Friday, September 21, 2012

RSVP and Case Yellow Turn 2 Recap


After a rough turn one for the German invaders, they redoubled their efforts to break throught the French lines last week. Three more games were played in Turn 2, and the mission was 'Hold The Line'.

While making their way to engage the enemy, Shukur's French Tank Company was caught off-guard by a sudden attack from Khairul's Luftlandesturm Kompanie. It was a quick and brutal affair, one that embodied the principle of Blitzkrieg warfare. German Victory!

Shukur's French Tank Company
Khairul's Luftlandesturm Kompanie

Upon hearing their colleagues were ambushed, Nick's French Tank Company took caution of their advance. That decision was critical as it allowed them to maneuver from an ambush set by Azlan's Leichte Panzerkompanie. The ambush was very well set-up and it turned into a very tightly contested battle. After a long hard fight, the French managed to gain ground and pushed the Germans back. French Victory!

Azlan's Leichte Panzerkompanie

On the Maginot Line itself, Arzmi's French Infantry were met with stubborn resistance by Iqbal's Leichte Pioneerkompanie. Despite the French's anti-air superiority against the Germans' Stuka, thus avoiding themselves from aerial bombardment, the 88s foiled every French advancements. It was a very long and gruelling battle (>10 turns) and turned into a war of attrition. Time had to be called as the battle has spoilt over into the wee hours of Saturday. Stalemate!

With the battle remained even after Turn 2, will Turn 3 proved to be the turning point? Will the French put their pride aside and call for help from their fellow Allies, or will the Germans finally able to breakthrough into France? Stay tune for next week.

On a similar note, registrations for Legio Malaysia's 2nd Iron Painter has been opened. All you need to do is (1) contact us on Hobby Night or via email and (2) give us your MaGaCon ticket number (once you've purchased your ticket, of course). Yes, you've read that right; there are no further additional costs required other than the ticket itself. The reigning champion has clearly declared his intentions to defend the title. So, are you man enough for the challenge? Sign up now!

Ave Legio!


Hey guys a quick post-script for Case Yellow players! Above is the campaign tree we are using for Case Yellow scenarios. German players should note that tonight is essential for them if they want to have any chance for victory. If you lose the campaign turn tonight, the best you can hope for is a draw!

Good luck to everyone tonight, and have fun!! The mission for the night is 'Pincer'...



  1. The Brits will be there.

  2. Did I just see a glider.... Looked like it had Greman markings on it... so no time for tea?

  3. We'll meet you across the field for a cuppa. Luftlandesturm front and center.

  4. Anyone up for 40k game tonight?

  5. im coming,,!i wanna try Spartacus! but ill be bringing 40k in case joe wanna game

  6. le capitaine français sera là pour toutes les exclusivités Legio trois!! Case jaune, 40k et sixième éd Spartacus!

    1. the french captain will be there for all three legio exclusives !! Case Yellow, 40k sixth ed and Spartacus !!

  7. Gaaaahhh!!! 5PD still stuck in paperwork. Panzertruppen, go make the fatherland proud!!!!


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