Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hobby Night 21/09/12 Recap

Turn 3 of Operation: Case Yellow...

Due to some very weird circumstances, only one engagement occurred in Turn 3. It was between Mark's British infantry against Khairul's German airborne pioneers. The other captains from both sides were probably either taking some much needed R&R or were busy planning their attack plans.

Suffering from a similar fate that had befallen Shukur's French Tank Company, this time it was Mark's Brits  that fell victim to death from the skies. The gliders appeared out of nowhere, and contested the objective even before the first turn began. This sudden strike put them on the back foot from the beginning, and the Germans' sheer ferocity made it even worse. The heroic sacrifice by the British Company Commander was not enough and the Brits were forced to retreat even before their reinforcements arrived. German Victory!

German Victory!
That single victory was enough to give the week's win to the Axis. Turn 4 should heat up as the Germans now have a chance to edge a slight victory result for the campaign. Next turn will see the commanders playing the Dust Up mission.

Rare attendeees such as Joe Soon, Faizal 'Paxter' and Doc Selvam were among the 15 wargamers that attended last Hobby Night. Amazingly, 4 different game types were played that night; Flames of War, Warmachine/Hordes,Warhammer40K and Spartacus. We might be wrong, but there's a very high probability that our club owns the only copy of this fantastic boardgame in whole of Asia. If you've watched the Spartacus series and enjoyed the "blood" scenes then you must give this game a try! It's simply awesome!

We'd also like to remind you that registration for the Iron Painter has started. Get your Magacon II ticket and inform us of your ticket number. That is all you need to do, it's as simple as that. Come and join us!


  1. So lively.. Hopefully I got chance to drop by and join the fun.

  2. 5PD's illustrious panzers (Is, IIs and IIIs) shall be there!!!


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