Monday, November 26, 2012

Hobby Night 22 Dec Recap

Last Friday night was a 40K affair in full blast. Probably with Chosen coming up, guys wanted to get their listed trialed and tested.
Won't bore you with details but these were the outcome.

1. Shukur's Hive Fleet Seeiryu vs Khairul's Angels Sanguine (1000 pts). Angels victory : 3-1
     - this was Shukur's first ever 40K game. Welcome to the grim dark bro :). Hope you enjoyed your first  
       experience at this exciting game. Am sure you will never forget Arzmi's and Subhan's winning strategies.

2. Alvin's Blood Angels vs Iqbal's Raven Guard (1750). Angels victory : ....not sure points but Alvin wrote [Crushing Victory]. Alvin, please write the victory points scored next time ok ;)

3. Paxter's Kabal of the Red Scar vs Arzmi's Grey Knights (1500). DE victory : 3-2

4. Subhan's Necrons vs Nahri's....err...grey Blood Angels...or is it Grey Angels (1750). Victory to the Necs 7-4.

5. Paxter's KotRS vs Azim's Blood Angels (1500). Victory to the DE again : 5-1

6. Faizal's Space Wolves vs Iqbal's Raven Guard (1750). Wolves victory : again no points were recorded but Faizal wrote TA turn 5 by Long Fang Barrage. 1st warning bro. Next time tulis score.
The sacred parchment to prove Alvin & Faizal actually wrote those comments.

So here's how the night ended.
DE : 2-0
BA : 2-1
SW : 1-0
Nids : 0-1
GK : 0-1
RG : 0-2
Congrats to the Dark Eldar for capturing all those slaves especially of the grey knights genes.

1000, 1500 or's all fun :). Next week the Angels will be out in full force!


  1. Wah, looks like a bloodfest! This friday Ahriman will be back!

  2. Robbed of victory because Matt Ward unleashed all his angst about being abused as a kid in Codex: Necrons!!! :P

    Good game though Subhan, there shall be a reckoning!

  3. that was a good night for 40k madness !!

    here's some more info for the games from the sidelines.

    battle 1: Shukor, fate does not control the results of your dice. the way you roll and the added exaggeration does !! true story.

    battle 2: iqbal won this hands down because Alvin didnt bring his FLYING LAND RAIDER WITH DANTE ON TOP.

    battle 3: the GKs actually kena tapau 5-2, but i understand the need to keep imperium morale up. good job !! lol

    battle 4: slight typo there bro. it was necrons VS grey marines !! xoxo the real GKs

    battle 5: Pax shall henceforth be known as the ARCHON+DUKE+KING+INCUBI DADDY O' of all DE

    battle 6: wolves vs raven?? apa ni? Pokemon ke? hahahahah

    awesome night. same thing this friday?? game on !!

  4. Game 6: Apparently, when TA-ed the victory points does not even count..


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