superb game. That for sure.. lots of heavy firepower coming from both sides. Pure nasty.

  8. It was indeed an epic game. If only we had more than two turns to play it the Legion of the Emperor would have razed the so called loyalist's city to ash.

    Just for the record, the Legion of the Emperor is not a traitor to the Emperor. In fact we, even the enlightened orks, venerate the Immortal Emperor. The Emperor who is currently imprisoned by the corrupt Imperium upon the Golden Throne. His imprisonment causing the Emperor to be unable to be reborn.

    The Inquisition and the Lords of Ultimar had decided that though they could not act openly to free the Emperor from the Imperium, as it would cause a civil war to rival that of Horus' Heresy, they could provision and create an elite task force to do the right thing.

    The presence of Daemons among the holy forces of the Legion of the Emperor was unplanned. The Legion would have gladly turned their guns against this foe of the humanity but the deluded Imperial forces did not allow such a crusade.

    Had the battle continued further for another two turns, there is no doubt that the Legion of the Emperor would have proceeded to crush the daemonic forces present....after of course swatting aside the insignificant and annoying deluded Imperial forces.


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