Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All Hail the Metal Rabbit!

Wow, 2011 already! 2010 went by so fast, I think we all ended up with more unfinished models than we care to admit (well, that would apply to just about any year, but even more so for 2010 for some reason).

Looking back, 2010 was somewhat of a tumultuous year for Legio. We had some really amazing things happen - BFG, Kindred, Golden Kris, Tournament of Skulls, the annual 40k Tournament. At the same time, we had some pretty strong Legio members being transferred out of country for one reason or another (Khairul, Faizal, Ivan), and we had to move to the relatively smaller room ("relative", because it still comfortably fits 10 tables plus change) due to serious expansion of our host's business activities.

2010 was also a year of a lot of personal hobbying on the part of Legio core members (you guys checked out Jeff's cool all-Wraithguard Iyanden army?). The Legio hobby table is permanently occupied every Hobby Nite - and on some of the slower nites, we actually had more hobbying action at the hobby table than on the gaming tables! Now that's pretty amazing!

2011 looks like it's going to be a year focused on the hobby. Kindred II is coming up in a few months, and already the brothers kindred have done an amazing job promoting it. I'm totally looking forward to see the armies that will be fielded for that event and have ordered the stuff for my army. The 3rd Golden Kris should draw even more amazing entries as the standards of the Malaysian and Singaporean hobby scene grows steadily. And of course, there are the tournaments and campaigns - and Apoc battles to be had!

I'm getting really excited for 2011. It's the year of the metal rabbit, after all. And metal is Legio music! See you at Hobby Nite!


  1. Yes, let's hope 2011 will be even more awesome than 2010 in terms of the development of our gaming society. Am looking forward to organizing K2. But more looking forward to coming back for good this end april. Then its full steam gaming for me :) Yahooooooo!!!!!!!

  2. 2010 was as usual as previous years, just that I had a great time in the KK tourney. It was just Dann, Alvin, Peter and me. Got a clean, cheap, decent place to bunk, once we left the luggage in the hotel we had lunce and then straight to Oliver's place for some serious gaming. Then we checked out some of KK's night spots, Azlan and Jeff, you guys would have really enjoyed it. A lots of Combat drugs were used up that night. Next day, tourney, hangover.
    I have a decent first round, winning the game by annihilating the opponents Marines. I was still using the old DE codex. Next round I had 3 units of 20 something Ork Boys with 3 units of Killa Kans coming straight at me. They had no mercy in their eyes. But by sacrificing my wyches, Incubi and my Archon I managed a draw by holding on to the objectives.
    Third game, Alvin beat my a***.
    Really looking forward for the year 2011, Kindred especially...gotta show-off my new army.

  3. 2 more years to go..sigh..in terms of gaming in my beloved Legio, 2010 have been a let down as I didn't participate in a single Legio event! But on the positive side, I've made good contacts with gamers here in Bangkok, enjoying the hobby scene here and participated in tournaments.

    Hopefully in the year of the metal rabbit I can join more Legio events..

  4. Ave Legio... Man I miss Legio. But 2011 has been great so far with the addition of my baby boy, little Caden Ng Bo-Young. Hobbying will take a step back, but I will get my secret army done before I get back to Malaysia. Just gotta figure out how to transport it back with me. Have a great year and keep on hobbying peeps.

  5. Ave Legio. 2010 was a strange year. With a new addition to the family in January, increasing the size of my Emperor's Guards, starting a whole new Orks army, starting a new High Elves Fantasy army and getting my first Titan really strained my financials for the year. Thank god for my endless overseas travelling which supplied me some extra allowances kekekeke.

    Hoping to have a great gaming year for 2011. Preferably with more Apoc. I think I am going to write up a nice scenario for it......though that may probably mean I won't be able to play but have to umpire instead...

    I have also taken up a new hobby starting from November, Paintball. So that probably precludes every Saturday each week for Warhammer. I find it very exciting to shoot people and as a very avid hobbyist, I try to get absolutely the best gear for myself so I guess I am diverting a significant part of my resources there...

    All in all 2010 was a blast.

    For 2011, its time to look for a new job, something that hopefully pays well instead of the peanuts I get now kekeke.....and less travelling around the world. More time to hobby at both Legio and Paintball!


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